You Know You've Been In Tal Too Long When...

Hel-Pa Sklib

30-01-2008 22:27:51

Finish the sentence!

Tarax Kor

30-01-2008 22:40:00 know you have to teach people how to finish a sentence.

Jac Cotelin

30-01-2008 22:52:51 shave your pubes into a little heart.


30-01-2008 23:01:14

Finish the sentence!

you see "Swiffer" products in the grocery store and misread it "Swiper"


30-01-2008 23:11:15

when you're the only person IRL who thinks its funny to say, "That deffinetly measured 3 sklibs on my Chaosmeter"

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

30-01-2008 23:11:40

you are telling people in real life you pwn them all the time.

Rigar Ulrand

31-01-2008 00:39:23 brag you can own people in JO


Because i felt like editing cause i made it sound better 2 seconds after i posted


31-01-2008 01:22:18

...when youve writen a million storys on shad losing his table

Aidan Kincaid

31-01-2008 02:10:35

you start bending people over and thrusting violently in the middle of Wal*Mart... then get maced trying to hit on the female officer who is arresting you, only to realize that you're no longer wearing pants. That's when you give a down under salute to your state-appointed attorney who moonlights as a hardcore feminist. But, because you're in Tal, the charges are dropped, pants are declared illegal, and the female officer and attorney have a hot threesome with you back at the Wal*Mart.

Based on a true story? You be the judge!


31-01-2008 02:18:18 think you're doing a tarax when you're pissing some noob off, think you're chaosing when you fail your exams, think you're shad when you bend it and think you're a jac when you tell a buffalo what for...


...or you start doing most of what everyone in this topic is saying.


31-01-2008 06:32:39

you wake up behind your pc in a Star Trek outfit and have no idea how you got there.

Werdna Elbee

31-01-2008 07:18:02

You look forward to the heavily homoerotic, alpha-male tone of IRC


31-01-2008 07:20:31

You Know You've Been In Tal Too Long When... you remember when Shadow's table was still a tree

Norad Na Lexu

31-01-2008 07:58:17

You Know you've been in Tal too long when... when you listen to shad telling you to change your IRC name to gonads

Andan Taldrya Marshall

31-01-2008 12:35:18

when you remember the days when everyone got ops in #taldryan and we'd have EPIC kick wars.

when you learn to love Shad's bending.


04-02-2008 22:40:50 get tired of winning competitions so damn much


04-02-2008 23:16:49

you weep that XvT doesn't work on your system. And pray nightly that LA will come out with another flight sim. PLEASE


06-02-2008 12:36:00 remember the Taldryan riots.

And if you don't - too bad! Well actually, everyone should check out this link because I dug realllllly far into the "Kir Archive of Historical Taldryan Stuff" to find it, and then took at least 5 minutes uploading it. Jac you will especially like it

Jac Cotelin

06-02-2008 14:14:27


The riots.

One of the funnest nights ever in the DB. hahaha


07-02-2008 10:33:29

...isn't it in the Tal Times? :P Nice one Kir.


10-02-2008 20:13:52

...when youve been told at least 3 times to redo your entry for a comp that simpliy say finsih the sentence and you still didnt get it right until the last time you submit something on the forums.

Hehe :P


13-02-2008 21:12:36

you tell other members that they don't know what they are missing and when all your competitions include Taldryan in the name.


13-02-2008 22:48:48

.......when winning gets boring.


16-02-2008 12:28:37

you have so many medals from Tal Competitions, you cant fit them all on one line.


20-03-2008 17:34:42

You post in this topic.


15-07-2008 06:51:45

wow...happening by cause I like to check up on you guys(who knows maybe it'll get me excited about SW games again one of these times)

WOW...those riots were truly epic...I nearly pissed myself just joke...My abs hurts soooooo much right now...