Generic suggestions


13-03-2013 12:24:14

Duuuude, the statistics stuff is nice.

1. A cosmetic suggestion - maybe change the naming structure from Journeyman 1/2/3/4 Equite 1/2/3/4 etc to the ranks, or include them somehow on the overall listing page.

Maybe two lines? Sith Warrior/Krath Priest/Obelisk Templar on the top, and Equite 1 on the bottom?

2. A rank/promotion/new trainee type of statistical breakdown would be pretty useful too. Something that uses newly joined Apprentice Smuckatelli as the base line, and tracks the rate of promotion. The statistical part would aggregate all the Smuckatellis for each unit and show the mean/median time it takes to hit the next bunch of ranks, and maybe how many AWOL out?

It would obviously also show the number of new Smuckatellis assigned to each unit


13-03-2013 13:32:20

is it possible to make the search tool not case sensitive? it's not a big thing I suppose but still...


13-03-2013 16:47:07

More cowbell.


14-03-2013 06:27:26

Rank abbreviations are now shown on the breakdown index page, and the search is now case insensitive. A new member tracking tool is planned for a later date.


14-03-2013 11:44:51

Niiiice. I approve.