Hey! Anyone Up For Rc?


12-12-2007 01:04:07

Hey so all I have right now for games are EaW and RC. And EaW is OK but I like RC better. So the question is does anyone want to play RC with me for the The SHAFT: CTF Edition (December)? It will realy help me on my way to GRD. So if you see me on #taldryan (the IRC channel for taldryan) just holler and I should be able to play some.

In Darkness,

P.S. This will bring benefits to you also.

Hel-Pa Sklib

12-12-2007 18:20:12

You'll need to make sure that you're playing CTF for the SHAFT event this month, which I would imagine would be pretty tough to gather enough people for that.

You might have the most luck in Jedi Outcast, that's the main CTF platform that the DB uses, from what I've seen.


14-12-2007 10:10:50

yeh, JO CTF ftw. Now I just need to figure out a time when you all are on...


14-12-2007 22:22:21

I'm always on :P