Ektrosis Aedile Applications Open!


20-07-2009 18:42:20

As of now, the position of Aedile in House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan is now open to Taldryan, and the Brotherhood. Vodo Biask Taldrya has been promoted to ProConsul of Taldryan and has left AED vacant.

Below are the requirements that must be met for the position of Ektrosis Aedile. I would like to note that this position is not limited to anyone in the Brotherhood who meets the below requirements, and I encourage anyone who is interested to apply.
# Must hold the rank of Guardian and no higher than Equite 3
# Must uphold and maintain a strong IRC Presence and as well as a Reliable and speedy email turnaround
# Must be able to hold your own weight in both Taldryan and the Brotherhood as a whole, while keeping strife down to a minimal low in both the House and Clan
# Must be able to work with other members in the Clan, there is no room for greediness
# Have been relatively active in the past 6 months based on regular house standards of activity (I will look at your Dossier), and will continue to remain active during your tenor as Aedile
# Have a good idea on where you would like to see Ektrosis in the next 6 months , and how Taldryan will benefit from this
# Present a 30/60/90 plan for the next 6 months that you would be willing to put into practice once in the position (I hold all rights to use/not use said ideas to my discretion according to your entrance into Aedile)
# Must be willing to work with Me, as well as the Taldryan Summit on various matters, remembering that you are the Aedile and I am the Quaestor not the other way around
# Willing to make friends and express the notion that the DB is a place to have fun, as well as getting to know me as your leader and as your counterpart in leadership

If you are not a happy person in life, don’t bother applying. If you have not noticed, I am looking for someone with a good head on their shoulders. Of course, all duties of an Aedile apply: Bi-Weekly reports, Running Competitions (I will work with you on setting a regular Schedule), Working and overseeing (For the most part) the Battleteam(s) and that they are in order with their BTL, Monitoring house activity through an ATR (Activity Tracking Record; I will help you with this), and being the leader figure on IRC, Message Boards, and in your emails.

I encourage all of you who seek to apply for Aedile to look at Taldryan’s value wheel: http://www.taldryan.net/values.php
As par this application, I ask that you name one of Taldryans values that best describes you, along with a basic bio about yourself as a person. As I stated before, you and I will be in constant contact, so it is very vital that we both get to know each other and that I can rely on you to respond in turn in a quick and orderly fashion. This is not just an Aedile position; this is a leadership position in Taldryan.
As for awards; You will receive yours when it is due. I do not want someone who is applying for the mere chance to get your next Promotion or Merit award, as I nor the Taldryan Summit will hesitate to correct you. Selflessness is the key to any position, and should you seek it as all of the other members who have served as great leaders throughout the Brotherhood and Taldryan, you will be rewarded.

I wish you luck, and eagerly await your applications! Applications close on the 2nd of August (Sunday after next) at 11:59 PM EST.

Obelisk Templar Shaz’air “Sidarace” Rathden

Quaestor of House Ektrosis of Clan Taldran PIN# 9193

Planetary Viceroy of Taruma, of the Kr’Tal System

House Ektrosis shall be an open threshold for those who pursue excellence in leadership and activity. With the banner of Taldryan before us we will prove our strength and ingenuity throughout the Brotherhood upon every platform that creates this great club, reciting our motto: Descendants of Darkness, Heirs to Hate