Holiday Caption Contest - Round 3


30-12-2008 00:42:09

This one is not going to be completely full of X-Mas SW pic. Holiday season is just about over & I ran out :P But they are going to be funny non the less. This round will end 1/5/09 at 11:59 PM EST.

Caption #1

Caption #2

Caption #3

Caption #4

Caption #5


30-12-2008 19:01:12

For Caption # 1 " Will you stupid robots go away, I'm trying to drink my tea and get warm!"
For Caption # 2 " So hows everyone like the new head gear ? "
For Caption # 3 " Look at all 5 of us, we look all just a like... except for the preacher who thinks he is darth Vader.

For caption # 4 " Santas hurt and cant deliver these so I guess we'll have to.... TO THE SLEIGH! "
For Caption # 5 " The guy in the suit thinks to himself.... where am I ? is this the holyland ?.... it sure does look like it. "

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31-12-2008 01:42:06

#1“Why can’t I have any real company, instead I’m stuck with two pieces of tin!”
#2”Well #1, this is taking casual Friday’s to another level!”
#3Guy on right ”Man, and I thought the armor was uncomfortable”
#4”So you got a present for that little tramp-bot but not me?”
#5”So this is what the pope feels like”


04-01-2009 23:46:32

#1. "No, really, you're doing great over there... Oh more thing. You missed a spot."
#2. Before Star Trek decided to make a drastic change in the unirom department.
#3. Guy second from the right, "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"
#4. "And this is ABC news reporting, I'm Chet U. betcha here. Seen these two droids? Report them to your local law enfocement agency, they are wanted for multiple homicides in countless star systems."
#5. Even Darth Vader has to wait in line to meet the pope.

Quintan Tylax

05-01-2009 16:50:54

#1 "R2, stop humping the 'toybox'" (Dr. Evil Voice)
#2 Headlines: Everywhere world wide, Trekkie's and Star Wars geek's heads imploded. The 2 universes collide.
#3 ::short stormtrooper speaking:: "And my buddy Vadar here did the ceremony. Check this out...he said, 'I now pronounce you man and take up the saber and strike them down, succumb to your dark side' And dude! She totally did it...."
#4 "I told you to balance those presents the hell are we going to pick that one up?"
#5 The true power behind the Dark Side...The Roman Catholic Church.

(No offence I'm roman catholic myself, all in good fun :))


08-01-2009 02:55:37

This round has ended, awards will be handed out soon. The last round of my Captain Contest will begin later on today.


12-02-2009 16:38:24

And the winners are:

1st: Corax "Baron" Zarjin for Caption #2
2nd: Quintan Tylax for Caption #5
3rd: sidarace rathden for Caption #4