I need help


02-06-2005 20:29:19

My computer keeps crashing and going to a blue screen saying, a lot of number in brackets and then DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS. ive checked for driver clashes and they all seem ok. updated the drivers and it still happens.
it only happens when i play games. it is really annoying.

any ideas on what to do will be handy.

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02-06-2005 21:14:17

I have something similar to that, but i have not figured out the answer. My temporary solution was to stop playing the game. But that is a crappy answer, sorry.


03-06-2005 11:46:16

I couldn't find a lot of information on the error, but one recommendation was to run this program:


Apparently, the error occurs due to a problem with memory. If your PC is older, then it may be time for an upgrade.


04-06-2005 10:35:54

thanx Shadonyx, I'll give the program a run.
the pc is only a few months old so i hope i don't need the upgrade.

PRT Armagedon (Obelisk)/Dinaari of Taldryan


05-06-2005 08:14:17

Looks like i got me a bunged up RAM chip. Gonna take a while to save up enough to get another, bugger.
thanx again for the program shadonyx.


06-06-2005 20:19:17

Looks like i got me a bunged up RAM chip.  Gonna take a while to save up enough to get another, bugger.
thanx again for the program shadonyx.

No problem :)

Aidan Kincaid

06-06-2005 20:24:54

Do you only have the one chip of ram? If you have more than one you could just remove the faulty one for now and your computer would still work...


06-06-2005 20:30:30

you all are so lucky im a computer technision lol. The screen you are seeing is called, "The blue screen of death". It is a memory error. Which means when you do things on your computer your computer puts the applications in the memory part of your computer to show what you want opened. Simply go to the store tell the computer technition you need more memory, He will ask you a series of quesitons to get the awnser he needs to find you the right memory stick. Have it installed into your computer and you will not have that problem for a while.


07-06-2005 06:45:16

yeah shad only the one stick, DDR 512mb, thats all i got.

thanx for the adivce wastheone. dont suppose you live in australia and can get me cheap prices.....?
I only use it for games so how much memory do you think i'll need and wat type?

PRT Armagedon (Obelisk)/Dinaari of Taldryan


08-06-2005 13:07:39

Is your computer still under warranty? If so the company should replace the stick of RAM.