Waste of Time


07-12-2006 22:24:39

The way you play:

You look at the person who posts above you and you will post your guess at their life goals. You may only take one guess, and it must be on the person above you. You may make another guess on someone if they happen to appear above you again.

This is a standard forum game, I'm sure a couple of you have played something similar to this. So, let the game begin!

NOTE: This is not a DB or Tal sponsored competition, so don't expect any shinies. Your reward is that warm tingly feeling you get from wetting yourself with laughter...

Tarax Kor

08-12-2006 01:29:28

I'd have to warn you, though...whatever the intentions of the game may be, this topic/game is considered borderline spam.

Just a head's up. Be careful how you proceed.


08-12-2006 09:25:25

will do...

Tarax's goals in life are to become a championship semi qualifier in the revered sport of Broom Ball (See Hockey without a stick or a puck). With this noble achievement, he plans to go on a nationwide mall tour promoting his $5 under produced solo album.

That work?

Hel-Pa Sklib

10-12-2006 14:43:43

Is it serious? Or just for [Expletive Deleted]s and giggles?

Andan Taldrya Marshall

10-12-2006 15:14:07

It's just for fun =P


10-12-2006 22:21:13

well, I would call it serious, but I don't actually believe Tarax will pull second in a Pro Broom Ball league...

Taku on the otherhand...


14-04-2007 00:16:21

It's just for fun =P

Crix's life goal is to be taller than me!


01-05-2007 23:41:41


I believe shadow hawk's life goal is to remain taller than Crix!

(yes, nothing more)