New Member Looking For Guide


06-05-2007 13:52:48

I'm new in the Brotherhood. I am in the Ekrosis of Taldryan House. I would like someone to help me. How do I get an upgrade from the rank of Apprentice?

My e-mail address is [on my dossier]. If anyone could guide me through some of the basics of being apart of this brotherhood I will be very greatful.

Tarax Kor

06-05-2007 14:05:40

Every House within each clan has different guidelines on how to advance. You should be getting an e-mail or something shortly from your House Summit.

Welcome aboard. :)

Rigar Ulrand

06-05-2007 14:53:54

Yea, you should be getting an email from your envoy within 1 or 2 days after being put into Ektrosis
The envoy is there to help you in the beginning and answer most of your questions


06-05-2007 19:09:48

I did get an e-mail. I did everything i was told, yet i still have not gotten an upgrade. I was just wondering if there was anything i could do to quicken the upgrading process.

Rigar Ulrand

06-05-2007 19:26:34

Well theres not much you can do except wait.
But it would be wise to go to your clans and houses website and check out the promo guide to see what you have to do to get a promotion

Hel-Pa Sklib

07-05-2007 22:26:33

You should email your House leaders, Chaos and Menace, saying that you're ready for promotion.

If you view your dossier, then click "Ektrosis", it'll give you the emails of your leaders so you can contact them.

Welcome to Taldryan!


08-05-2007 00:51:34

A fast way to get attention and to learn about the Brotherhood si the Shadow academy.
Show your Envoys that you really want to learn about the stuf we offer here.

By the way, welcome to Ekky and Taldryan...

See you around :D


08-05-2007 09:09:49

Welcome aboard. The best way to get noticed is to complete Shadow Academy courses. Not only do you get important knowledge but your Envoy and House Summit will also get an email when you complete one. So completing SA (Shadow Academy) courses makes everyone happy and also shows your an active member. Emailing your Envoy when you complete trials also works, so if you have done all of your objectives for Apprentice then write an email to your Envoy and include a list of everything you've completed.

See ya around.