Get to Know a Tally: Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor


04-09-2013 23:30:51

Yacks: Thanks for sitting down with me today to answer some questions about yourself in September's Edition of Get to Know a Tally. You recently passed your 10 year mark in the DB, what has made you stay in the DB all this time?
Tarax: Insanity as well as the friendships I’ve established with a select group of people. But mostly just insanity; there’s something mentally unhealthy about playing pretend Dark Jedi for so damned long.

Y: Now, anyone who knows you on IRC knows of your reputation (well earned) as the DB's foremost Porn Sherpa, supplying boobs and naughty bits for all. Is the real Tarax a porn addict or does he just play one on IRC?
T: I perform a public service for Taldryan, free of charge. That public service happens to be sexy, filled with boobs and other naughty bits, and generally raises the moral of those in #taldryan at the time. Everyone has their part to play in making their unit work, this just happens to be my part.

Y: You didn’t answer the question.
T: No I didn’t, did I? Here’s some tits and ass.

Y: You've been given multiple nicknames over your time in the Dark Brotherhood, could you explain their origins?
T: “Pole” started out as a private joke between Kaek and me to describe my tall, lanky physique, and pretty soon it caught on amongst most of Taldryan and a few others. That nickname is a term of endearment, and I hate those that use it without earning the right to do so.

Y: You’ve gained another nickname recently…
T: Yeah. It turns out that people in the DB believe I fall under a certain category. I guarantee you that those people haven’t ever actually met anyone who truly falls under such a category, so they label me as such instead. I’m a harmless kitten compared to the real thing, but the name’s already stuck. It’s annoying, but what can you do?

Y: If you could pick one moment in the DB that you would consider your "lowest" point, what would it be and why?
T: Just before I moved into Taldryan I was in Plagueis, and at the time was when the whole furry culture ran rampant amongst its members. It was disgusting.

Y: Is there a particular Brotherhood moment or action that you are particularly proud of?
T: When I got named Taldrya was one of my proudest moments in this club. Aside from busting my ass as Aedile of Dinaari for almost two years, I felt really at home within the Clan, and being given that honorific showed me that my hard work and dedication weren’t going unnoticed.

Y: Do you have a favourite part of the Brotherhood, if so - what is it?
T: It used to be FF Bespin CTF, but seeing how that’s not really a thing anymore…I have a weird appreciation for the ACC. I feel like a filthy Krath.

Y: Grand Master Jac Cotelin: Great Grand Master, or Greatest Grand Master?
T: He’s as Great a GM as much as Kir is gay. You do the math.

Y: Finally, and perhaps the most important question of all. On a scale of 1 to 10, just how much do you hate wearing pants?
T: Pretty close to 10, but with Shad being around again…better some protection than none at all.

Y: Excellent. Thanks for participating in this month's edition of Get to Know a Tally, Tarax.


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The mystery that is ben. :P


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The mystery that is ben. :P



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Ben, all the Bens, all the wikiness, all the Ben.

Tarax Kor

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I vote for ben.

People see enough of me on IRC. What more do they want?