Character Summaries


07-07-2013 04:55:35

So, this is a place to put a brief summary (a paragraph or two) about your character's personality, how they're likely to react in stressful situations, whether they're the quiet, thoughtful type, or likely to crack a joke to try and ease the tension, etc.

Make sure you check here first if you're about to write someone else into your fiction, or take part in a run-on, so you can get their personality as true to form as possible.

KE Nyssa "Bubbles" Taldrya
Rollmaster to House Taldryan


07-07-2013 05:20:16

Bubbs' almost always gives off a light, cheerful vibe. Stressful situations often amplify this, with the Epis being of the theory that panicking gets you no-where. While she is not one to loudly shout her views, she will not hesitate to questions orders she disagrees with. Those who don't know her can sometimes interpret this as a lack of respect for her superiors.

Never one to back away from a tricky situation, Bubbs doesn't tend to do things by halves, and despite her Krathy ties would far rather be out in the field getting covered in mud and blood than sat behind a desk with a pile of books in front of her, tho she will sit and do the research when she needs to. At home, she can more often be found in the kitchen with a bowl of ice-cream than in the library studying hard.

Those who have come to know her over the years have seen glimpses of the darker personality lurking beneath her cheery surface. This is brought closer to the surface when those she cares about are in danger, and indeed such situations are prone to bringing out a slight recklessness in her actions, with the Epis doing everything in her power to protect her friends. Despite it's dissolution, she still views Phoenix Phyle as her true home, and would willingly sacrifice herself to save any of those who bear the Phoenix tattoo on their shoulder.

Bubbs is still adjusting to those around her learning her true name. 'Nyssa' is a name she has not heard in over 15 years, and it still takes a moment sometimes for her to realise it's something she should be responding to.

KE Nyssa "Bubbles" Taldrya
Rollmaster to House Taldryan


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cocky teamplayer, prone to oneliners that are hit and miss. I'm a saberist in the purest form, so good in duels but lacking in saber vs blasters (deflecting shots). Good (fighter)pilot and technician/slicer, sucky with blasters/rifles.



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Most of the stuff people will need will be on here.
Umh, I'll probably update this blip later.


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I'll include the aspects I've been working on for my own character as a character summary for myself. It'll also hopefully show just how awesome the new character sheets that Mav (and before him, Shadow) is working on are.

Will also hopefully show everyone a bit of how awesome the new Character Sheets that Mav (and before him Shad) are working on is.

Best thing since sliced bread
Keirdagh's life and career have led him to the assumption that he in in fact, the deadliest, most intelligent, and most skilled individual to have ever graced the galaxy. While he holds it to be true that he has never seen anyone who can prove this assumption wrong, his general cockiness and belief in his own infallibility leads him into more than his fair share of trouble.

Admiral of the Empire
Having spent a long and successful career as a Naval Officer, Keirdagh excels in many areas relating to space warfare. Recognized as one of the deadliest Starfighter pilots in the Emperor's Hammer, Keirdagh's ability in a dogfight is almost unparalleled. Having earned the rank of Admiral, he is also a skilled tactician and force commander.

Semper Fi
Keirdagh only has a few inviolate rules when it comes to his life. The most important of these rules is to be loyal to ones allies, above all else. Whether he stands on the side of right, or wrong, whether it will mean his untimely death or not, Keirdagh will never abandon a comrade in need.

Leader of Men
Keirdagh has spent much of his adult life in command of other people, whose lives have literally been balanced on the outcomes of his decisions. Long experience and many hard fought battles have granted Keirdagh the sense of iron-clad authority. When he issues an order, he expects it to be followed, and accepts nothing less.

Keirdagh, when forced to fight in hand to hand combat tends to play more of a support role. Though his ability with a lightsaber is considerable, he prefers to use the force as his primary weapon. Keirdagh, almost without exception prefers to take up the rear guard role, ensuring that his comrades find their way to safety before he himself leaves the battle.

When engaged in combat, Keirdagh is often extremely vociferous in his use of expletives. With a repertoire learned on a dozen different worlds, and from a dozen different military posts, Keirdagh constantly makes use of the most colourful and imaginative curses that one can imagine. The most simple statement, in Keirdagh's opinion, can be made better by judicious use of curse words.


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The Howlader character is old and grumpy and hates doing shit. He doesn't leave the ship, and usually falls asleep while waiting for the rest of the team to come back from doing whatever they were doing. See also the Oh Howie: Feel free to use me as whacky comic relief that tends to (indirectly, with lots of collateral damage) get things done.