Starting A Little Dirt Kicking

Quintan Tylax

12-01-2009 09:45:49

As the Phoenix slowly rises from the ashes again, it turns its head towards the Dark Fire and issues a challenge.

Hola :)

As the Phoenix gets more members I am looking for things for us to do. What better than some good ol fashioned sibling rivalry. Figured some healthy competition would help both Phyle's grow both in skill and in number as more people see how much fun we are having.

Shoot me an email Jerse if your interested and we will have a chat. Don't look at the Phoenix rosters currently and think we have too few members, there are at least 3 people in the process of joining that are not yet on the rosters. Once we have some fun (us winning and you losing that is :P) we can start breaching out to other battle teams in other clans.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Take it up...unless your scared.

((Disclaimer: I know people are ramping up for the GJW. This is something minor in comparison and won't get into full swing till afterwards. But until then I see nothing wrong with some trash talking and perhaps a minor comp for some practises if the powers that be allow it))