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Just some rules before we start things off. First of all anyone and everyone should participate. Run-ons are a fun way to get involved. Secondly, don't double post because that ruins the fun. Last but not least please state what equipment you have in your first post.


Xerxes awoke to the beeping of his imagecaster on the adjoined nightstand. Whoever it is has a death wish Xerxes thought to himself as he reached for the imagecaster. The Guardian connected his comlink to the imagecaster and activated it. An image of a familiar human male appeared on the imagecaster.

“Ah…I was wondering if you would ever contact me again.” The Guardian mused.

“I found him, the one that you were searching for.”

Xerxes suddenly found his heart racing. Could it be? Mahk’khar had finally shown himself? Pushing those thoughts aside Xerxes regained his composure.

“Just tell me where and the credits will be transferred to your account.”

“He was seen two days ago in his castle on Tuulab.”

“The credits will be transferred within the hour.”

“It was a pleasure doing business with you. Farewell…my old friend”

The projection disappeared from the imagecaster leaving Xerxes to his thoughts. After all these years the Kashi Mer Talisman is within grasp. Xerxes threw on a fresh flight suit and his cloak before returning to the imagecaster and recording a transmission.

“Greetings for those of you who don’t know me I am Guardian Xerxes of House Dinaari. I come before you in need of your help. I have received information regarding the whereabouts of a certain Gotal who will help us find the Kashi Mer Talisman, a Dark Side artifact with the ability to tap directly into the Dark Side of the Force. The Talisman was last seen in the hands of a Dark Jedi named Durrei in 5 ABY who is believed to be working for an unknown Dark Side Sect. If you would help retrieve the Talisman for the glory of Taldryan meet me on Karufr in three days.”

Xerxes ended the recording and sent it to all of Taldryan. The Guardian disconnected the comlink from the imagecaster and slid both into his cloak. Quickly donning his katana and DL-44, Xerxes checked his utility belt one last time before heading off to the hangar where his Aurek fighter Honor’s Sake was waiting.

Hel-Pa Sklib

16-04-2007 20:59:32

Hel-Pa smirked as Xerxes' image faded from his holoprojector: This'll be interesting. He was within the same complex as the Guardian, being the one who gave him approval to send out the message to the Clan. Sklib pushed a small button on the holo, sending the blue static-field shimmering away. His room was always kept running relatively warm, his body temperature depended on the environment around him the majority of the time. The Quaestor grabbed his robes from a hanger, feeling his knuckles scrape across the moist surface of the durasteel bar where dew had collected.

Hel-Pa felt a chill run up his spine: Something feels... out of place. No time to worry about it now. He telekenetically pulled the saber towards him from across the room, slipping it into his belt loop after the cold metal surface touched his hand. The lizard-like creature walked towards the door as it hissed open upon his vicinity, grabbing his Bryar as he left. He slipped the gun into its holster at his side, securing it in place with his specially embroidered strap.

Hel-Pa exited through the doorway, straightening his robes on his shoulders to a more comfortable position. His frill shuddered slightly, it hadn't been up in a while. The Tarasin briskly walked towards the hangar bay, spotting Xerxes. “Guardian,” he croaked, “We have three days until we depart! Why are you waiting here? Surely after we receive word from the others in the Clan, we can leave when they all arrive! What say you?”

“Master, I guess we could do that. It shouldn't take anybody longer than several hours to depart from their current locations and arrive here. Once I have word from all of the volunteers, and they are here, we could leave.”

“Good. I'll inform Consul Duga and Proconsul Shadow of everyone departing with us once you forward that information to myself. Do you plan on leading this endeavor yourself? And what's in it for the rest of us?”

Xerxes scratched his head, replying, “Well, I was planning on leading us to the location. In terms of combat, if the need arises, I guess the highest ranking member of the Summit should lead that. Where the Talisman lies, other Dark secrets may be contained. Holocrons are a possibility, but really the Talisman is my main pursuit. I guess we'll see as things progress.”

“Fair enough. I'll make arrangements for a briefing once all participants are here. I'll contact Duga and get his go-ahead on using Clan ships to get there, for those who don't have them. Less ships would cause a much less chance of being detected or notice, I would think.” He hissed. “You can contact me on my ComLink if anything else arises. Good luck preparing for the mission. May the Dark Side be with you.”

Xerxes nodded, watching as the reptilian Knight left the hangar. “Well he seems excited. Let's hope the rest are.”

Rigar Ulrand

16-04-2007 23:08:42

Suddenly awoken by the annoying beep of his holoprojector, Rigar Ulrand sat up in his bed and grabbed the device to listen to the message sent to all of Taldryan.

Intriuged by the message that Gaurdian Xerxes sent out, Rigar decided to join on the mission that now lay ahead. He walked over to his closet, adorned his normal robes along with a belt that holstered a basic blaster pistol and a krath war blade and then turned to the door. As quickly as the door to his room opened, Xerxes was briskly walking past his room.

Quickly grabbing Xerxes arm Rigar calmly said "I guess ill tag along on this one."

Jumping in suprise at how he was approched Xerxes stopped dead in his tracks and excitely responded "Great to see your on board."

"So how many people have stepped up to the mission?"

"Currently you and Hel-pa Sklib are the only ones sir."

"Thank you, I suggest that you inform Sklib that i am coming along on this mission."

"Will do."

"Alert me when we are about to leave." responed Rigar as he turned around and walked back into his room with the door sliding shut behind him.


16-04-2007 23:57:36

By sheer chance, Vodo had been on a short leave of absence from his new duties as the Sergeant of Phoenix Battleteam, House Ektrosis. He spent the time away from Taruma on Altur, examining the Library of Dinaari, and to visit his long time friend Hel-pa Sklib. His appointment to see the new Queastor wasn’t for another two hours, so the Twi’lek spent his time studying several artifact that had peaked his interest as an Acolyte all those years ago before transferring to Ektrosis.

His attention was distracted though by the mental touch of Sklib. The two friends had honed a sense of each other through the conflicts they had shared, and had formed a strong telepathic bond. Vodo could sense the human was eager, and was anticipating something large. Before he could inquire as to what it was, Sklib gave him the answer.

“Guardian Xerxes has called for Volunteers to help him hunter down a Rogue Dark Jedi and recover an artifact.”

The mental thoughts played out across his nerves and senses, giving him the full meaning of what the Knight had meant. Vodo responded quickly with his own thought broadcast, “When and where”.

“Main Hangar, as soon as you can.”

Not another word was needed. Vodo placed his artifacts in a pile of other tomes to be replaced by the House Staff and departed the small Library. House Dinaari was still heavily steeped in the ways of the Obelisk, a left over from the days an Ordered House. In such, its library was considerably smaller than that of House Ektrosis, which was still steeped heavily in the ways of the Krath. Old Habits died hard, Vodo mused. He found his way swiftly from the Library to the main hangar where the Mare Nostrum awaited him.

Vodo’s personal ship, the Mare Nostrum, a SoroSuub Luxury 3000 Star Yacht was a large vessel by Vodo’s standards. It was sluggish, and a pain in the ass to pilot in his opinion, but was quite swift due to the series of previous owners. It was also equipped with strong shields, an array of weapons, and space for many guests as well as one docked Fighter. Across the hangar he found Sklib, Xerxes, and a Protector Vodo had never seen before. He waved his hands in a broad gesture as he approached them to signal his arrival, though hardly necessary as he was clearly felt through the force by all.


17-04-2007 00:43:31

ShadowHawk read the message from Xerxes. She was unoccupied for the next while, and thought "Someone needs to watch out for the young ones - things ALWAYS go worse than planned."

She slipped into a flight suit and checked her weaponry. Her quarters were a short jog from the hangar. Searching for information and artifacts was a strong interest, and she had years of combat experience in starfighters. She'd let the youngsters plan and do the mission, and be there to help when things went sideways.

Things always go sideways.

These thoughts flitted through her mind as she approached the hangar, and she grabbed a bag from the equipment locker on her way. Emergency rations, extra ammo, water...foraging isn't fun.

She brought a data pad linked to Taldryan's extensive library.

"All set!" she saluted Xerxes. I know I rank you, but it's your mission. I'll be happy to advise and help, and I'm a mean fighter pilot. When do we leave?"

SBM ShadowHawk (Sith)/Dinaari of Taldryan [ACC: INI]
AC / DC-SiP / BN / Cr-2A-1S-1E-1T / CF / DSS-AuL / LS / S:-2D


18-04-2007 13:54:38

Xerxes saluted the Sith Battle Master and returned, "Great to have you on board. As for leaving no time like the present. Others can join us on Tuulab." the Guradian finished

"Duga has given us permission to use Taldryan transports." the Quaestor informed him

"Wonderful, Shadow time to prove those piloting skills choose your co-pilot and start prepping the transport while I send instructions for any who might follow us."

The Guardian sent the message containing the frequency required to contact the party before following the rest of the group into the transport. At last the fun begins.


21-04-2007 22:35:28

Vodo prepped his personal star yacht, the Mare Nostrum for departure. The SoroSuub Luxury 3000 was a high class piece of work, comparable in standards to another famous personal ship, the Millennium Falcon, although, no where as swift. The yacht had been modified many times to be a small pleasure cruiser outfitted as a gunboat, and served quite well in each role. The Twi'lek knight invited several of the party's members to join him aboard the ship, as he needed another crew member to operate the weaponry, and it would be a shame to waste such a great ship on a journey such as this.

There was space enough on the aft of the ship for one star fighter to dock, so that the pilot could board the ship. This made the ship well suited to longer operations in which the small cockpit of a fighter could not compare to the luxurious surroundings of a true yacht.

Vodo reached out to the group, instantly identifying his friend Hel-pa Sklib. Through the force, Vodo suggested that the Corellian Tarasin join him aboard the Mare Nostrum as a gunner/navigator. Sklib responded almost as quickly, implying he had been waiting for the personal invitation. The Queastor of Dinaari skillfully piloted his Hyperion fighter, a fighter borrowed from the clan's Fleet, into the docking array at the rear of the ship, and joined Vodo in the cockpit in anticipation of the mission.

"Another Rogue Dark Jedi?" Vodo inquired
"A tad cliche` I admit, but apparently this talisman is worth a great deal, and not only to Xerxes"
Vodo continued the warm-up procedures, "It will make an interesting fight. Flip that switch"
Hel-pa inquired to a green on in front of him. Vodo shook his head in a negative response, "No, the one next to it."

Vodo spent the next few minutes briefing his co-pilot on the console in front of him, and how to operate the hidden weapon systems, and how to coax the most power out of the Corvette-class shield array. Within minutes, the Mare Nostrum was space worthy and ready to take on any half-bite Dark Jedi the galaxy threw at them.

Hel-Pa Sklib

22-04-2007 20:21:19

“This should be interesting,” Hel-Pa hissed.

“Right, I think everyone is on board now,” the Twi'lek replied. “Everyone strap yourselves in, we're about to lift off,” he shouted over the intercom. He nodded at Hel-Pa, watching the Quaestor push various buttons on the console, causing the ship to rumble within the hangar. Vodo shouted over the noise, but nothing seemingly important or vital to the situation. The Krath pulled on the wheel, lifting the craft above the ground. Moments later, the ship was screaming out of the hangar and out of the atmosphere.


Hel-Pa unstrapped himself from the seat, pushing the button next to the door, hearing it hiss into the wall. He walked into the lobby-type area where the rest of the team was located, straightening his robes and croaking, “Our ETA is a few hours. Everyone relax, and Xerxes and I should have a plan formulated within an hour or so as to our objectives, landing zone, etc. For now, just make yourselves comfortable.”

The other members nodded in agreement. Hel-Pa was a hand shoot up in the air, calling upon the eager Protector Rigad, “What exactly are we doing this for, again? Is it purely for Xerxes' benefit?”

“Not necessarily. We don't know how the Talisman will benefit, and we'll decide what to do with it once we've secured it. It could be very beneficial to the Clan, or just something that could be passed from individual to individual.” Rigar nodded with content. “Any other questions?” The Tarasin asked the team.

No one responded, and Hel-Pa grunted softly and returned to the cockpit to his longtime friend Vodo. “How'd it go back there?” The Twi'lek inquired.

“Well. Hopefully the younger ones can keep up with us,” Hel-Pa chuckled.

“Let's hope,” Vodo replied in a more serious tone.

Rigar Ulrand

22-04-2007 20:27:26

Rigar leaned back in his chair as he saw Hel-pa go back into the cockpit of the vessel.

"Hey Xerxes you ready for some action, cause I sure as heck am" Rigar said somewhat confidently.

"You bet i am, Im just worried about you"

Rigar chuckled "How about a friendly competetion than?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I bet i get to the Talisman before you do."

"sure, whats the wager?"

"Bragging rights really, just a little motivation for us to get in and out as quick as we can."

"Ok lets do it." Xerxes confidently replied.

"Alright, wake me up when you guys formulate the plan then."

No sooner than rigar had finished the sentence everyone in the room could hear his snoring as he drifted asleep in the yachts comfortable chairs.


23-04-2007 13:06:35

As the ship reverted to real space Xerxes looked out the viewport at the planet of Tuulab far below.

Somewhere down there Mahk'kar is hiding

Xerxes thoughts were interupted by the sound of the Quaestor's footsteps. The Guardian turned to face the leader of his House. The holoprojector portraying a section of Tuulab's landscape which included a city shadowed by a large castle.

"This is where the Gotal is hiding." the Guardian stated pointing to the castle, "It is heavily guarded by a local mercenary band as well as the Gotal's personal guard. We could attack the castle directly and fight our way to Mahk'kar, but it would be slow and messy giving Mahk'kar a chance to escape. The other option is here." Xerxes showed his Quaestor a small waterfall exiting the castle into a nearby river. "The sewers here will provid a stealthy entrance to the castle. We'll need lightsabers to cut some of the gates as well as a grappling hook and some rope. We could reach the administration level before attracting attention however. Since this is most likely going to be a combat situation, this decision would be yours."

Hel-Pa smirked before replying, "I hope you brought some boots."

After an hour of going over the battle plan the ship began its descent to the starport.


24-04-2007 11:18:16

"You've got to be", Vodo didn't get a chjance to say Kidding Me by the time Sklib picked on his worry.
"What is it?"

Sklib could now feel the attack just as Vodo could. His hands dance across the control panels before him, bringing up the powerful shields of the Yacht while vodo jerked the small ship into an evasive jink. Towards the port, a bright flash of a planetary based Turbolaser streaked by, close enough to darken the already nonreflective gray color scheme.

"Who the hell is shooting at us!?" Scream someone from the passenger cabin.
Up in the cockpit, the only answer Vodo could come up with was the starport they were attempting to land in, "Sklib, why the hell are they firing on us?"
"I have no clue!"

Vodo continued to put the ship through it's passes as several more gian t beams raced past. They were already entering the atmosphere, and the Ship was not manueverable enough to climb out and still remain in one piece. Though they were still in the upper reaches, and it seemed like space outside, the Yacht did it's best to keep up the movments. In the meanwhile, the Corvette-class shield array finnished ramping up to power, and activated. The energy field surrounded the hull of the yacht in time to absorb a hit from one of the Planet based turbolaser.

The Mare Nostrum jeered violently, but all systems reported green. The Shield itself however was nearly fired, and a second hit would take down the protective barrier, "Fierkeik!"
Vodo did not have time to wonder when Sklib had learned to curse in Mando'a. The small ship was hit by a second blast, despite his best attmept to veer away from the incoming bolt of light. The ship's shields dropped, and the lights flickered momentaryly before the emergancy lighting came back on.

"Vodo, you loan the ship to the flight students to practice with right?", Sklib sounded incredulous
Vodo did loan the ship to the students so that they could practice piloting and their mechanical skills on, "Yea..."
"I think they screwed with your false transponder generator."
The ship was supposed to be tripple checked by the senior flight chief and his regular crew after the trainees finnished. Somehow, this small mistake had gotten through, and now the Mare Nostrum was broadcasting a flase transponder code that had upset someone down on the planet.

The Twi'lek's anger fueled his reactions as he pointed the nose of the ship practically straight down, "Everyone hold onto your stomachs back there!"

Punching the throttle, the Luxary 3000 plunged straight down through the atmosphere. Tempurature guages and warning lights began to blare in alarm, the controls became sluggish as the enegines began to overheat. From his position in the bubble cockpit, Vodo could see the armor of the ship glowing cherry red. Once they entered the main atmosphere, and were under the umbrella of the defense net, he leveled the ship out and placed it into an emergancy repulsar glide. The ship landed gently in the midsts of a thick of trees, streaming and glowing at the streams.

"I don't think we'll be taking off in this for a couple days..." Sklib said slowly, hoping that his lunch wouldn't suddenly explode from his mouth.
"The Ion Drives and the Repulsar units are shot. I'd say that's a good estimate" Vodo replied, feeling the same way.

An odd smell drifted up from the cabin. Apparently, someone else had tossed their last meal up during the plunge.


24-04-2007 18:26:23

Jedi Hunter Daar Kareth of House Archanis sat alone knelt upon the durasteel flooring atop the roof
of the Archanis compound on Volcanus. His mind at ease in the meditative state viewed images of war and combat. Passionate sweeps of his blade into the flesh of the enemy were visioned by the Sith. The heat of the volcanic world began to rise in temperature. Alerting Daar that it is time to return to the interior of the compound.

Dispersing the meditative states hold on his thoughts, he became inserted to the environment around him once again. Rising to his feet as a bubbled pocket of liquid magma popped in the river surrounding the Head Quarters of the Crimson Vanguard. Standing atop the roof of the compound Daar overlooked the edge of the building, staring down at the small oval pad just before the entrance. With a grunt he lowered himself to a crouched position prepared to leap over the side.
Springing upward he launched into the air in a front flip. Landing upon his feet flawlessly he arose once again and started into the building.

Minutes later he had heard of Xerxes quest on a recording of the message sent from the Guardian.
"Slag!" he muttered to himself as he changed to his Sentry Robes. I hope they left me some! cursed Daar once again. Buckling his belt to his waist he filled the pockets with haste. His D-18 was shoved into it's holster with care as he began to fasten the strap that held the sheath of his Energy blade over his shoulder.

The fierce eyes of the Human Jedi Hunter were filled with blood lust once again.

Hours later Daar sat in the cockpit of his personal M3 Scyk light fighter. A course for Tuulab was set in the Navicomputer.
Reading the output from the terminals monitor before him. Two hours away at current speed.

Hel-Pa Sklib

24-04-2007 23:50:52

Hel-Pa let out a harsh hiss out of frustration, infuriated by the crash landing: The element of surprise could be lost. We must proceed carefully to avoid any more mishaps. Hel-Pa unharnessed himself from the co-pilot chair, feeling his skin turn to a redder hue. His anger and disgust for the disaster infuriated him deeply, causing the rest of the team to be uneasy.

Vodo walked over to Sklib, putting his hand on Hel-Pa's shoulder, “There was nothing you could do about it. It's not your fault.”

Sklib grunted and brushed away the hand, stomping through the yacht and finally opening a hatch to the world around him. The grove they had landed in was worthy of a holo-card, the tranquil whisper of a brook nearby and the swaying of leafy trees in the wind made the scene all too perfect. The Quaestor took a deep and long breath, filling his lungs with the crisp air that he had not experience in some time: It's show time.

Sklib took a few more steps onto the planet, observing the open fields past the trees surrounding him, and environment much different than what he was used to. He motioned for the others to follow him outside the ship, and when the last Dark Jedi exited he beckoned, “Alright, the palace sewers should be a couple miles off, we'll be walking a bit. Xerxes, point us in the right direction, I'd like to see how much of this you can handle by yourself.”

“Roger, sir.” The Guardian made a few calculations on the palm of his hand, and immediately pointed in the direction of the sewers. “They should be thattaway.”

“Excellent, let's get to it.”


25-04-2007 13:07:11

"Very well. I'll take lead, Vodo watch our backs we should be able to stay under the cover of the dense foilage all the way to the castle. It'll be slower but we should be able to aviod detection, still stay alert whoever shot us down will probably want to make sure we're dead." with that the Guardian turned and strode off into the woods.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Rigar whispered to himself before turning and following Shadow.

Two excruciating hours had passed as the party made their way through the many thorn bushes and shrubs when Xerxes' comlink started beeping and called a quick resting period. The Guardian connected the comlink to his imagecaster and a figure appeared before him.

"Greetings, you must be Xerxes."

"I am."

"I am Jedi Hunter Daar and have just landed at the starport to assist in this endeavor. What are your current coordinates?"

"Where we are is unimportant at the moment. Here are the coordinates to where you must meet us."

"Very well. I should be there within the hour." with that the image of the Jedi Hunter faded

As Xerxes returned the devices to his utility belt, the whining of swoop bikes could be heard in the distance. The Guardian turned backed to the others and noticed they had heard them too. Hel-Pa and Vodo looked at each other exchanging glances sparking the curiousity in Xerxes' mind as to what it meant. The party moved forward at a quicker pace as the forest became less dense until they reached a clearing. There was a small stream and as Rigar and Xerxes bent down to take a drink. There was a strange sensation in the Force and Xerxes looked over at Rigar noticing he saw it too. Xerxes heard the snap hiss of the other's sabers and drew his katana as six cloaked figures emerged from the other side of the clearing.

"This just got a whole lot more interesting." Rigar chuckled as the snap hiss of the figures sabers echoed through the woods.

Rigar Ulrand

25-04-2007 19:39:52

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27-04-2007 00:07:36

“Danger” Sklib’s message came at the same time as Vodo sensed it.
"This just got a whole lot more interesting”, Rigar Chuckled.

The small party of Taldryan’s Sons and Daughters crouched low into ready stances. Those with light sabers ignited them, relishing the snap-hiss of the blade of light emerging from their hilts. Vodo’s face was illuminated with the glow of his violet blade. By instinct, and habit, Sklib jumped into position behind the Twi’lek, protecting his flank, his face glowing the same purple hue Vodo wore. The two had fought many battles together, and had unconsciously developed an efficient style of paired combat.

To their left, Shadowhawk’s yellow blade cast shadows all around her. The Cloaked figures that had appeared, seemed to be maneuvering to flank her, likely sensing she was the strongest of the party. Vodo’s foot slid towards her, carrying himself, and Sklib by proxy, to protect her back side. The Journeymen had gathered together, and looked prepared at a moments notice to act against the saber armed opponents. No one had drawn a training saber, knowing it was absolutely no use against anyone with an actual blade of light.

The clearing was dead silent, save for the wind, which picked up a few leaves lightly. They danced on the current of air, and at the exact moment their descent touch ground, the battle begun.

Hel-Pa Sklib

27-04-2007 23:24:30

Hel-Pa's blade struck one of the enemy's, knocking it aside in an effective parry. Sklib was a master of Makashi, the duelist form, and would use his skills in saber-to-saber combat to their extent. Vodo's Soresu skills were equally as hones, and the two were nearly impossible to defeat in battle. As Vodo fended off two of the attackers, Sklib gracefully dove in to sever their limbs in a flurry of light. Two down, four to go. He glanced over his side seeing Shadowhawk decapitate another Jedi in one swift cut.

“Ahhh!”one of the lower-ranking Journeyman cried out. The Quaestor glanced over his shoulder to see Rigar with a deep slash across his shoulder. Sklib sprinted to defend the downed ally, with Vodo immediately following through intuition. One of the cloaked enemies made for a giant swing at the Protector, only to receive a quick saber spit-roasted through his ears. The remaining foes retreated back into the shroud of trees, knowing they had little chance of defeating the party with their crippled numbers.

“He looks pretty bad,” Vodo whispered to Sklib.

Hel-Pa grunted, “Well, we'll have to see what we can do.”

“Ah, I know exactly what you're thinking,” Vodo smiled in return.

Both the Knights placed their hands on Rigar's shoulder, using the Force to accelerate the healing process within Rigar's body. As the surge of energy flowed from the Knights to the Protector, the wound began to close and the pain disappear. The Protector rose from the ground, rubbing his shoulder, “Well, let's continue!” he exclaimed.

“Hmph, right,” Sklib hissed back. “Xerxes, continue on.”

“Alright, we should be heading... this way,” he pointed.

“Let's go team, we mustn't be late for our hosts.”

Rigar Ulrand

28-04-2007 18:42:56

The team exited the clearing to find themselves navigating through the forest once again.

Forty-five minutes later Xerxes broke the silence by announcing "We are almost to the sewers, should be only another five minutes."

"Good to hear." Hel-pa replied.

No sooner than the the good news was delivered the forests silence was interupted once again by the sound of a distant rustling in the bushes.

"Not again." Whined Rigar.

"I wouldnt be so sure about that, i believe that this might be a rather welcomed meeting." The Quaestor calmly responded.

"How so?"

Before the Quaestor was able to respond to the Protectors question, the rustling got closer and suddenly stopped as the team turned there attention in front of them as the Jedi Hunter Daar Kareth popped out of the dense forest.


29-04-2007 13:15:49

Thanks for sending them my way, Daar said to Hel-Pa as he shook the outstretched hand of the Knight. With a chuckle Daar held up two lightsabers he had claimed from the cloaked figures in the forest.

The eyes of the Jedi Hunter narrowed as he inspected the team before him. Xerxes Daar spoke in a crisp tone. The Guardian stepped towards him and nodded. Good to meet you said Daar as he shook the hand of Xerxes.

Alright let's move Hel-Pa ordered. The team began to move out with Daar at the back, Energy blade held at the ready. Rigar Ulrand fell out of formation and walked next to Daar. Yes? Daar asked the man beside him. I was wondering what took you so long to get here? Rigar answered. Training replied Daar. The conversation was left at that.

This is it Xerxes said to the team as he stood beside the entrance to the sewers. We're here Hel-pa hissed. Gathering around the sewer entrance the the team waited for the barrier to be removed.


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Rigar Ulrand

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