It's Been A While..


23-11-2007 15:25:21

Hey, after a year, I returned...


24-11-2007 01:20:40

yea, no kidding! The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are no longer an operating battle team!
Welcome back anyhow!

Tarax Kor

24-11-2007 03:32:26

Also, Typex, you've been AWOLed.

You're Rogue, now. :P


24-11-2007 12:11:57

meaning you need to sign into your account, and request a transfer back to Taldryan


24-11-2007 22:36:15

welcoming back party will include my collection of finest Lannie cookies... so be sure to get back soon


29-11-2007 19:48:20

Yeh, sorry for leaving on such unexpected note. I know what to do to return from Rogue. Thanks to all that replied.

I wonder were Alanna is at.. :ermm:


30-11-2007 20:43:50

She's on a quest to get new cookies. :P

Email her, I'm sure she'd be all too happy to reply...