Cultural Infusion

Draco Sangria

03-09-2013 02:27:42

Hi everyone!

I was wondering that, since we in Taldryan are one big extended family that spans the globe, why don't we share our cultures, traditions and festivals? The more we see about the world, the more will we appreciate.

Ok so in this thread give your pics videos etc. about your traditions and cultures that you are a part of personally. Don't copy down Wiki articles. We all know Wiki. We want to see YOU experiencing YOUR culture YOUR festivals, and share it with us, your pics, your videos etc.



04-09-2013 19:00:47

Eh... the only culturally relevant pictures I can think of featuring me are me drinking beer. Woo Canada!?

But I won't subject you to that. Instead, here is snow, as seen from my balcony.

Draco Sangria

07-09-2013 09:50:20

*whistles* beautiful and peaceful...reminds me of the Black Forest in 'Snow White and the Hunstsman'.


25-09-2013 05:00:45

Hmm, I'm not really one for traditional cultural events - not being particularly religious and all. The closest thing I can think to share right now, is a picture from my wedding - you can tell from the attire that I'm not a very 'traditional' kind of person, and well, we were getting married in a had to be done :) So this is me and Lannie, and our parents.