Acc Qualification Matches

Aidan Kincaid

04-01-2009 15:26:33

Looking to get your Qualification match done, but need someone to fight? Try posting a request on this forum.

Got the ACC skillz and want to help newer members qualify? Post your availability here.

This forum will be used to get more Clan ACC Qualification matches completed. If you have the ability (are a qualified ACCer) and have some extra time to help someone else out, write a short post offering your assistance. We'll use the forum to set up matches instead of spamming the egroup.

The Great Jedi War is just around the corner so now is the time get qualified!

Kraval Taldrya

04-01-2009 21:28:31

I'll help if anyone wants to do a qual match.


04-01-2009 23:15:11

Along with Kraval, I am also willing to qualify with anyone who is looking for a match. You can email me or catch me on IRC.

ACC ftw

Quintan Tylax

05-01-2009 17:05:55

I need help qualifying. Never did a match before but read up on all the basic premises.


05-01-2009 18:10:15

I'll be glad to qualify with you, Quin. Just send me an email and I will make the request to the CM and DCM of the ACC, requesting a match.


06-01-2009 08:29:44

I'll be happy to assist anyone with their ACC qualification.