Run-on: Party Time

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

16-12-2007 23:18:50

Specifics: The Clan Summit has called for a party at the Clan Headquarters to end the year, all members are invited, bring guests if you like! Look out for a different kind of party than normal, this is Taldryan after all.

This will be a “loose” Run-on so it’s probably going to go right out the window with any serious contributions, just make it interesting and fun, don't completely screw up and take us off to another planet in the middle of eating for example though. Top awards will go to the best contributors, to be determined by the Consul and Proconsul once the competition is over.

Awards: 3rd level Crescents
End Date: Around the 25th, or so is the plan.


“Come on, you’re late! The Quaestors and Aediles are showing up, more will be here shortly. I can’t run this thing!”

Consul Duga Taldrya Arkarso looked up from his paperwork to find his Proconsul, Chaosrain Taldrya, whining at the doorway to his office. Sure, he had a party he was hosting, but work came first. While the system and the Clan were celebrating the end of the year business doesn’t come to a stop.

“I’ll be right there, go ahead and join the group, and relax already.” Duga mumbled turning back to forms pilling up on the desk.

“What do you want me to do? Is everything setup already? And how long will you be?” the Proconsul questioned in a squeaky voice.

“It’s all set, just go to the Grand Hall, eat food, enjoy the entertainment, you know how to do that still I hope. Soon, just go on down.” With that said and left alone, Duga sat back and thought about why he appointed this guy again, such a failure at life, maybe it was pity. A minute or so later he grabbed his party hat made for him exclusively by Benevolent the year before and left for another exciting meeting, one that only the members of Taldryan could provide...


16-12-2007 23:47:57

The party was just warming up when Duga arrived. Most of the furniture was still intact, beer was starting to spatter the floor, and the arguments were still mostly civil.
Older members used the 'remove poisons' ability to keep a merry buzz without going out of control. One never knew when trouble would arrive.
ShadowHawk did a double-take as Duga walked in.
That hat! She'd never seen anything quite like it. Not on the Avenger, not in the old days when Taldryan and the Avenger flyers were pretty much the same people and the parties weren't considered worthwhile unless paramedics were called....
She watched intently. Had Duga lost his way in the Dark Side? Was he taken over by some hostile entity?
That hat!?
She waited, and watched...


17-12-2007 01:52:41

Lokasena Corvinus slammed on the bar. “Barkeep, I’ll have a double Glen Morangie and pint of your finest bitter for my mate…” The Hunter smiled as newly anointed Knight Amiz leaned into the bar beside him. “We have much to celebrate!” Sena exclaimed.

Amiz and Sena were both still rather sober. This was only due to the fact that they had been stuffing their faces with food before they hit bar.
“Ah, a good nights drink requires a strong foundation in ones stomach.” Amiz mused in anticipation of the liquor to come. “Yes indeed, my friend! Now let us stop conversing and start drinking. That fish I used to build my foundation wants to swim…”

Both laughing merrily, the Hunter and Knight lifted their glasses aloft and then downed them in long gulps. After they emptied their glasses they both slammed them into the bar hard enough to smash them. “Whahaa…” Sena bellowed. “The game’s afoot!”

Rigar Ulrand

17-12-2007 03:03:21

"Yes the game is afoot my friend" Rigar replied unexpected
Lok replied by pouring a drink for both men, and with one swig both took down there drink effortlessly. This was definitely going to be a party to remember.
"Another" Said Lok with a rather twisted smile on his face
Rigar Simply replied with a grunt.
The men went shot for shot for a good 20 minutes when Rigars Stomach started to girgle.
"I guess thats a sign for food, Well finish this later" said rigar as he dashed off to the food table.

Tarax Kor

17-12-2007 03:28:05

Tarax surveyed the scene.

Yes, there were many losers here. He'd have to do something about that. And soon.

But first...first, something needed to be said. Nay, ANNOUNCED.

Punching out a nearby whoever it was, Tarax stood on his table and yelled out "VULVA!"

Heads turned; some in confusion, some in annoyance; all in awe.

There would be more to come, Tarax thought. Yes, much more.


17-12-2007 05:51:02

Looking at Tarax, Sena raised an eyebrow. “Well…” he said as he turned to Amiz and Rigar again. “That certainly illustrates the diversity of the word!” Amiz released an audible chuckle.

Lokasena ordered another round of drinks and motioned the others to come and sit with him.
“I suppose now that Tarax has exclaimed his intricate knowledge of the female anatomy, we can relax and concentrate on having a good time.”

Sitting back in a huge armchair, Sena laid his feet up on a nearby table. “This is the life.” he said while sipping his drink.
“All we need now is Bubbles jumping out of a cake and handing everyone Super Ekky Ice cream!”

“We can only hope…” Amiz and Rigar replied in unison.


17-12-2007 21:53:51

Amiz looked around, wishing the ice cream lady would finally come. Yet, it was still very early, and the party has yet to begun, fully.

"Hey guys I'm gonna go look for some Space Vodka. Anyone want some?" he nodded at Rigar and Sena. Both were still sipping their drink intently and seemingly did not notice Amiz's question.

"...then, I'll be right back."

He walked around the place of leisure and glanced everywhere, searching desperately for his favorite drink. Out of nowhere a battle team member, Vardar, appeared holding what seemed to be two very very very very very very huge bottles of... SPACE VODKA!!!

"There's enough for two of us here buddy," spoked both of them in unison.

Rigar Ulrand

17-12-2007 23:27:17

Rigar looked very devilshly at the lampshade covering the lamp he was sitting next to and mumbled to himself "To early."
He then took a sip of his drink and thought to himself "Maybe 10 more of these and the time will be right...."

Rigar Yelled to the barkeep "Give me a couple bottles of your finest ale, I have many hours of running around with a lampshade on my head to look forward to and i barely wanna remember it."


18-12-2007 02:23:29

Now happily walking back towards his group, Amiz was suddenly pulled back by Vardar, who was waving wildly at a few cute girls standing behind Tarax.

"Uh oh," exclaimed Amiz when he saw what happened. :P

Rigar Ulrand

18-12-2007 08:50:25

Rigar butted in at the fawning men "If there with tarax you know somethings up....want me to start listing things that can wrong with the situation?"

Rigar then took a big gulp of his drink and said to hell with it and grabbed the lampshade as he ran over to the women.


18-12-2007 20:07:10

Amiz turned around and shut his eyes tight, really really tight just in time before...


"I do not wanna know what happened."

He looked around before he heard someone scream.


He replied with a scream of his own...


Tarax Kor

19-12-2007 02:43:02

Seated in his private booth, Tarax tapped into the Force to raise to volume of his voice, yelling "VULVA!"

The patrons were stunned for a second, but they shrugged it off. They must have been expecting this.

That was not good. The Templar narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

Reaching deeper into the Force, he raised the volume of his voice even higher and yelled out

This time, everyone in the vicinity seemed to go into a seizure. That was good.

And amusing.


19-12-2007 13:03:44

“This is getting silly…” Lokasena whispered to himself. He quickly drowned the words in pint of ale.
Looking over to some ladies who just walked, he mused, “Isn’t that the winner of the swimsuit competition last year?”
Thrashing down his glass, he quickly got three new ones.
Lokasena walked over to the two women to introduce himself. For might and power gave little comfort to a man alone in his bed.

“Dark greetings, ladies. Allow me to introduce myself. Tetrarch Lokasena, at you service.”
The women giggled. Sena was a bit confused. Did he say something wrong? It had been a while since he had made an effort to draw attention from a female. Maybe he had lost his touch?

Handing over the drinks to both women, Sena decided to bite the bullet and continue the conversation. “Tell me, what brings you lovely ladies here?”
Again the women giggled. Then one said, “We like came with like a transport.” Barely restraining herself from laughing, the other suddenly spoke as well. “So… Like, what’s that thing on your head?”

Lokasena quickly rose his free hand to his head. He grabbed whatever was on his head and brought it down before his eyes for further inspection.
“Is that like, a squirrel or something?” one of the women asked, looking amused.
Sena felt his face turn red, with shame as much as anger…


19-12-2007 22:23:07

When he heard the hearty laugh ensuing after his scream his neck bristled with rage and temporary shame.

"...FALSE ALARM..." yelled a very very dead zombie-ish human

How dare these people trick me!? Now they will die. DIE!

His footsteps were heavy, must be the result of him downing half of his very huge bottle of Vodka. Vardar was nowhere to be seen, along with his bottle of Vodka.

With his left hand he grabbed his light saber and ignited it.

Yes they will die... *insert snicker here(snicker must be evil and very funny)*

Then he heard Sena's voice...


"Uh oh..."

Quickly he uningnited his lightsaber, and with a very confuzzled look on his face began tiptoeing away from his fellow Tetrarch...


20-12-2007 01:55:33

“Oh no you don’t…”
Lokasena leaped over to Amiz. He could still hear the two women laughing.
As he stood face to face with the Knight, Sena started to strangle him with both hands and shake violently. “What’s the matter with you! I was just having fun, getting my drink on and perhaps even a bit of luck for tonight… You have any idea how long it’s been? Why, Amiz…? Why…?”

In between shakes, Amiz replied, “Cause it be funny!”
Lokasena stopped shaking. “Yes, you do have a point.” Readjusting Amiz’s collar, Sena offered the Knight a drink. “To bad I’m not a Knight yet. Then we could sing.”
“We’re Knights of the House Ektrosis, consume alcohol in large doses.”


20-12-2007 02:31:19


Then Amiz snapped out his handy dandy poking stick(put just beside his light saber on his belt) and started poking Sena in certain "areas".

"Dance! Dance!"

Giggles from the ladies can once more be heard, before they came nearer to take a closer look. By this time Sena was literally dancing, jumping from foot to foot, his face a clear deep red.

"Grr, I'll get you..." growled the now red faced blond.


20-12-2007 15:41:54

Having to endure this humiliation did not sit well with Lokasena. The first opening he had, he jumped out of the poking stick’s reach.
He was fingering the handle of his sword. “The multiplying villainies of nature do swarm upon him.”
Unsheathing the weapon, Sena smiled as he took a pint of ale from a table nearby.
“Disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody execution.” Sena whispered.

Amiz, already recognizing what was about to come, leaned back against a table. “Oh, here we go again…” the Knight sighed.

After emptying the pint glass in long gulps, Sena whiped his mouth on his sleeve before he continued his drunken speech.
“We are oft to blame in this, 'Tis too much proved, that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself.”

“In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim
and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished.”

“Uh, Sena…” Amiz tried to interrupt.

“However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.”

“C’mon Sena, enough with the speeches, let’s buy these ladies a drink.”

But Lokasena could not stop himself. Lyrical words poured from his lips.
He knew he was being a prat, but he did not care.

“The only verdict is vengeance, a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain,
for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant
and the virtuous.”

Looking at the crowd that had gathered around him, Sena’s courage wavered and he concluded that drinking would solve this problem…
“Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage
veers most verbose. So I will simply add that my throat is dry and I am doomed to choose between poetry and the pallet.”


24-12-2007 09:01:11

Before Sena could move one more inch forwards Amiz yelled out...


When all heads turned to look at the shouter, Amiz grabbed Sena's shoulder and began guiding him towards the drinks section.

Hopefully there will be cookies there...


25-12-2007 03:14:55

"Indeed merry holidays to all!" Sena shouted and then quickly drowned the words in ale.

"Cookies?" the Hunter pondered. "Bah, humbug... Me wants the glorious super Ekky Chocolate-chocolate chip Ice-cream!"
He looked around for one of his senior BT members.
"Bubbs! Where are you? We need you!!!"


25-12-2007 09:21:19

Amiz looked around him in search of a certain Dark Jedi Master, who holds the keys to the greatest cookie stores in all of Karufr.

"Hmm... Lannie... Where are you..."

Rigar Ulrand

28-12-2007 18:35:00

Sneakily Rigar tapped Amiz on the shoulder, "Do you smell that smell, that smelly smell that smells like.....COOKIES!!!???"

Amiz pointed his nose up in the air and replied with a content smile

"Then come with me, we shall search for the COOKIES!!!"


30-12-2007 14:39:00

Emptying a bottle of scotch, Lokasena fell back on a long couch.
“How much woooood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wooood?”

He just looked around the room, which was starting to spin.
“Women… Where are all the WOMEN???”

Sena decided to close his eyes for a bit, while waiting for the next highlight of the party to begin.


30-12-2007 15:35:22

The night was slowly winding down as the windows began to let in light. Many members of the clan were passed out in the Grand hall. Amiz and Loka were drunkenly cuddling up against the bar while Tarax lie drooling in his booth. Rigar was sitting in a corner pulling off a convincing lamp impersonation. The hat Duga walked in with was hanging on a very large chandelier while the man who brought it to the party was no where to be found. Many of the older members of the clan were peacefully sleeping in their beds. The sign that some were at the party the night before were the guests sleeping next to them.

Slowly the light coming through the windows grew brighter and the members of the mostly hung-over clan began to stir once more. Slowly everyone came to there feet and reassembled in the Grand Hall. Duga walked into the room long enough to make an announcement.

“There’s food in the kitchen and yesterday’s celebration is over. Now let’s go get some food while Chaos cleans the hall for tonight’s party!”

The room erupted in a cheer except for a certain Proconsul. Everyone hurried down to the kitchen while Chaos grabbed a broom and started cleaning.

“Damn it,” said the Prelate.