Sutekh'sithari Discovered


06-12-2010 12:17:26

Hello to all of the DJB and THANK YOU!

I just wanted to say the above and also to introduce my self and my character to you. My character is Sutekh'Sithari , a new BROTHER to THE DARK JEDI BROTHERHOOD.

I also want to thank each and every member for ANY part you play....even the nonactive members ,because you all bring a depth, a pulse & contribute to the very LIFE of the Djb.
So thanks for being here to allow me this experience and i hope that Sutekh'Sithari will be able to add to your experience in return.

Good Gaming To You All !!
" From the darkness all come and to the darkness ...all shall return "


07-12-2010 02:01:05

Oh Sutekh', I didn't even notice you were in Taldryan too. I suppose this makes us House brothers also. :) Glad to have you aboard. If you need any help, make sure to ask because Anubis and others have helped me out.

EDIT: BTW, you have Taldryan misspelled in your sig. :P Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything. XD You can grab your full ID line straight from your dossier.


16-12-2010 17:41:27

l was days old then , i remember wondering why i could never find that room on IRC . :)