Get to Know a Tally: Rian Aslar Edition


18-07-2013 00:26:29

Rian: Well Yacks offered me the chance to do a little intro about myself here, and those who know me well, know that I really suck at such things. Still, I'll try my best to do so nowÖ I have never been a man of many words, nor do I think I will ever be one either. I am a person with high values, in both Real Life and in the DB. I am a combination of the big brother taking care of you and the nice old uncle always knowing what to do. I am the one jumping in and helping one out when the need is the most. But I know that this sometimes allows other to exploit me for their own advancement, I know that but I am what I am.

This year I had my fourth anniversary within the DB and Taldryan, I have never been in any other Unit and I donít ever want to be. Back then were the days Taldryan still was a Clan and I always felt influenced by Sid who had been Quaestor of Ektrosis at that time and it was him who inspired me to stretch out my hands at trying to take on leadership positions. So enough about me, letís move over the questions:

Yacks: Congrats on your 4 year banner! After 4 years, what about the DB makes you want to stick around?

R: There are two things that make me want to stick around, and though I might sound like a politician, I can tell you that it's Taldryan and its members. No matter if I am following a conversation on IRC, writing an e-mail or doing some comps with you guys, I feel at home here.

Y: What's your favorite thing to do in the DB?

R: My favorite thing for me in the DB is everything related to fiction, from combat writing, to run-ons and over to the wiki I love the way I can use it to develop my own character and interact with other characters of the DB and Star Wars universe.

Y: What do you want to accomplish in the DB and Taldryan?

R: I donít have any major plans for the DB, but seeing Taldryan as my second family I want to take care of it, and thus I want to see it rise again as Clan as it has before.

Y: What sort of stuff are you working on for Taldryan right now?

R: For quite some time now I have been working on the Taldryan Planets and Locations project. Except that I have a Run-On running around the edges of my mind that will confront us with an enemy from within our midst, and though there will be some sort of fighting required it wonít be as hard as the Avenger II Run-On. Additionally Sid and I have been working on some forms of ACC-Ladder events before he stepped down and after the ACC was closed. I am also working on some other events that I would like to remain in the shadows for the moment.

Y: Two part question... A) Why don't people wear those Oktoberfest clothes year round, and B) Can you explain just what the hell schnitzel is?

R: As for A) Thatís not totally true; there are certain regions in Bavaria, Germany where people wear traditional ďTrachtenĒ all year round just as though they were regular clothes. During times like the Oktoberfest the Tracht is worn as a sign of local ties by the local people, which most people arenít aware off at all, they simple dress like them to blend into the crowd. B) Schnitzel is thin cut piece of meat without bones, most times even more flattened with a tenderizer, coated with breadcrumbs before being fried.

Y: Jac Cotelin: Great Grand Master, or Greatest Grand Master?

R: Jac is an awesome person to meet; he has done great things for the Club and Taldryan and keeps doing it, so in easy words Jac is the Greatest Grand Master.

Y. In your own words, can you tell me why Taldryan is the greatest Unit in the Dark Brotherhood?

R: Have you ever met a person or even a bunch of people you instantly felt comfortable with? From the very first e-mail I got from Sid when I joined Taldryan I had this feeling, and I still have it when thinking of Talís members. The camaraderie between us is incomparable this makes us different to all other Units in the DB I think.

Y: And that folks, is our interview with Quaestor Rian Aslar of Taldryan. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel as if you know him just a little bit better now. Until next episode of the Get to Know a Tally Program: stay classy Taldryaniego.