Vodo's Gfx Shop


02-08-2008 12:42:24

That's right! I have Photoshop once more, and I plan to start pumping out GFX for people who NEED them. What justifies NEED? Well, I will only be doing this for Taldryan, with an emphasis on those members who haven't received help like this from someone else, or me, before. I can and will do graphics for banners for anyone who wants them, report headers for CURRENT summit leaders only, and and forum signatures for anyone as well.

Send all requests to my Email (Rublez_ftw@hotmail.com), and make sure to include your name, pin number, request, and any specific images you'd like used.

Tarax Kor

03-08-2008 07:59:19

Can I haz a pony?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


03-08-2008 15:17:22

And served:



09-08-2008 17:22:14

I want you you to make me a light saber so I can submit it with my application for the open position on the HRLDs staff. =D


10-08-2008 23:24:00

I'll need $150 and I reserve the right to put my name in the image


03-10-2008 08:10:49

:( test?