Greetings Taldryan


30-11-2010 12:14:14

Greetings my Brothers and Sister.

I'm Diclonius, one of Taldryan's newer members. I've met some of you on mIRC alreayd and would have introduced myself sooner here, except there are still some glitches with the website. Anyway, I'm saying hello and hope to get to know many of you and participate in DJB activities throughout my stay. :)


13-12-2010 22:22:44

Just wanted to give a Hello post and say that rebel elmo caption was great!



14-12-2010 22:57:25

Thanks man. :) I'm happy to be in the Brotherhood.

Lol. I'm not that original, but some times classic lines are the best choice. In all honesty, picture captions have never been my strong point.