Taldryan's Night At The Improv - Round 3

Aidan Kincaid

26-12-2008 17:38:49

Night at the Improv is a simple forum-based competition designed for everyone to have fun and joke around while increasing activity on the Clan forums. Each week, I'll restart this thread with a different type of improv and your posts will have to follow the rules below.
Round Three: Taldryan Holiday Songs

This, very late, third improv is all about holiday music. Taldryan needs to create its own carols, but we're so lazy we're just going to steal traditional songs and Taldryan them up. Competition will run until next Saturday - January 3, 2009

Here are a list of Holiday song lyrics http://www.the-north-pole.com/carols/index.htm AND
a handy rhyming dictionary http://www.rhymezone.com/

Keep them Taldryan and DB-based, but no unnecessary vulgarity. Make them funny not offensive!


26-12-2008 19:29:54

(To the tune of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)

I saw Shadow thrusting Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night
He didn't see me creep
Down the stairs to have a peep
He thought he had me gagged up in the bathroom fast asleep

Then I saw Shadow thrusting Santa Claus
Underneath his milky cheeks so white
Oh, what money I would have made
If the cameras had been watching
Shadow thrusting Santa Claus last night

Aidan Kincaid

26-12-2008 21:54:50

Because I'm proud of it - my own entry (that can't win =\)

(To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree)

O Wangmas tree,
O Wangmas tree,
How phallic shaped
and sexy!

Your shaft is long
almost a yard!
With balls like those
you'll screw them hard...

O Wangmas tree,
O Wangmas tree,
How phallic shaped
and sexy!

Tarax Kor

26-12-2008 21:56:56

Jingle Bells, Arcona smells,
Plagueis laid an egg;

Tarentum, just gave up,
CSP, along with CNS,
They both got erased,