Resurgence Battle Plan

Aidan Kincaid

07-01-2009 02:46:39

For those of you participating in the Resurgence Run-on (which is open to every Taldryan member) this page will contain the basic plot of the event. I've taken the winning entry, made by Crix, Sid, and Sklib, and condensed it into a simple point-form outline.

Battle Plan

Phase One

-Exit from hyperspace
-Launch first wave of fighters
-Move capital ships into formation
-Elders will initiate a Force Meld ( to enhance the abilities of all pilots to counter the Vong’s superior ships and weapons
-Launch boarding parties to intercept the Slave ships

Phase Two

-The fighter wave will engage the Vong Coral Skippers using the New Republic technique of shield trios ( and stutter fire
-Bombers will be launched once 85% of the Coral Skippers are destroyed
-Lance Frigate Fury and VT-49 Decimator will, with the help of B-Wing squadron Spectre and Missile Boat Squadron Epic, concentrate on two of the Yorik-Vec assault cruisers, engaging them one at a time. TIE-Hunter squadron Jun will fly escort
-Lance Frigate Vengeance and VT-49 Legacy will lead B-Wing squadron Zenith along with Scimitar Assault Bomber squadron Turbulence, and concentrate on the other two Yorik-Vec assault cruisers. The L/FRG’s quad-laser turrets will make it easy to overload the shielding on the Yorik-Vecs, as they fire at a high rate and can easily be moved to spread the fire across the entire target. The general attack plan for these two elements is for
-The L/FRGs will engage the Yorik-Vec with their quad laser turrets, which will overload the shielding system. Then the VT-49s will attack and the bombers will fire their compliment of various bombs and missiles.

Phase Three

-MJHC Compulsor and VIN Honor will engage one of the Miid-ro’iks using their tractor beams to keep the ship from evading while the Honor uses its light quad turbolasers to rake the target with firepower and overload the shielding system. Once that is achieved, both ships will flank the Miid-ro’ik and engage in a broadside assault.
-CSD Justice and TIE Defender Squadron Dagger. Dagger squadron’s main job will be to run interference for the Justice and distract the Miid-ro’ik’s shielding system as much as possible.
-Once their objectives are complete, unoccupied ships will be instructed to assist the Justice

This is just a rough guideline. The Summit will be making posts throughout the RO to further direct it and introduce subplots. Remember to always follow what a Summit member posts!

If you have any questions or comments about the RO or the battle plan, please leave them on this thread. Do not post out-of-character stuff on the RO as it will be deleted.