Just Saying Hello


14-10-2010 22:41:40

For those that are on the forum more than IRC and haven't seen me on there yet I just thought to say hi. I guess I should say as well to please keep pandas out? I read through a long conversation on IRC where I saw the word panda appear 10? times in about 3 lines :blink: and then I read the 'woo?' post and pandas again :P.

Been busy lately but I hope to see those I haven't yet in some time as I have break starting tomorrow at 2 EST and lasting until the 24th. Hopefully I can contribute or at least fix my games so I can (JA, BFII, and JO). For those that celebrated: Happy Oktoberfest!

Once again: Hello to all in the clan and others as well!


17-10-2010 12:04:01

The panda infestation is caused by one Howlader. An evil man, he is. Kill the pandas, I say!

(Glad you're finding your way around, Enigma. Look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table activity-wise)