I'm not sure if the layout is the intended one...


13-03-2013 16:24:58

Most of the site is just dark grey boxes with the content, completely blocking out the background. Doesn't really look great at all. Is it supposed to be semi-transparent like the old one (that one would be spiffy)?

(Firefox 19.0.2 on Win 7 64 bit)

Tarax Kor

13-03-2013 21:44:19

Yeah that's the new layout we're going live with; they don't have another one ready yet. I think James was more concerned with getting a site that works instead of one that's aesthetically pleasing to begin with. I'm sure someone's working on getting an appropriate design ready for it, though.


14-03-2013 05:47:30

ooh, transparency, great idea. Done :P

Other than that, apart for some tweaking, this is indeed more or less the layout we'll be going live with as far as I'm concerned. We have the option built-in to support multiple themes though (currently we just have the normal and oberstified ones), but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Like Tarax explained: I mainly focused on getting the site working - with a layout that's functional and also plays nice on mobile devices.


15-03-2013 03:43:22

Looks much better that way - without the transparency, the background got more in the way than it added. With transparency, it's far more attractive. Thanks!

Aidan Kincaid

15-03-2013 04:43:49

Transparency does improve things a lot, but I figured I'd mention one more thing. The background image repeats itself on my widescreen monitor. Might be better to design it as a center graphic of a standard width and then have the rest just be black. I believe that's what the current site does.

Selika Roh

18-03-2013 11:40:45

Another thing I noticed with the new transparency is that the images of the warbanners and robes also were made somewhat transparent, which makes them look a bit washed out as far as color (and you can see the planet through the warbanner, which looks odd). Also, with the transparency the contrast of the text vs its background is lessened, making it a bit harder to read.