Question About The Latest Tt


28-11-2008 21:25:11

Greetings TT Authors and Editor,

This is Raiju; long time reader, first time writer. Gotta say I'm the biggest non-Tally fan of the TTs, best part of it has to be the Kaek and Muz IRC quotes. :P

Just had a quick question about the latest TT: I read it today and saw the Raidoner posting from the mbs of sueing the DB. Now, I admit at first I thought this was a prank by the TTs, but honestly no offense there's no way you guys could come up with such an accurate display of idoicy so I have to assume this was a real posting.

Just wondered what all happened to the posting so I could read it and its fallout, was it deleted?


Aidan Kincaid

28-11-2008 21:41:23

Hey Raiju,

It's always nice to hear from our non-Taldryan fans. To answer your question - no, the article was not made up. It was based on a forum post Raidoner made in General Discussion that got deleted. Unforunately, there was no "real" fallout. The entire thing was just retarded so it got deleted and forgotten.

BUT! I'll email you a copy of the posts contents. Hope that will satisfy your curiosity.

The TT Staff