Taldryan's Night At The Improv - Round 2

Aidan Kincaid

30-11-2008 15:30:50

Night at the Improv is a simple forum-based competition designed for everyone to have fun and joke around while increasing activity on the Clan forums. Each week, I'll restart this thread with a different type of improv and your posts will have to follow the rules below.
Round Two: Song Creation

The second Improv competition is here and it's called Song Creation. Improv'ers must create some on-the-spot lyrics for these classical songs. First up is Steve Miller Band's Joker. Each participant can write their own version of a single verse or the chorus. When the competition ends, the best submissions will be added together to create the entire song!

If you don't have the song on your computer (what's wrong with you?) you can listen to it and see the lyrics karaoke-style right here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JsP4RfIjYM

Seviss Nihilus Vaa

30-11-2008 17:55:12

Cause I'm a banger
I'm a humper
I'm a screwer
And I'm a tally
I touch my Shady in the sun

I'm a Zabrak
I'm a Sith
I'm an evil biotch
I'll cut your head off on the run.


09-12-2008 14:44:30

Didicated to Shadow, our awesome CON:

"Cause I'm a winner
I'm a pwner
I'm an 'own'er
I spread my awesomeness in IRC

I'm a prankster
I'm a leader
I'm a 'wang'er
I get my Clan to win the GJW

I'm Shadoooooooow wooooo"

Quintan Tylax

10-12-2008 16:18:52

Some people call me the Sith Dark Lord, yeah
Some people call me the Pimp of the Dark Side
Some people call me Palpatine ::cat call::
Cause i speak of the pompitus of hate.
People are cloned by me, baby
Say I'm doin' them right, doin' them right
Well, don't you blame me, baby
Don't blame me or I'll enslave, enslave, enslave
enlsave you right now.