An Idea - In the Shadows RO


12-10-2006 13:14:09

Me and Anshar were talking on the phone earlier today and got to brainstorming ideas for the In The Shadows Run-on and even the Obsidian Blade Run On. The idea was how could we do a squeal to the In The Shadows and fix the Obsidian Blade. Well in the conversation we did decide that a squeal to the In The Shadows Would be nice, and even possibly making it a trilogy. But here is the general idea for the second part.

A disturbance is felt in the force by the equates of the clan, the elders feel it even more so and are able to locate the source of the disturbance is a rather old and powerful force artifact that has somehow (perhaps by the Keepers or the daurgar((spelling?))) found its way into the heart of the Cestus complex and the clan needs to retrieve it. The general idea, if we explain well, what the Daurgar are, will keep most or the lower members sticking in groups with the elders and powerful equates and would allow a story to continue with the In The Shadows Run on. It would also solve part of the problem with the Obsidian blade and allow us to pretty much start it over with a different idea. However, shortly after we retrieve the artifact the members of the clan that have close ties with the Keepers or that the Keepers choose start to turn against the clan, to stop the removal of the artifact and chase the clan, with artifact off of the moon.

Then the third part of the series could be something along the lines of, after get the artifact and everything returns to “normal” we scan the planet sometime after and find out that nearly all of the Daurgar are gone and so we once again return to investigate whats going on, and this would also allow us to bring that artifact back into fiction and develop what it does.

That’s a quick version of what was discussed on the phone, let me know what all you think and if you like the general idea Anshar and myself can work on a more detailed plot idea and submit it and get something going with it. I will say however, that if we go this route we need a larger group of people that should know what needs to happen and that can somewhat direct the story in the right way.

Sephiroth Kali

12-10-2006 16:29:47

Sounds like a good idea, but why would the Keepers turn against the Clan?


12-10-2006 17:28:45

Its not that they are "turning against" the clan. Its rather hard to explain. But if you read the In the Shadows Run on then you will notice that both Oberst and Sith go against the clan and aid the Keepers. The will of the clan may not always be the will of the Keepers. I could see them wanting to keep that dark side artifact in its place for whatever reason, but us being the Dark Jedi we are, want it for our own and they dont intervien until later on, hoping that the Daurgar are enough to keep us away.

Sephiroth Kali

12-10-2006 17:41:19

is the "in the shadows" on this MB here complete?


12-10-2006 19:00:58

is the "in the shadows" on this MB here complete?

Yes; Oberst posted a compiled, edited version on the clan message board. It is only 6 long posts, and not dozens of smaller ones. But, you can read it there.

"In the Shadows" has ended up being kind of the prime example of what a run on should be, and how it can tell a story for the entire clan. But, it was written 2-3 years ago. The fact that something like it has not been repeated is, on one level, kind of troubling (at least to me). We have the writers, we have the ideas, but something just hasn't worked out.

Anyway, as Dranik mentioned, the idea here came out when he and I were talking today. I wouldn't mind seeing the story continue (and thus giving us a story arc) myself: duology or triology or whatever, it really doesn't bother me. So long as it is quality.

Sephiroth Kali

12-10-2006 19:34:15

Well, I'm going to check it out.