13-03-2013 15:47:43

Hardly a major issue in the greater scheme of things given it currently means diddly squat, but something I noticed as a result of the lack of figures on the unit pages actually making me think about it: is there any reason why prestige numbers should have changed?

e.g. Muz is currently at 4,577, but on the new site, the green number on his dossier (I take it that is still a prestige number, not something totally different?) is now only 4,303 instead.

Obviously not an issue that's going to make or break anything, but just figured I'd mention it if it's going to be something actually relevant to possessions later on and stuff.

Aidan Kincaid

13-03-2013 21:40:37

From what I've seen, the current site has messed up a lot of the prestige numbers. I assume the new site fixes that and holds the more accurate numbers. Assuming, of course, that it's not some bug :P


14-03-2013 06:09:09

Yeah, the new site fixes a number of bugs that are stop-gapped on the current site which cause prestige numbers to fluctuate a bit. (People with titles, degrees and ACC staff positions will definitely notice a change, and CF and CI prestige calculation methods have changed slightly).