Just Saying Hello

DarkJedi Cain Cade

11-11-2010 22:37:18

Hello all,
My name is Cain Cade and I wanted to simply say hello to all clan members, very new to all this less than 90 days but think I will get the hang of this.
Hopefully some of you will contact me and give me pointers or point me in the right direction, I thank you all for your time and reading my post.


18-11-2010 16:46:56

Hey Cain! Good to see you made it on here okay. And, congrats on your newest promotion to Acolyte! These initial rank requirements will get you familiar with the roots of the DB, so as you begin to move towards your Knighthood - and even past those towards becoming an Equite - you shouldn't have a problem exerting yourself in the various areas of activity.

You should hop on IRC some more so you can get in a more in-depth conversation with fellow members of your House, as well as other members in the DB! We'd love to see you. #taldryan and #db are the two most prominent channels you'll find yourself talking in, so be sure to join those.


30-11-2010 13:05:17

I'm new too. Glad to see others learning the ropes along with me. :)