DISCUSS! - Canon Characters as DJB Members: Episode 3


05-02-2013 13:56:06

So, me and Anubis were talking on IRC today about the qualities of the DB characters. Generally, we all assume that characters like Grand Masters are essentially just one step away from godhood, and DPís and DJMs are basically demi-gods. Anyways, this brought us into debateÖ where would characters from the extended universe, and movies fit into the Dark Brotherhoodís rank structure, assuming they were so evilly inclined, etc etc etc.

Topics like this have been one of the core arguments in geeky and nerdy circles since the beginning of time, and yes Luke Skywalker would kick Kirkís ass, I donít care what you say. Basically, after this little opening spiel, Iím going to open the floor to peopleís opinions, and hopefully weíll get some activity on the forums, and more people coming here more often.

Outsiders are welcome to post if you find the idea interesting. Everyone, Taldryan and otherwise, try to keep the flaming to a minimum, and have fun with your geekyness. Iím going to say, you can debate rank, order, whatever. Just have fun with it.

So, Next on the block: Revan.

Revan is an interesting character, a Jedi who was a Sith who became a Jedi again... War Leader, Hero, Traitor... Where does he stand?


05-02-2013 18:14:17

so we're using the SWTOR Revan, right?


05-02-2013 22:32:36

Canon Revan, since he reappeared in SWTOR, he's officially gone back to the Lightside


18-07-2013 20:27:06

/ me revives thread

Revan is pretty tricky since he's kind of all over the place.
I'd place him as an Obelisk-aligned character simply because he's really focused on what he does. Whether that's saber-on-saber combat, Force abilities, leading, etc. He has a wide variety of abilities but seems to be a master of them all through sheer determination and focus to BE good at them.

As far as rank-wise goes. I'd have to say he'd be fit nicely between DJM-DP depending on how you see it. By TOR he'd be more at EQ3-4 though.