The Tal. Dict. 1


07-02-2008 10:43:04


Greetings fellow Dark Jedi.

We are gathered here today to take part in another short and simple Tal comp. Today's comp is named: The Tal Dict. numba 1. >:)

So all you Dark Jedi have to do is get ahold of a few, words and give us the meaning. Is it as simple as that? (You'd wish :P) No, it is not.

To win, you have to post the funniest word and its definition(yes, that is all). You can post up to three words at max. Top three funniest will get medals (woo!). A consolation medal will also be given (aww :P ) to the most authentic entry.

But take your time though people, you have four weeks(or more?) to think up your words. Now that I've said all those words... ready? set... go!

Cya in a months time.

DJK DarkAmiz


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08-02-2008 04:49:55

Guingerfication ; a process that realigns molecules of any object in such a way as to re-sequence them in to Guinness stout.

Norad Na Lexu

09-02-2008 21:21:17

Bended - To be bent over Shad's Table


09-02-2008 23:31:01

Dep' hinx - What it is to be a member of the Brotherhood
Vex' ouni - Are the body of the Council
Deav' ill - A word meaning Evil
Jeh' pix - The Language of our brotherhood
Jydia - Jedi
Sy' tith - Sith
Aryi' Sadix - meaning Lord of Shadows


10-02-2008 20:09:35

Hewe ; A domestic servant; a retainer.

sexually transmitted disease ; what Shad gives you if you dont let him have his ways with you.

ha-ha ; a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing


11-02-2008 07:43:21

Vessel with the pessel = It holds the brew that is true…

Norad Na Lexu

11-02-2008 13:40:52

Gonads - you are called this when you listen to Shad telling you to change your name from PRT|Narad on the mIRC to Gonads cause your name sounds like NADS!!! Dman IT Shad lol


12-02-2008 01:36:13

Bla-bla-ologist; brotherhood shrink...


13-02-2008 22:56:44

cumdumpster - Paris Hiltons mouth

Rigar Ulrand

14-02-2008 14:34:49

Shad - Buttsecks

mIRC - Shads Playground

#taldryan - Shads bedroom


17-02-2008 01:44:24

Great work so far guys, more funny stuff :P Medals in 2 weeks, keep it up! :D