Taldryan Holiday Bash Caption Competition!


11-12-2010 01:02:39

Congrats to Sutekh on first place and Diclonius on second place for the funniest captions in week 1!

Now week 2 begins! May the funniest captions win!





20-12-2010 13:39:56

1) A Scene from the new STAR WARS episode- VII ... Revenge of the brokeback Jedi . Aniken says to Obi " Are you sure I have to let you do this to make Master Jedi?!" Obi replies " Yes ,it's this or turn Sith"

2) Great! I bet this will slice that smile off of the jokers face for ever .

3) Wow! is that the new s.w.a.t. unit?


20-12-2010 18:03:03

1. Obi-Wan - "Dear God, look at Dooku's boots"
Anikin - "Are those Gucci?"

2. "I love the smell of ionized blood in the morning"

3. Stormtrooper - "pff! Nice 'uniform', where'd you get it, JCPenny? HAH!"


21-12-2010 20:07:33

1) "Now don't move and I will complete your training "

2) OK so if we make this movie ,your thinking we can sell twice as many action figures to the kids?"

3) last trooper says "Go on ill catch up ." then says to the officers "Ok, let's be clear on this. You get PAID! to work ,weekends off,health ,dental and you don't have to fight jedi? "

Just some ideas .


23-12-2010 15:16:14

1. Anakin: "You said I was a brother too you!"
Obi-Wan: "Oh you misheard, I said, 'Lover.'"
*queue cheesy 70's porn music*

2. Ever dance with the Dark Jedi Knight in the pale moonlight?

3. Stormtrooper: "Haters gonna hate."


26-12-2010 01:32:59

1. "Now down and to the left"

2. "Real Subtle..."

3. "Turn Turn Kick"