Project Introduction


16-02-2006 14:30:55


Before we begin formal discussions, I wanted to start with some background information and a rough outline of the goals and intents of these discussions. Part of this was to help me flesh out ideas I've had floating around in the form of notes and interjections into other stories and whatnot. Another part was in reaction to the fact that there are some glaring deficiencies in our fictional representation that I don't really care to work on, but recognize need to be worked on.

So, I would like to first present a very brief outline of what will be discussed (not in any particular order. We'll just go at it and pick up as we go through).

1) Flesh out the details of Master Tel'Ratha and Shade. A competition was run a while back by Bloodfyre where people were to detail the two remaining Keepers. Now, going back through past fiction they've been interjected to, as well as the original pieces that they were introduced in, we'll be looking at expanding their description. Adding far more depth.

2) Flesh out the history of the Keepers themselves. Aside from Masters Tel'Ratha, Shade and Zero, we had concieved there to be 9 "original" Keepers, including the Patriarch - Phalanthus. Who were they? How extensive is their knowledge of Necromancy? Are they all dead or around in other forms?

3) The Ziggurat. Underwater temple complex that is the domicile of Masters Shade and Tel'Ratha. Telona wrote up a brief note on it. I'd like to see this expanded. Exactly what is the Ziggurat? Was it built underwater, or was it originally a land temple and when the polar caps of Yridia II melted, did it become submerged?

4) Clan History. As detailed as what we have is. It's still on the thin side. I'd like the history fleshed out a lot more. This will probably be one of the hardest ones. Not only in terms of finding stuff from when House Tarentum was formed to now, but also "ancient history." More details on this will surface when we get to this discussion.

5) Historical Ties. Tarentum used to be Tau. Tau was the Grand Master's elite protectors. And Khyron took up more than one Tarenti (Tarentae) as an apprentice. Meaning we have a lot of ties to him. Maybe we serve the Sith King before all others? Ties to other Councilors, past and present? We've spawned a few Grand Masters - Chi-Long, Thedek, Zoraan, are the three that immediately pop to mind.

I'll start the first round of formal discussion this Saturday. Until then, feel free to read over and ruminate over the above. Maybe add a few more you think we need to discuss.

Adien Falaut

16-02-2006 15:14:47

would it a good idea to read the clan website's info. to get a idea of whats been done on top of your intro?


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17-02-2006 00:42:16

A thought...

For the clan history, I think that we should first focus on the actual history of the house/clan as it exists in the DB. This would also incorporate the historic ties as they are important to the history of the clan in the DB. And, I believe that the work with the Keepers will give a good start, or at least a large piece, for the ancient history of the clan.

Adien Falaut

17-02-2006 12:28:02

I'll start on that right away!

Sephiroth Kali

17-02-2006 13:32:02

I would like to see if I can contact Some of the older members, find out what they know.

Adien Falaut

17-02-2006 13:39:11

cool I've reading all of the existing stuff on the website now

Adien Falaut

19-02-2006 14:58:25

Okay I've finshed readin all on the website so I'm ready whenever you guys are.

Sephiroth Kali

20-02-2006 19:34:02

I have contacted several of the above mentioned members, I have recieved a reply from Jac and BF so far.

Jac says that he was inactive during some of the older times, what he does remember is post-split. That does give me an idea. I know that Pryalis was active around that time, maybe he knows something.

Adien Falaut

27-02-2006 14:15:40

whenever you know something let me know

Sith Bloodfyre

27-02-2006 15:28:39

Pyralis was not a member of Tarentum pre-Split. If you're looking for pre-Split stuff, depending on when, I know people who would make very good contacts, myself being one of them.

Sephiroth Kali

02-03-2006 15:30:40

Ok. why don't you give us a list of those who might help and we can split it up.

Adien Falaut

07-03-2006 13:30:23

sounds like a plan

Sephiroth Kali

08-03-2006 19:15:35

any updates?

Adien Falaut

09-03-2006 13:25:53

I'm waiting too

Sith Bloodfyre

25-03-2006 20:25:01

Ok, so. I've got to look through some of my stuff, and I may have to contact Ciara to see if she remembers, but somewhere, there was a list of all of the Consuls of Tarentum. I believe it was Torq first, then Shadow, then Zoraan, Koadiak, Pel, Ciara, Ziguarath, myself, Rakio, Anshar, and now Spears. For House Tarentum before that, we know it was Kaerner who founded, followed by Master Zero, and after that, I'm not sure. My time doesn't stretch that far back. For that period of time, maybe Oberst can look into some of the ties he has with members of that era, and see if we can track down the list of Quaestors of House Tarentum (Aediles would be nice, too).

As far as the three Houses, when House Tarentum split, Torq was obviously the Quaestor of House Tarentum, then Clan Tarentum, and the founding Quaestors of Houses Gladius and Tridens were Shadow and Bull, respectively. Later on, House Cestus was founded by Sithspawn. I used to have a list of Gladius Quaestors starting with Shadow, and I'll look for that. I know Zoraan had one for Tridens, and if I can find that, I can probably take what he had, and complete it. Or at least fill in some of the gaps.

Before any real work gets done though, I'd make sure Spears and Welshman are involved on this, Anshar as well, if he still wants. This is Oberst's project, under direction of the Clan Summit, and I'm not going to take it over.

Sephiroth Kali

26-03-2006 16:55:22

Ok. Well, according to the Clan history, Sirrus and Reinthaler were people of importance. Maybe they have information that can help us. Does anyone know how to comtact them?

Sith Bloodfyre

26-03-2006 20:23:24

Sirrus and Reinthaler were people of importance during the days of House Tarentum, and are both well-known and friends of Oberst's. Also, the information they would be able to provide, is information Oberst is able to provide, because they were all in House Tarentum at the same time. Them, Master Zero, and a few others.


27-03-2006 00:29:10

My apologies for not checking out this forum more often. I've been tangling with school work, research projects and duties as a research lead.

Reinthaler is largely persona non gratta. Occassionally, he pops into Tau to take a peek around, but he and Kaerner aren't there a whole lot anymore. Zero would be your best bet for Tau related stuff. As for stuff from his and Kaerner's period as QUA, I'd be your best bet. Zero's old. He's going senile and forgetful. Sirrus doesn't remember a whole lot either.

As for getting in touch with Torq and Bull...that's iffy. Sithspawn is currently in Taldryan, and MIGHT have some information. Just go ahead and ask him and tell him I sent you.

And yes, Spears and Welshman have the password here. I'm not sure if they're looking at it, though.

I will have the first project up on Tuesday.

Sephiroth Kali

27-03-2006 11:35:33

Good to Go.


27-03-2006 12:25:23

I'm a lookin!!!

Adien Falaut

27-03-2006 13:29:40

I'm here keep me up on what's going on