Survival on Volcanus


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(FK's Supplies: LS, Bryar Pistol)

The ship came out of orbit quickly as they entered Taldryan space, overall the training on Antei had been successful. Fire-Knight glanced around as he got his bearings. Directly ahead of them was Volcanus, and once they swung around it, it would be a bee-line back to Altur.

Flipping the switch on the Intercom Fire-Knight made a spoke a quick message to the crew. " Good evening Journeymen and Trainers, we will be arriving on Altur in thirty minutes, please get together all your things and prepare for descent. That is all."

Turning the intercom back off, Fire-Knight focused his attention back on flying the ship. A light suddenly turned on as they approached Volcanus.

'Gravitational Anamoly!?' Fire-Knight thought as he realised what the button was 'Their isn't a Black hole around here!!'

The ship began to veer towards Volcanus, but at no point did they enter an event horizon, instead they continued to veer until the ship was actually entering the Atmosphere. "Everybody hold on, I don't know whats happening, but were about to land on Volcanus." The moment he had finished the message, they were finally entering the atmosphere. Fire-Knight knew the lay of the land fairly well, and began trying to aim the ship towards the old Archanis HQ. A flash erupted from the surface and Fire-Knight watched as the electronics around him blinked out of life. 'Dammit, who the hell has an EMP down their!' Fire-Knight thought as he began to brace the ship for impact.

Screaming out of the cockpit, Fire-Knight made sure everyone could hear. "Focus the force everyone, we need to slow our ascent or were all going to end up as pancakes, WORK TOGETHER!"

It took several moments, but their combined efforts began to slow down the ship significantly. The final impact was minimal, none the less, it sent everyone flying. Feeling his head make contact with something hard, Fire-Knight went out like a light.

It was sometime later the Templar finally awoke as if out of a haze, and made his way throught the ship and began to awake those still alive, all but one, the co-pilot, a non-force using member of Dinaari.

"Here is the situation everyone. We crash landed on Volcanus, and it seems an EMP knocked out our electronics. It wouldnt matter anyway, the active Volcanoes block out any communications. We need to make it to the Old Archanis HQ, and fast, this heat will dehydrate and kill us in a matter of hours. I believe we landed just south of the city of Gnok'tul, If we head Due North, we can go through the city and make our way North east to Archanis."

"Gather what supplies you have that still work and meet me outside the ship."



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Illian awoke to someone shaking him. Opening his eyes and trying to ignore the sharp pain flooding his temples, he looked up to see the Templar Fire-knight above him.

“Glad to see your ok Illian. Grab your supplies and meet me outside.” Illian struggled to push through the thickness in his mind, nodding groggily. He tried to remember what had happened, and why it was his head and body felt like they had just been in a transport crash.

“Oh. Now I remember,” he mumbled, slowly unbuckling himself and shoving the still unconscious form of another journeyman of his lap. He remembered his envoy’s frantic call for combined force use going through the ship, followed by a bone-jarring impact, then darkness. Sighing, he attempted to stand and promptly sat down again as a wave of dizziness threatened to put him under . Focusing his mind, he tried again, wavering slightly on his feet as he reached up to grab his gear from an overhead compartment. “Okay, let’s see what we have here,” he muttered as he opened his bag. Swearing he threw it on the floor. Anything remotely useful had been smashed up in the crash, including his blaster, leaving Illian with only his dark-force channeling gauntlets for protection. Sighing resignedly, he began to make his way to the exit.

Once outside, Illian was hit by a wave of heat likened only to the brief times he had been on Tantooine. Seeing that no one else had made it out yet he set about changing his outfit to one more friendly to the harsh environment. Taking off his long robe, he tore strips of the black cloth and wrapped his forehead and arms to accumulate sweat and provide a degree of cooling, before seating himself on the ground and waiting for the rest to emerge. “I knew I should have stayed home today,” he swore, looking around for the first time at the hellish place they had crashed in. “Somehow I think this is going to be a long day.”

Werdna Elbee

09-10-2006 14:39:02

"Ah, you see what you did wrong there should have turned left at Albuquerque."

Werdna pushed a handful of now disgruntled Apprentice's out of the way as he stepped out of the shuttle's doorway. Continuing he conversation with Fire-Knight, standing by the doorway to count out the young Dark Jedi as they left the ship, he remarked. "Not that I know where Albuquerque is. Some planet on the Hydran Way I think."

"Thanks for the helpful advice. Stop moaning, you're not even meant to be here. You just snuck aboard so you didn't have to pay for a ride home from your leavetime." Fire-Knight shook his head as he lost count of the people leaving the craft.

"You get what you pay for, I guess." Werdna carried on, "What an interesting climate you've discovered."

A young lad of only 17 in Novice robes sprinted towards the two Equites, "Master's! What are we to do? The others have been talking saying this planet is cursed since we annexed it and thats why we crashed!"

Werdna lamped the youth at the jaw. He fell appearing as just a crumple of cloth hitting the dirt below. The Krath Priest bellowed out load for all to hear, "I don't want to hear any more downtrodden talk about curses, bad fortune or anything else! I don't have to..."

You're not my responsibility any more. Fire-Knight will take all questions in private. Leave me alone."


09-10-2006 14:45:19

Xerxes awoke to a splitting pain in his head. Once everything was no longer blurry he looked around and noticed that the ship looked like a wookie had thrown a temper tantrum in it. There was something sticky on his forehead he readily realized it was blood and felt the abrasion to make sure it was nothing serious. Xerxes noticed Templar Fire-Knight gathering supplies.

"Where are we??" still trying to remember what happened before he dozed off on the ship. "We've crash landed on Volcanus. Hurry up and gather what supplies you have and join Illian outside." and with that the Templar was off. Xerxes got up slowly and went to the weapons locker. Inside he found his katana and robe. He quickly slung the katana over his shoulder and donned his robe. He was just exiting the ship when he saw Illian tearing up his robe. Jealous of his protective gauntlets, but confused as to why he was tearing up his robe Xerxes sat down and began to meditate.


09-10-2006 20:01:29

Illian watched as the Acolyte stumbled out of the ship and sat down to meditate. Chuckling dryly, Illian picked up a small chunk of rock lying near his feet and threw it at the younger human. Xerxes looked up in surprise to see the Guardian walking towards him.

“What was that for?” came the Acolyte’s stunned question. Illian only laughed and stood over Xerxes.

“You have just crash landed on an alien planet, one with a climate that could cook a Rancor, and the first thing you do is go and meditate. Hate to break it to you, child, but although you maybe a dark-Jedi, you’re not immune to everything just yet.” Seeing the blank look on the other’s face, Illian sighed. Grabbing the Acolyte’s arm, he pulled him upright, ripping his cloak off in the process. “First, you wear this for too long and I’ll have to eat you, you’ll be so well cooked. We are able to suppress our vulnerability to the effects of weather, but that would take focus and energy, and we have no idea how long were going be stuck out here,” he tore the cloak apart as he spoke, making the sweat bands for Xerxes as well. “Second, what in the hells is meditation going to achieve out here? You trying to divine what happened to us?” The sarcastic tone silenced any protests the young journeyman had. Stepping back to admire his handiwork, Illian smiled grimly. “Yeah that’ll do. Look kid, start using your head. I don’t care personally if you live or die, but seems to me like were all going to need each other to get off this hell-rock, and I don’t want stupidity limiting my chances of survival. Got that? Good.” The guardian returned to his vigil, scanning the horizon, searching for anything that may be useful later on when they began their journey to safety.


11-10-2006 22:47:18

Rannik grunted as he pushed acouple of the unconcious Journeymen off of him. He stood up to try and stretch, but came head-to-metal. He ducked and saty back down in the twisted thing that use to be a ship. He thought to himself, he didn't know why he had chosen to come along with Fire-Knight in the first place, all it was was a small unarmed training thing with FK. Fire-Knight and him were almost the same height, but Rannik was taller and probably stronger. He would never know until it came down to their training.

"What the hell happened," the Gen`Dai asked as he stepped out of the wreckage.

"I think we got shot down or something, all I know is the ship went dead and we went down in like this twirl or something. From what I can tell, everyones pretty shook up, but not too bad." Fire-Knight informed Rannik.

Rannik sighed as he stuck his head in the ships doorway to look for his personal belongings. He stuck his arm in and reached towards the back, he pulld his arm out revealling a large, black sword.

"What the.... What is that thing?!" One of the younger members asked.

"Its my blade, can't you tell?" Rannik said sarcasticly as he twirled it around.

He shook his head and walked off towards FK.


12-10-2006 11:56:20

The Acolyte looked at his robe in disbelief that Illian had just torn it up. He felt like glaring at the Guardian but then decided that that would not be in his best interest. Xerxes knew he should probably thank the Guardian but right now he did not feel like it. Xerxes found some shade cast by the ship and sat down in it watching as others were awakened and stumbled out in to the blazing heat. The Acolyte's interest was sparked when he saw a Guardian walk out of the ship with the biggest, blackest, sword that the young Acolyte had ever seen.


12-10-2006 21:51:18

DarkAmiz wakes up feeling something poking his head. “Errgh, why is my bed this hard?”, he groans again. Suddenly he realises,

“Oh no, I’m on Volcanus! No… Why did master did tell me to go on this trip... Did he want me to burn?”

Suddenly aware of the killing heat, DarkAmiz tears off his cloaks in an attempt to get some cool air inside his suit. The protector knew nothing of heat as his home world was very cold compared to this.

DarkAmiz stumbles out of the shuttle. Grabbing his beloved katana on the way out.

“What have I gotten myself into…”,

he groans and notices figures walking off from the site.

“Hey WAIT!,”

realising he has been left behind, DarkAmiz starts to run. Only to realise he does not have enough energy to do so.

DarkAmiz start to turn back towards the shutte when he saw Rannik. That black sword was unmistakable. The omwati steps lightly towards what seemed to be just that, someone.


13-10-2006 00:24:44

Seeing those who were awake were now gathered Fire-Knight approached the group. Dark Amiz had just stumbled out of the Ship and suddenly fell to the ground just before the Templar was ready to talk. Stooping down, Fire-Knight picked up the Omwati and threw him over his shoulder.

"Alright, I think this is all who will be gathering for the time being, any stragglers can catch up with us if they wake up. Without medical supplies there's nothing more we can do for them aside from going to get help and sending a medical team. First things first, I think we were shot down, so as we progress keep your eyes open for hostiles. Were heading north for the city, we'll make further plans once we get their. Rannik, carry this till it wakes up. Let's go."

With those final words, Fire-Knight turned quickly and began to trot North at a rapid pace.


14-10-2006 00:37:37

feeling a little bit of dizziness in his head, DarkAmiz wakes up noticing he is being carried by Rannik

"Hmm, if i let Rannik continue carrying me, i will save on my energy..." he whispers to himself


14-10-2006 06:37:40

Illian only half listened to Fire-knight speak, instead choosing to survey the group that had assembled outside the crashed ship.

“What a pitiful group this is,” he muttered under his breath. Standing slowly and stretching, he followed Fire-knight when he started off to the North. He was glancing around, surveying the surrounding landscape when he noticed Rannik carrying another Dark Jedi on his shoulder. The seemingly unconscious Jedi suddenly opened his eyes and looked around, before smiling slyly and closing his eyes again. Illian simply smiled and continued surveying the group.

They walked for a few hours before Fire-knight called a brief stop just in case any stragglers were following. Illian used the time to consult his envoy.

“What’s the plan sir? We don’t exactly have any good intel on our situation. If I were in charge, I would be very careful walking a group of Dark Jedi through an apparently hostile city.” Fire-knight looked carefully at the young guardian. “Don’t give me that look, I know what an EMP damaged ship looks like. We don’t have the man-power or supplies to enter an engagement, and we certainly can’t stay in this heat. Seems like you’ve landed us in quite the dilemma.” Illian smiled impertinently at the large Templar. Fire-knight had been warned of Syn’s attitude before, but hadn’t encountered it first hand. Suppressing the urge to hit the Guardian he stalked off.

Illian simply smiled again, flicking his long braid of black hair over his shoulder, before muttering under his breath,

“But then again if I’d been in charge we never would have crashed in this force-forsaken oven in the first place.”


14-10-2006 13:52:11

Fire-Knight stopped dead, It seemed the young Guardian forgot Fire-Knight was Nelvaanian, and gifted with an acute sense of hearing. In flash the Templar whipped around and gripped the much smaller Guardian by the throat and lifted him off the ground.

"Remember this, I could rip you throat out in a second if I believed it warrented. You will follow my command, and I will not hear another complaint from you otherwise you wont ever leave this planet alive." The Templar dropped the Guardian in a heap and turned his back. "As for the city we approach, it is friendly, a onetime ally of Archanis, and still an ally of Taldryan. But it is not the Citizens i am worried about. An EMP, and a Gravity Well of some sort have been placed on this planet and are most likely being used by a hostile force. Now get up, break is over."

Fire-Knight began to trot on Northwards as Illian gathered himself. "He's usually exceptionally patient and kind, but when he snaps, you should probably avoid him." Werdna said as he came up behind the Guardian. "Don't worry though, now that hes dealt with it, its like it never happend in his mind."

Up ahead a blaster shot suddenly rang out and the group watched as Fire-Knight vaulted up into the air and landed behind a cropping of rocks.

As the Group caught up they came around the cropping to see Fire-Knight pinning a large human to the ground with one foot and holding his saber inches from the mans neck.

"So let me get his straight, You are a member of an elite force, whos overall goal is to wipeout any from of force users in this sector." Fire-Knight said

"Yessir" The man replied almost as if in a daze.

"Where is your base?"

"Our main base is just to the North of here, but we have forces scattered around the nearby cities, and larger forces near a Volcanic base of some sort, guarding our EMP cannon and Gravity Well device."

Satisfied Fire-Knight pushed his blade forward, the man only twitched for a moment. The templar tunred around to adress his comrades.

"Well, change of objectives, we still need to get to the city for supplies, and to the Archanis HQ later... but those EMP and Well installments need to be wiped out... maybe of we can get some communicators while in the city i can contact Altur for backup... We'll try to skirt their emcampment and get into the city, but everyone keep your eyes peeled... this could get dangerous."



16-10-2006 08:46:20

At that moment, the one prominent figure that had been on the ship but had disappeared almost immediately after the crash reappeared over the horizon. "Easier said than done." came the proud, pensive voice of their Aedile Apollyon Dinaarius. "After you guys finally all woke up I took the liberty of acting as the scout for the group. Oh, and by the way, Illian we'll talk later." the Zabrak's glare fell directly on the Guardian, who suddenly knew the exact instants his Aedile was refering to.

Refocusing on the task at hand, Odium continued, "Look FK, I've surveyed the hills up a head. They'll provide cover enough to sneak by the camps there, but we'll have to do this quietly. Very quietly."

Deciding that there was enough time to lighten the mood a bit before leaving, the Knight turned towards the group of Journeymen and said sarcastically, "Hell of training mission so far, eh?"


16-10-2006 09:06:00

*DarkAmiz jumps down from Rannik's shoulder*

"Hi guys!! where are we?"

"Since i 'fainted' just now, i dont know what happened...."

Ilian smiles slyly and briefs DarkAmiz lightly, knowing full well the Omwati was awake all that time.

"So, FK, are we gonna do some stealthy approach on that village??"

Suddenly turning towards Odium, he says slyly,

"That wasnt as rough as one of the missions i heard of the other day..."

Seeing Odiums look, DarkAmiz quickly says,

"Well i hope we get to do something interseting soon, Masters..."


16-10-2006 14:15:34

Xerxes pondered the mission that had been laid before them as the wind blew coarse sand threw the group. The young Acolyte was pleased however that the brutish Guardian Illian had been silenced. Xerxes had to stiffle a chuckle when the Templar dropped him on the ground like a doll. Xerxes felt a lot safer with the Fire-Knight and Odium there to keep Illian in line.

Xerxes shrugged at the Templar's rhetorical question about the training mission. "I wouldn't know if it was a good training mission or not since it's the first one I've been on." the Acolyte concluded logically.

"So if we want to get to the city undetected we should probably find some shade and wait til nightfall right?" Xerxes queried.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

16-10-2006 14:36:18

Although Archanis had been officially closed for nearly three years now, Crix had kept a small section of the house's old HQ functional. It was used by Taldryan as a meeting place when more discression and privacy were needed. In addition, it was also a sort of retreat for the summit, a place for them to get away for a little while and meditate, train or do work without being bothered. Crix made frequent use of the base, between trips to make sure everything was going as it was supposed to and trips to simply use the base.

The Chiss was on his way to the base, just in to Volcanus' atmosphere, when he felt a sharp ping in the Force. He knew this feeling well and banked his heavily modified Assaunt Transport to port as a blue bolt sizzled through the space his craft had just occupied. Ion blast. Why is the ion cannon firing at me? Crix wondered as he rolled to starbord, avoiding another shot. He tapped a few buttons on his targeting computer, setting it up to track where the shots were coming from.

Just then, he felt another ping from the Force but this was different from the last one. He reached out and felt around the area. Unexpectantly, he found FK and a few lower ranked Taldryanites flying in a shuttle near his position. Suddenly he felt something go wrong and his sensors reported that the shuttle that he's sensed FK and the others in had taken a direct hit and crashed. The targeting comp beeped and reported that the shots were coming from the Archanis base. Crix's jaw almost hit the floor. Nobody should be in the base now he though, dodging another shot.

Crix quickly changed course, setting his ship down on a dacking pad reserved for the Taldrya in the city. Reaching out with the Force he told FK where he was and that he had some extra supplies if his group needed them.


17-10-2006 23:15:23

Before Amiz jumped down from his shoulders, Rannik noticed a change in his breathing. He knew he was awake at the time, so he just left the glob of meat on his shoulder 'til he wanted to get down, after that, Rannik had something up his sleeve for him. After Amiz jumped down, Rannik smiled and looked at him, "Well, so now you're "awake?"

"Yeeeea.... I was out cold for awhile there. I dont know how I got on your shoulder, but thanks for the lift." Amiz replied with a nervous grin.

Rannik shook his head and slowed down, he heard something in the distance. Whatever he heard, it was big and sounded pretty mean. He pondered how he would react to Amiz using him as his personal carrier. Rannik fell behind the group of Dark Jedi. He wanted to get away from the noise, his ears was hurting him from the altitude change. Rannik got this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, somthing was going to happen, he just didn't know what.

"Hey, guys," Rannik exclaimed from behind the group, "Did anyone hear that noise a minute ago?"

Rannik stared at them all only to hear Dark Amiz laugh and say, "Nope."

The giant Gen`Dai placed his hand on his blade, he knew something was going to happen...



A loud sound echoed through the air, Rannik turned suddenly to see FK jump behind a large rock or two. Only to see him jump again and hear a soft thump in the air a moment later. He started in a slow walk then broke out into a run. As he approached the rock he seen FK hunched over a large being, maybe six to seven feet tall. Rannik drew his blade, the blade screeched with a deafning scream. Rannik walked up beside the rock and placed his blade back in its holder. He proped his arm on the rock and leaned on it, only to move it about five inches and leaving a good sized crack in it.

FK was hunched over the man with his saber out and was talking to him, after a breif moment, FK shoved his saber's blade in the mans chest. The being was laying there, only to twitch once or twice.


18-10-2006 01:15:38

Illian was in a foul mood. FK's reaction had been expected, but to then have his friend and old envoy Odium (and one of the very few Illian actually listened to) appear on the scene and berate him had made this disastrous training mission all the more unbearable.

Re-composing himself and brushing off the dust, he noticed a suppressed smile on Xerxes' face. Letting it slide for the moment he turned back to Odium.

"I'm sure I'm due several lectures at present but I can’t think for the life of me which one you're referring to Apollyon. Please," he said almost sarcastically, "don't keep me in suspense." The Zabrak simply fixed him with a baleful stare and continued about his business. Shrugging, Illian began to march again, following the group until FK's encounter with the enemy soldier. After the 'interrogation' Illian decided it was time to pay a small visit to a certain young acolyte.

Moving quietly up behind Xerxes he suddenly clapped a hand on the youngster's shoulder and gave him a wide grin, getting satisfaction from the startled expression on

"I notice you like a laugh now and again," he said to the human, noticing for the first time the similarities between them. Both had long black hair, though Illian’s shone with a slightly blue tint, and both had green eyes. It was like seeing himself as he had been years before the brotherhood, back at the Academy. From the look in the Journeyman’s eyes, Illian knew his own cat-green eyes were glowing and he quickly suppressed the emotional surge. “Well I’ll tell you a funny story one day, it’s about a young Acolyte who disrespected a Guardian, and trust me the end is an absolute killer.” Illian’s smile turned into a sneer and he grabbed Xerxes’ tunic by the sleeve, stopping them both dead. “My actions earlier were designed to be of assistance and if I was curt with you it’s because this isn’t the Shadow Academy and we might be in danger. If you *ever* laugh at me again I will personally make sure you suffer an immensely painful death even if Jac himself is standing five feet away. Clear?” Xerxes nodded slowly and Illian let him go.

Walking off by himself, he knew he was only taking his own frustrations out on the younger member. Turning his attention back to the mission at hand, he scanned the horizon for any signs of their destination.


18-10-2006 14:28:57

Xerxes barely kept himself from jumping as Illian's hand clasped his shoulder. He knew by the look on the Guardian's face that this was not going to be a friendly chat. Then to Xerxes's astonishment Illian's eyes started to glow, but then abruptly stopped. The Guardian then continued to tell a story about a young Acolyte, before warning Xerxes that laughing at him was not good for his health.

Xerxes's light mood was somewhat diminished by Illians rebuttal. However he took to heart that his statement that he was just trying to help. The Acolyte decided to watch the Guardian more closely to gain knowledge from the Guardian's experience. Xerxes quickened his pace to catch up to Illian until he was instride with the Guardian.

"Why do your eyes glow?" the Acolyte asked curiously, "If you don't mind me asking."

AlMeda Zarco

18-10-2006 19:07:14

Baron and Al'Meda Zarco had been walking at a brisk pace supported by the Force until they saw the party proceeding before them. The two Horsemen looked at one another and then broke into a full run to catch the party. As they drew closer they both sensed anger between at least two of the party.

Their stride lessened into a walk as they came upon the party. As those present eyed them questioningly, Al'Meda Zarco spoke. "Reports of our demise were largely exagerrated."

All present eyed the pair. Both wore black except the female had the occasional purple and lavender in her attire while the male had similar markings but with grey. Both had holstered DX-2 disruptors and E-11 carbines. Al'Meda held a five foot durasteel pole in one hand, slavaged from the ship, now wreckage that had brought them here.

Truth be told, they were better equipped than they appeared. Both had B-22 blaster concealed in ankle holsters. Both had fragmentation grenades and thermal detonators. Both had backpacks with rations, water, rope, cord, datapads, personal communicators, glow sticks, pitons, small hammer, small mirror, butane lighters, tinder, and blanket.


18-10-2006 21:11:12

“Why do your eyes glow, if you don’t mind me asking?” The voice came from Illian’s left and he looked to see Xerxes walking pace with him. Momentarily surprised, Illian only stared at the Acolyte, trying to work out if this kid had a death wish or was just plain stupid. Recovering himself, he bit back a vicious retort and continued walking with his eyes set forward.

After a while, as Xerxes continued to follow the older human, unperturbed by his harsh manner, Illian sighed, rolled his eyes and turned to the Acolyte.

“Emotions.” He muttered. Xerxes started a little and gave him a questioning look. “My eyes,” Illian said in way of explanation, “they glow when I feel emotions. The more power I draw from anger or sadness or love, the more my eyes glow. No one knows why, but they just do. These gloves here are the only things that keep those emotions from completely overwhelming me and sending me insane. Now can you please…” about to tell the younger human to leave him to his thoughts, he suddenly noticed the arrival of Baron and Al’Meda Zarco. “What in the name of the dark lords are they doing here?” he exclaimed.

“Who are they?” Xerxes asked following Illian’s gaze curiously. He saw the two Ektrosians bearing down on the group, laden with supplies. “They are friends right? Right Illian?” He got no response, as Illian was too busy watching the new arrivals. He had had dealings with one of the Zarcos before, not all of which were on friendly terms, and his old friend Sorrow had been involved quite heavily with them recently.

“Yeah, they are Taldryan. But what they are doing all the way out here… Sorrow never said anything about Horsemen activity on Volcanus. This will definitely be interesting.” As he finished his eyes met those of Al’Meda and he smiled roguishly, offering a mock bow, before deliberately turning his back and walking off towards their destination.

Baron Zarco

19-10-2006 10:00:23

"Al'Meda, the words of your predecessor still ring happily in my ears."

"Yeah, what's that?" Al'Meda Zarco asked, her good mood matching Baron Zarco's.

"The quickest way to a man's heart is through his back."

The Zarcos followed behind the abrupt Guardian from Dinaari with the glowing eyes.

Odium cast a glance back to see that the Zarcos were seeing that the rear of the column was guarded.


19-10-2006 20:43:47

Illian heard Baron Zarco’s pointed remark and smiled. Although he had undergone extensive training back on Altur to better control his anger, arrival on this scorching world and too long away from his lover had shortened his fuse considerably. He knew he was no match for Baron in a fight, but he could feel the dark energy surrounding him pushing harder and harder on the protective barrier of his gauntlets, waiting for his anger to release it.

Clapping Xerxes on the back again, he winked at the Acolyte.

“Ill be right back. Keep your eyes on the terrain and watch for anything, well, not volcanic.” And with that he fell back, landing in between the engaged Ektrosians and slinging an arm around both. “Baron, it’s been so long. I hear all sorts of adventures were had with that scientist,” he paused looking at Al’Meda again, “and this must be your lovely wife-to-be.” Illian held out a black steel-clad hand, which the Guardian took hesitantly. “I’m Illian Syn, perhaps you’ve heard of me? I’m the one that goes insane when people irritate me. You know, become a ravening lunatic using force power way beyond my own skill at the cost of my very sanity, its all very technical.”

“That is enough Guardian Syn,” the Baron’s cold voice cut through Illian’s tirade as he threw off the offending arm. “Go and re-join the ranks before I am forced to teach you another lesson. You got off lightly at the Lounge with a simple wrist-slap. Out here I may not be so merciful.” Illian just laughed, allowing a little dark energy to trickle in through his gauntlets, making his eyes light up even more.

“Please, Baron, as unfortunate as it may be for you and your… wife… here, this is neither the time or place for open combat. Of course if you still wish to tear my heart out of my back when we return,” here he stopped and fixed Al’Meda with a fiery stare, “I would be more than willing to show you how I get to a woman’s heart in the halls of Antei.” With that he strode off to re-join Xerxes several paces ahead. That’s enough, he told himself, and it was time to focus on the mission. He sighed as his eyes slowly returned to their normal neon-green; letting go of the power was always the hardest part.

By now it seemed they had managed to bypass any hostiles and had made it to the city. Fire-Knight gave orders to pair off, before assembling everyone to give on last quick briefing until they rendezvoused again after fetching supplies.


19-10-2006 22:31:32

"Crix, we just go into the city, meet me at the cantina on the main street. We need to talk about the old Archanis base" Fire-Knight sent the message with minimal effot and called the Journeymen and Trainers together.

"Alright everyone, seems we managed to skirt the enemy encampment, but that does not mean they dont have a presence in the city. I want everyone to pair off and go through the city to gather supplies, at the same time keep yours eyes out for enemy troops scouting the city, they may not be obvious but i found this on the last one." Tossing a piece of torn flesh on the ground the Templar pointed out a Tattoo. "If you see that, kill the person wearing it, or get information from them, most of the areas Militia will not attack a Dark Jedi due to their past alliance with Archanis, and current one with Taldryan. Werdna and Odium, im confident you guys can handle yourselves Solo. As for the rest of you, Zarco's stick together, Rannik and Dark Amiz you as well, Illian you stick with Xerxes, you two seem to be getting along well. Everyone meet me in 6 hours at the Cantina along the main drag in the Northern part of the city. If anyone prefers to come with me, you may but while im in the Cantina you will be left outside... it would be much more productive to go in pairs. Good luck and see you soon."

With that the Templar took off at maximum speed towards the City without looking to see who followed. "Crix, I'm on my way"


Andan Taldrya Marshall

19-10-2006 22:48:43

Crix, I'm on my way.

By the time Crix recieved that message from FK he'd already changed from his flight suit into a crimson colored suit of armor that closely resembled stormtrooper armor. The major distinction was, besides the overall color, the fact that on the center of the breast plate there was a large Taldryan crest, on his left shoulder the Ektrosis crest and on his right the Archanis crest outlined it black to make it stand out from the rest of the armor. Crix expected the Archanis crest to do quite a bit of good for him. Even though Archanis had been officially disolved for almost three years now the crest was still known and it still granted the wearer some extra benefits. That coupled with the fact that Crix had been the last Quaestor of Archanis and he'd been well liked meant that the city was virtually open to whatever he wanted from it.

Crix threw some extra supplies in a duffle bag: rope, a little food, a med kit and some extra blaster power packs for the people using blasters. Grabbing the bag he clipped his lightsaber to his belt and walked out of the ship and headed for the cantina.

He took a look around as he walked into the door and made his way to a booth in the back where he'd spotted FK. "Not trying to keep a low profile, are you?" FK asked, smiling at Crix.

"I've found that these crests provide the key to many locked doors. Besides, if someone would be stupid enough to go after Taldryans on the planet I'd be a holy grail for them. I'm just the former governer of the planet, former QUA of the house that ruled the planet, a current Taldryan summit member, and a Taldrya." Crix said, taking a seat at the booth.

"Ah, so you're trying to draw them out, are you?"

"I guess you could say that. Anyway, you wanted to talk about the base?" Crix asked, shifting the topic to a more serious tone.

AlMeda Zarco

19-10-2006 23:01:20

The Zarcos responded positively to Fire Knight's direction to operate in a pair. That was their usual mode of operation in any event. Before the party split Al'Meda Zarco spoke to Illian once more.

"Guardian, I would have a word with you."

"Yes?" Illian was pleased to hear Al'Meda's request to speak with him.

"Thanks for the display of complete ignorance back there. I do not want to humiliate you in front of your peers, and superiors, any more than necessary but listen carefully. I normally feel pity for little boys like you."

Illian's eyes began glowing again. His anger was bubbling beneath a thin layer of fear.

"Yes, that's right, little boys, even those with anger problems." Al'Meda continued. "As for your remark about finding my heart, you will find that, with the sole and remarkable exception of Baron Zarco I am quite heartless. You would not even know where to begin to look. Make no mistake about it," Al'Meda pulled her DX-2 from its holster and touched it to Illian's chest,"you are less than nothing to me and if it were not for my respect for Fire Knight's authority, I would disintegrate your filthy, undisciplined, immature a** right here."

Al'Meda holstered her weapon. "May the Force be with you. You have nothing else going for you."

Al'Meda returned to Baron Zarco, who had heard none of her remarks and the two went their way as instructed by Fire Knight.


19-10-2006 23:29:47

As Al’Meda walked away Illian allowed himself a little smile. So, she did have buttons, and he seemed to have pressed them. Oh she had made him angry alright, but by the way she addressed him she must have mistaken a little of that for fear.

“It takes more than a condescending tone and a blaster aimed at my chest to scare me, Zarco,” he whispered still watching her receding form, “and as for disintegrating me, well we shall have to see upon our return.” He turned to see Xerxes staring at him.

“I thought you would get angrier?” the Acolyte asked curiously. Illian smiled thinly.

“Angry? Yes, I’m angry, and she will get what’s coming to her, with or without her knight to hide behind. But for the moment we have a job to do.” With that he strode off into the city.


19-10-2006 23:33:40

Rannik looked around the small group for Amiz. He was hoping that Amiz wasn't off some where getting himself in trouble; out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a short Omwati leaning on a peice of rubble or rock to his right. The giant being quickly snapped his head towards the direction Amiz was in. As the colossus sighed, he slowly started to walk towards the Protector.

"Okay, get your gear and lets go," the titanic Gen`Dai exclaimed across the short distance between Amiz and himself, "We have a pretty good size walk ahead of us, so we need to get going!"

Rannik shook his head as he noticed that the young Protector's head was bowed and his eyes were closed, he heard faint snoring as he came closer to him. thwack! Rannik swung his hand around and knocked Amiz over the head, he knew that his strength was more superior to his and that he wouldn't be able to withstand Rannik's "full" punch. So he "tapped" him on the head to wake him up.

"Wha... Wha, what happened?!" Amiz asked as he jumped up and grabbed his katana.

"Nothing, yet, other than me and you got paired up to go for a little exploration experiance through the city. I hope you are ready, we have to meet FK in six hours."

Rannik placed his hand on his blade and started to walk off.


20-10-2006 20:31:18

Just as he rounded the corner that brought him out of site of the rest of the group, save Xerxes, Illian was stopped and slightly startled by the too familiar arm and greeting of Apollyon. "Dude, you gotta learn when to pick your battles. She's a sister, don't worry about her. Though I must say, well done, not attempting to slay them both back there. Way to save your anger for another purpose." And with that and a little distraction to make it easier, the Zabrak disappeared into the crowd.


22-10-2006 15:28:36

"It seems an enemy force has occupied the old archanis base. Including what armaments the base already had, I believe they've installed an EMP cannon, and some kind of Gravity sink capable of pulling a small ship out of orbit. I have no idea how these guys got by the Taldryan Fleet, but they have, and now we have to deal with it." Fire-Knight said in a lowered voice to Crix. "I figure we have two options, one, we can infiltrate the base. Or two, one of us can take a ship out to orbit in order to send a message to the Fleet and bombard the base. Now im thinking you're not a big fan of the Bombardment, so do you think you could draw me some maps to get into the base?"

(OOC: Everyone else, this RO is meant for you all to progress it, feel free to do exploring in the city, get into fights, carry on conversations with the locals, maybed even head back to the Enemy base to scout or even attack it. Remember dont God mode, but have fun :D.)

Andan Taldrya Marshall

22-10-2006 16:35:21

"Bombardment is out of the question, for more then a few reasons." Crix said, taking a look around the cantina. "First of all, all the important stuff is a few hundred meters inside the volcano, short of running the Katarn or Dark Prophet down the lava tube you won't be able to get to the vitals. Putting that base inside a volcano was the best and worse thing I ever did." He said, laughing. "Then there's also the fact that we still use that base quite a bit and destroying it would set us back with some important plans."

FK nodded, he'd heard of some plans involving the Archanis base and this planet but nothing had been finalized yet.

Crix pulled out his datapad and brought up a layout of the Archanis base. "There are two main ways into the base. The first, and most obvious, is through the lava tube." He said, pointing to the large hole in the top of the volcano. "There are two problems with that entry though. The first is that there's a blast door that can cover the tube and will take much more time then we have to get through. Secondly, when you're trying to sneak in to someone's house you usually don't use the front door." He paused a moment to let FK take the information in.

"The second entrance is a hanger bay on the south side of the volcano. It's nothing fancy, just a place for Archanis' ground based fighters to launch from and to recieve incoming small craft. The problem with this is that they'll be expecting us to use that hanger. It'll be heavily guarded, they'll know we're coming, it won't be pretty."

FK nodded again, he'd been down that road enough to know that they needed another way in.

Crix smiled and brought up another file; this one much more detailed then the other. "This," Crix said, "Is the complete layout of the base. Duga and I are the only ones with a copy of this file. You'll notice that besides mapping out all of the air ducts, electrical lines and water pipes this layout includes one more external door then the other." Crix paused while FK smiled, liking where this was going.

Zooming in on the third entrance, Crix explained "This is a private hanger that was built for myself and my Aedile, incase we needed to make a quick exit from the base. It's a very small hanger, it'll fit my Assault Transport and that's about it. The very nice thing about it, besides the fact that you're now one of four people who know about it, is that there's a turbolift that goes from that hanger straight into my old office. I'm sure that they haven't found the hanger or the door to the turbolift yet, you need to use the Force to unlock the turbolift door and the hanger is so well hidden I almost missed it a few times."

Crix shut the datapad off, getting into the base wouldn't be an issue. It was figuring out who was already there and what they were doing that would be the problem. "We need to get more info before we check out the base, we'd be best splitting up we'll be able to cover more ground that way. Wanna meet back here in 4 hours to compare notes?" Crix asked.

"Sounds good," FK said, standing up.

"One more thing," Crix said, pulling a card out of a pouch and handing it to FK. "If you get into any trouble with the law here just show them that card, it's a sort of get out of jail free card. My name still carries a bit of weight around here."

FK nodded and walked out of the cantina. Crix, on the other hand, ordered a drink and started chatting up the barkeep.


22-10-2006 20:34:42

Meanwhile across the other side of the city, Illian and Xerxes were standing outside a dingy drinking establishment.

“Perhaps this is a member of the hostile forces,” the young Acolyte joked, looking at the entrance. Illian rolled his eyes.

“That’s a bar, Xerxes.”

“Perhaps, but we wont know till we ask it,” Xerxes grinned.

“Okay, okay. But don’t go and get yourself drunk. Last thing I need is an inebriated Acolyte on my hands.” They entered the bar discreetly, choosing a table to the far side away from the little light that filtered in. Illian glanced around, eyeing off the patrons. No one seemed terribly interested in a couple of dusty travellers however, and Illian soon deemed the place to be safe for the time being. “Go get me a Nar’ Shaada Special, and something for yourself,” he said throwing a credit chit to Xerxes. Once the other human had left he began to ponder their next actions. He had half a mind to track down the Zarcos and deal with the insolent Al’Meda. Imagine, thinking herself above him despite the fact they were of equal rank. He simmered for a while, till Xerxes returned with the drinks.

“So what’s next?” he asked Illian as he placed the beverage before him.

“Not sure. I guess we keep our ears open and our heads down till we can find out something useful about whoever attacked us. Then we find them and kill them.”

“Sounds simple enough,” The acolyte said as he sipped his drink. Illian glanced at him for a moment before returning to his vigil of the room, taking steady drinks of the powerful cocktail he had ordered.

“So what’s your story kid? What big screw-up brought you to the brotherhood?”


23-10-2006 04:52:35

DarkAmiz picks up his gear. Then DarkAmiz empties one his pockets and noticed some chewing gum. As he started chewing he asked the giant Rannik,

"Where are we going now eh? You better have a good plan. And it better be fun hanging around with you. Or else...."

Letting it hang at that, DarkAmiz decides that if they were gonna get anything done, theyd better start now. Giving signals to Rannik, they started walking. Suddenly, they heard a faint crash.

"Wha, whats that?" Alerted, DarkAmiz suddenly runs toward the sound of the crash. Rannik sighed and followed closely behind. DarkAmiz suddenly stopped to scan the horizon, sensing something wrong. Unsheathing his katana, he told Rannik to do the same with his weapon, only to be replied with a snort.DarkAmiz shrugged and moved a few meters forward.

"BLAAAAAAAM!!!" Something smashed into the ground in front of DarkAmiz. DarkAmiz quickly jumps away from the 'thing' and looks at it suspiciously. Since it was still flashing DarkAmiz wasnt sure what it was. What is this? Maybe it is a new weapon? DarkAmiz steps forward curiously only to be met with a screeching noise. Covering his ears DarkAmiz moves on forward. Suddenly he saw a small man, almost his size. DarkAmiz looks around to ask Rannik something only to find him not there.

"Where is he when i want him? Hmm.... Who are u human? What are you doing here? And how come u crashed?" He asked with what he hoped was an evil tone.

"Wh, who, who are you?" The human frightened, started to stammer.

"Just answer my questions and i wont harm you", said DarkAmiz.

"A, a, a ene, enemy, enemy blast me, for, for fun, with, wi, with a strange device. From on top, on top that" The human points toward a peak of volcanus. Confused, DarkAmiz kicks the human and threw him up over himself. He may be small, but he carried the human easily. Using the force to make the human faint, DarkAmiz smiles suddenly.

"Now, to find that useless Rannik"


23-10-2006 14:43:02

Xerxes took a swig of the corellian ale in his hand. Then looked the Guardian in the eyes.

"I died. I had a family. We lived on Carida, my sister decided to marry a bounty hunter. One night he came to our house drunk. I was downstairs in our cellar. He threw a thermal detonator and left. When it exploded I was trapped in the cellar." Xerxes paused for a moment barely holding back the rage burning inside, "There was no oxygen so I was sufficated to death. Years later some Krath found my body and decided to use it as a test subject for a force power they discovered designed to raise the dead. They succeeded in bringing me back to life, however the side affect of it was that their life energies were taken from them and given to me."

Xerxes downed the rest of his drink. "I did some work as a bounty hunter for a couple of years and then eventually learned of my force potential and joined the Dark Brotherhood."

Illian opened his mouth to say something then suddenly stopped and then turned his head towards a dark corner of the room. Illian smiled as he slowly turned his attention back towards the Acolyte.

"Watch this." the Guardian said with a smile. He walked over to a figure in a hooded cloak sitting at the table in the corner and sat down. Xerxes watched the two exchange a few words, all of a sudden Illian grabbed the hooded figure and slammed him on the ground. Xerxes ran over to find a Rodian at Illian's feet.

"You picked the wrong person to mess with!" Illian said eyes glowing brightly, "But before I do away with you you're gonna give us some information."

"Wait! Can I try first?" the Acolyte pleaded.


23-10-2006 21:15:07

Rannik laughed as he stood next to a small wall that use to be a building. The Gen`Dai clapped his hands as he stared at the Omwati. He started to walk up behind Amiz and says, "Well, I see you caught yourself a nice carry-a-long. What are you gonna do with that meat bag on your shoulder?"

"There you are! Where the crap have you been, I may of needed you back there!" DarkAmiz exclaimed at the titan.

"Don't worry, I was there, I was just next to that wall over there," pointing at a wall of bricks and steel, "So, answer my question this time, what are you going to do with that meat bag?"

Rannik sighed again waiting for an answer.

"I was hoping we could interrogate him for some answers on whats on top of that peak and what may of shot us down."

"We shouldn't be lugging around that, that creature. We, you don't know if he has a tracking device on him or something else we don't know about." Rannik said with a suspicious eye.

"Look, I am going to carry this, this "meat bag" if I want to. Now, lets keep moving."

"It's going to slow us down..."

"What did I just say?" Amiz calmly asked.

Rannik shook his head and walked next to him, he kept his hand on his blade just in case something does happen.


25-10-2006 06:32:35

Illian held the Rodian on the ground before him, rage surging through his system. This particular alien was lucky; had it not been for Illian's experience with another of it's species not long ago, his phobia would surely have gotten the better of him and he would have reduced his victim into processed meat. As it was he found it hard not to rip it's face off, as he probed the spy's mind for information.

"What's going on Illian? What'd he do?" Xerxes stood to the side with a bemused expression on his face.

"Heard him speaking into a hidden communicator, and it sounded like he'd been paying a little too much attention to us. Who are you working for scum?" He growled at the cowering Rodian. Its giant eyes stared at him pleadingly.

"No one! I was just trying to enjoy my drink when you came over and ARRRGGGHHH!" Illian threw the arm he had just ripped off to his companion and turned back to the bleeding alien.

"Try again Ve'lac," he swore, leaning close to his prisoner. "I want to know who hired you, where they are and..." he stopped short as his eye caught a glimpse of a black marking on the Rodian's neck. A tattoo that looked identical to the one Fire-Knight had shown them earlier. His eyes went wide for a moment before he tried leaping away from the alien, hand going for his blaster. "Son of a bi..." He was too late, as a laser bolt from the concealed blaster hidden in the Rodian's remaining sleeve caught him straight in the side.

"You and the rest of the Dark Jedi are history Human, starting with you!" The rodian took aim at Illian's head, then stumbled forward, reeling from the bar-stool Xerxes had just hit it with before it's head exploded in a shower of gore. Illian holstered his smoking blaster and leverd himself up, clutching at the cauterized wound in his side.

"Vith'dan ches mao'kai dan fith! That really hurt..." he winced as another bolt of pain laced through his torso. Shrugging off Xerxes' offer of assistance he reached out with his mind, looking for something very particular. There it was, a clouded mind moving fast away from the bar. "Xerxes, outside heading North! GO!" the young Acolyte took off at a run with Illian limping behind, but not before checking the remains and finding a simple note.

"The Dark ones are here. Target any of the following:" This was followed by a list of all those on the crashed transport and a description of each.

After a block or so, Illian lost sight of Xerxes and sat down by a street corner. He sent his location to the Acolyte mentally, and waited for him to return.


25-10-2006 11:54:11

The interrogation was going well Xerxes thought until Illian threw him the Rodian's arm. He dropped the bleeding appendage on the ground in disgust. He heard a blaster shot and saw the Rodian aiming for Illian's head. The Acolyte did the first thing he could think. Xerxes grabbed a bar stool and slammed it into the back of the Rodians head.

"Xerxes, outside heading North! Go!" Illian yelled.

Xerxes took off running he could slightly feel the presence of the one Illian sent him after. The young Acolyte ran as fast as he could but the clouded mind seemed to move farther and farther away until Xerxes could no longer sense it's presence.

Xerxes, I'm back by the bar.

Xerxes was furious that he had lost a potetially influential person in having them shot down. He removed his katana from his sheath. The young Acolyte threw his katana at a nearby shed using all the rage and frustration of the mission to power his throw. After waiting a couple of minutes he walked over to the shed and pulled his katana out and sheathed it. He turned slowly back towards the bar and jogged off to Illian's location.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

26-10-2006 20:19:09

"Well I'll be damned!" Crix spun around as he heard a familiar voice. "If it ain't Mr. Big Shot himself!" Crix grinned at the more then slight note of contempt in the voice.

"It's nice to see you too, Jax." Crix shot back, his scarcasm matching the other man's contempt.

"It seems like the past doesn't die very easily with you." Jax said, nodding to the crests on Crix's armor. "You never let people forget what you used to be."

"Used to be?" Crix asked, laughing. "I may not be a Quaestor at the moment, but I'm an Aedile and a Taldrya."

Jax smiled, "Ya know, it wasn't very nice what you did to me three years ago. I never quite forgave you for it."

"Good, hate makes you stronger. Besides, you know that you enjoyed your little stay in Archanis' jail."

"You pathetic little..." Jax spat back at him.

"Careful what you say, this planet may not be under Archanis control anymore but Taldryan still controls the system. I'm a summit member and a Taldrya, insulting me would be grounds for execution." Crix smirked.

"Do you think I give a [Expletive Deleted] about you and your damn summit? Hell no! You all can rot in" He didn't finish the sentence as a blade of purple light appeared through Jax's back.

Crix smiled "Do you have any idea how much I wanted to do that three years ago?" The grin widened as Crix pulled his lightsaber up, slicing the man in two from the head down to the stomach. Crix returned his saber to his belt as the body hit the floor.


26-10-2006 21:10:30

Illian was looking decidedly bad when Xerxes arrived at his location. The wound in his side was causing him a great deal of discomfort, and he found standing up a chore. Xerxes looked at him uncertainly.

"Illian? You need help or something? You don't look so good," the Acolyte trailed off as Illian fixed him with a weary glare.

"I'm fine Xerxes. Where's you're prisoner?" Xerxes frowned and stared at the floor.

"He, um, he got away. He was fast Illian, really fast. I dont think he was normal." Illian grunted and tried to stand, wincing as another bolty of pain laced through his torso. Xerxes moved to help, bu the older Guardian swatted him away.

"I told you I'm fine. Look, make yourself useful and go and find Fire-Knight. Tell him what happened, leaving NOTHING out, clear?" the Acolyte nodded. "I'm gonna stay here for a spell, see if i cant repair a bit of this damage. If you see any others let them know where you lost our man, maybe they'll have more luck. Go quickly." Xerxes nodded again and took off towards the cantina where Crix and Fire-Knight were meeting, eyes peeled for any other members of the team.

Illian watched him go till he was out of site before slumping back to the ground holding his side.

"Goddam terrorists," he muttered as he slowly dipped into the force, looking for the energy that would help him partially heal his wounds. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the seared flesh around the blaster-hole, willing tissue to regenerate and knit togeather again. After what seemed like hours (though it had only been a few minutes) he was sweating and exaughsted, but his wound was hurting less and the hole had closed over a little. No substitute for a good bacta bath, but it would suffice. Re-focussing he searched out for another's presence in the force. After a minute he found it, willing words to flow through his mind in a telepathic message.

Odium, its Illian. Just encountered a pair of hostiles in the South-West quadrant of the city. Xerxes has gone to fetch Fire-Knight, I'm still by the bar. Caught one in the side... sloppy. I found a letter on one, meet me *here*... i think you should see this for yourself.

Content that the message was recieved, Illian closed his eyes again and sighed. People were eyeing the young Guardian off, but he ignored them. Stupid peasants had no idea what was going on under their very noses. No matter, they were not his concern. The letter was. Settling into a more comfortable position he waited for his old envoy to arrive.


26-10-2006 22:04:27

Fire-Knight had only made about half a kilometer towards the base when he heard a voice behind him.

"Templar!" Fire-Knight turned to see Xerxes running towards him

"What is it?" Fire-Knight said as the Acolyte came to a halt.

In a few moments Xerxes had explained to Fire-Knight what happend the the Templar began to trot towards the bat Xerxes mentioned. "Hurry up and follow me" the Templar called over his shoulder.

In mere minutes both arrived at the bar, Fire-knight was barely breathing where as the human beside him was panting up a storm.

Striding into the bar Fire-Knight quickly scanned the area and saw Illian in the corner. Approaching the Guardian, he sensed that he had repaired most of the superficial damage he had recieved.

"Templar! I...."

"Shut up for a second Illian, you missed some internal bleeding which may cause you some problems in the future, let me take a look."

Calling on the force Fire-Knight set himself to the task collecting platelets within the Guardians bloodstream and stopping the internal bleeding.

"Alright you should be set now." Fire-Knight said as he wiped the sweat from effort off his forehead. "Now, what has happend since Xerxes came after me?"


26-10-2006 23:58:09

The Templar was a welcome sight, though an unexpected one. Illian looked at Xerxes and nodded in approval.

"Nice speed there Acolyte. Templar," Illian stood up slowly, stretching out the scar tissue that remained from his wound. "I found something disturbing on one of the aggressors. I trust Xerxes explained the whole situation to you?" seeing Fire-Knight nod, Illian continued. "I have reason to believe we were targeted specificaly, not just because we were in hte wrong place at the wrong time. This letter was on the corpse of a Rodian bearing the tattoo you mentioned earlier," he said, handing the paper to Fire-Knight. "They know everything about us Sir, right down to our goddam dental records and what colour underwear we like." Fire-Knight scanned the letter before tucking it away in his robe and frowning.

"Can't say this is the best news I've had all day. How was it that the other managed to escape two dark jedi?" The Nelvaanian glared at the two Journeymen. Xerxes cast his eyes down and went to open his mouth, but Illian jumped in first.

"It was my fault Templar. I made Xerxes remain behind for a moment to assist me with my injuries before allowing him to persue the other," he glanced at the Acolyte flashing the briefest of smiles, before adding: "Then again if our revered equites wern't so busy drinking at cantinas then maybe he wouldnt have got away..." This remark earned him a solid backhand from the Templar that sent him sprawling.

"Illian when in the name of the dark lords will you learn to keep you're mouth shut?" Fire-Knight turned away from the Journeyman in disgust. Illian smiled to himself again, standing up and awaiting his next orders. Fire-Knight stood silent for a moment before addressing the two Dark Jedi before him. "Illian you will take Xerxes and go and look for the one that escaped. No excuses for incompetence this time. Start at the last place you sensed him and proceed from there. If you find anything report back to me at once. Dismissed."

The two journeymen set off, a troubled look spreading across Illian's face. The level of detail on the list had been incredible, and though it was impossible, the only explanation he had was someone infiltrating the ranks of the Brotherhood. Shaking his head, he tried to clear his mind and concentrate on the task at hand.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

27-10-2006 20:03:04

"Really now? That's very interesting." Crix said, looking over a few sheets of paper that were layed out in front of him on the bar. "I'm not even going to ask how you got these..."

"It's probably better that way." The man behind the bar agreed.

Crix shook his head, not understanding. "What I want to know is how they managed to get into the base...we keep that thing locked down pretty damn well."

The other man simply smiled and slid Crix another sheet. This one was a bill for digging equipment. "Great...they dug their way in without anyone noticing. That was something we didn't plan for...there was no need when the base was constantly being used, we'd have seen anyone on the slopes long before they got deep enough to hide...even then we had scanners that would have found them. But with nobody watching the scanners they took their time and we didn't catch them." Crix took a deep breath and slid some credits to the man.

"You know that you're the one person who doesn't have to pay for their information." The man said, looking at Crix.

"I know that I don't have to, but you've more then paid me back by now. Take the money." Crix said, pushing the credits closer to the man, who nodded and slid the money into his pocket. Crix took his paperwork and folded them into one of the pouches on his armor.

"Thanks, you always come through for me when I need good info." Crix said, waving as he left the 5th cantina he'd visited today.

Quickly making his way back through the streets, Crix considered the information that he'd gotten today. It hadn't made any sense until he saw the invoice for digging equipment, that explained how they'd gotten into the base.

The Force tingled and as a reflex Crix lashed out with his foot, catching the man behind him square in the stomach.

"Dirty...Taldryan...scumb..." The Duros weezed, trying to get his breath back.

"You didn't think that you'd be able to sneek up on someone wearing this kind of armor, did you? Or did you think that the armor would slow me down?" Crix said, placing the same boot that had caused the attacker to hit the ground on his chest and pressing ever so slightly. "I do believe in being civil though, and generally when you meet someone for the first time you introduce yourself rather then trying to kill eachother. I am Battlelord Taku Matsuki Taldrya, Aedile of House Ektrosis. With whome might I have the pleasure of this lovely conversation?" Crix asked.

The Duros spat at Crix, who just shook his head and applied more pressure to his chest. "I asked what your name was. You will answer me." Crix said, his tone getting very serious very quickly.

The Duros's eyes widened "M...Maz" He stammered.

"Very good! We're making some major progress here." Crix said, taking a look around. "It's a little too...public...out here. You're going to come with me." Crix stepped off Maz's chest and let him stand up.

Crix grabbed the Duros by the collar and led him into the cantina and threw him down in front of the table where FK, Illian and Xerxes were sitting. "Lookie what I found!" Crix exclamed, smiling at the seated Dark Jedi.


28-10-2006 21:53:24

With barely a look back at where the incident happened, DarkAmiz quickly walks away followed closely by the Gen Dai, Rannik.

"Lets go back to FK Amiz," Rannik mentions to the smaller Omwati. "What? Now? But its still early, I know it seems to be getting darker, but, u cnat be afraid of the darkness, eh?" DarkAmiz smiles sarcastically, trying to catch Rannik's weak point. Seeing none, he decides to try and be good friends with the Gen Dai. "Ok ok, lets go then, I'll take this "meatbag"to FK and see what he says of it. So, where are we going again?"

Rannik sighed and started to move. With Rannik leading the way, they started to move along at a very quick pace to where FK is supposed to be. Suddenly, DarkAmiz saw something at the edge of his sight. "Rannik! Get down!", he shouts at Rannik before a plasma grenade explodes nearby. Far enough to not give them damage but near enough that they might have been crippled.

"Maybe you're right, maybe this thing does have a planted device", DarkAmiz throws down the body and slashes it open. Only to find some machine in its stomach. "Now, lets attack the fool who tried to attack us", DarkAmiz smiles, unsheating his katana, and demonically, laughs out loud. "Now, at last, it begins, hahahahaha", with that he charged stealthily towards the known source of the thrown bomb.

AlMeda Zarco

29-10-2006 12:15:11

This “civilization” was much like any other, beings interacting to meet their needs with varying levels of discretion, most with little or none. In such environs Dark Jedi could excel. Al’Meda and Baron Zarco were in need of transportation. They walked along the street considering whether to employ force or deception. It really mattered not to them.

As the pair rounded yet another corner they spotted a merchant with an area full of speeders. Without exchanging a word the pair looked at one another and walked onto the lot. A being of some species unknown to either of the Zarco’s approached with his six arms outstretched.

“Greetings my friends.” The beings dozen bulbous eyes “eyed” them both, and then some, each seemingly independent of the others. “What may I do for you today?”

“We need transportation,” spoke Baron Zarco.

“Inexpensive, reliable transportation,” chimed in Al’Meda with a determination to affect the mind of their greeter.

“Oh, that will not be necessary….or effective.” The insectoid merchant chided Al’Meda for her affront. “Though I must say there has been a fair amount of that lately, even more than when the Brotherhood maintained its base here.”

The Zarcos inquisitive look was cause for the creature to continue.

“The information is a bonus if…that is if, you trade with me.” The dealer’s pocket chirped as if being alerted of something or another. He produced a device and examined it without opening it and spoke again. “Why don’t you look around. I will be back in a moment.” He retreated into a small building on stilt overlooking the lot,

Meanwhile, the Zarcos milled around on the lot, walking between the parked vehicles. The two pretended to be absorbed in their examinations though were, in truth, keeping and eye, and an ear upon the manager. As Al’Meda turned towards the elevated shack, Baron Zarco’s attention was taken by a man across the street in a speeder who had just pulled up. The human was speaking, seemingly to himself. Baron Zarco knew better. He concentrated his connection with the Force to eavesdrop upon the sudden arrival.

Al’Meda was doing the same, but towards the office. As the two listened their minds joined and they knew in an instant that they were listening to the opposite side of the same conversation.

Baron Zarco

29-10-2006 12:35:16

Baron Zarco commanded considerable speed and a better than average connection to the Force. He combined the two to sprint in a blur towards the man sitting in the speeder. Al’Meda Zarco had begun to make her way to the office. The two arrived at nearly the same time with Baron Zarco reaching his target first.

The black knight leapt into the air, again impelled by the Force to land in the speeder with the human. He had drawn his B-22 blaster in mid air and flipped in to stun as her landed beside the human. The human began to speak into the device to alert the insect of his attacker but was cut short with a flash of blue light from a muzzle pressed against his throat by Baron Zarco. In an instant all discernable life left the man.

A millisecond after Baron Zarco had leapt Al’Meda stood in the door with her own B-22 drawn against the startled insect whose attention had been focused, despite his many eyes, upon the conversation. Her weapon flashed like her companion’s but, to no avail, the physiology of the insect resisted the stun setting on the blaster.

The alien rose and clicked its many talons against the Krath. “You will make a fine meal human.” The bug flew at her across the roof.

Baron Zarco had taken the communications device from the human in the speeder and placed its earpiece in his own ear. He heard the insect threaten Al’Meda and looked across the lot to see Al’Meda jump off the elevated porch and into the lot. The creature flew behind her as Al’Meda hit the ground and flatted to scurry under a parked speeder. The bug landed and clawed under the vehicle for his prey.

Baron Zarco came out of the vehicle and towards the clash in the lot. As he entered the persistent insect’s thorax vanished in a sparkle of disintegrating molecules. Al’Meda crawled out from under the vehicle to inspect her work. When she stood she saw her partner and quipped, “So much for prisoners.”

“Well, I have one,” gestured Baron Zarco to the speeder on the street. When both looked they saw another being, perhaps a Rodian, getting into the parked vehicle beside the stunned man.

In an instant Zarco brought the E-11 Carbine to his shoulder and fired. Two shots destroyed the rear stabilizer sending the vehicle immediately into a dura-crete barrier. Baron Zarco ran across the street, through theb crowd they had attracted, and to the wreck. A Rodian, himself now stunned from the impact, sat beside the still stunned human. Zarco pressed the B-22, still set for stun, to the Rodian’s neck and fired.

AlMeda Zarco

29-10-2006 12:47:05

Al’Meda Zarco ran up the stairs and into the shack while Baron Zarco went after the others. She pulled activation cylinders from a board matching one to a covered transport on the lot. When she emerged she saw the flash of Zarco’s stunning shot on the Rodian. She got into the vehicle on the lot and started it. As she drove off the lot to face the wreck, she saw Baron Zarco tying the pair and searching their belongings. When she pulled up beside the scene she opened the sliding door by remote and Baron Zarco threw the two in the large vehicle, jumped in and slid the door shut. Al’Meda had already sped away before the door had completely closed.

“Where to my dear,” questioned Al’Meda.

Baron Zarco replied, “straight ahead for now. Fly casual.” The two laughed.

Baron Zarco opened a datapad and examined its most recently accessed file, so recent it had not been closed.

“Head out of town, bearing 225. We’re going to the base.”

“We can’t get in there,” replied Al’Meda, already on course despite her doubts.

“It says here there has been digging outside the base.”

Al’Meda turned and looked and then looked back forward.

“Someone is breaking into the old base at the volcano,” Al’Meda opined.

“We need to tell Crix and Fire Knight,” said Baron Zarco.

“But we can’t,” they said together. They had all but forgotten that communications were impeded.

Baron Zarco again checked the prisoners. “I will interrogate them. When I am done let’s give the human to Crix and the Rodian to Illian.”

“That sounds like plan,” laughed Al’Meda.


30-10-2006 00:23:48

The scar in his side was aching as Illian and Xerxes rounded another corner of the god-forsaken city to see yet another street crowded with hot sweaty civillians going about their business in the blistering heat. Even with both the Journeymen's minds probing outwards, no sign of their former target could be detected.

"This is ridiculous. How in the hells does FK think we are going to find one man in this city with a head start of about an hour? He's probably all the way back to the enemy HQ by now, reporting on how incompetent the children of Taldryan are," Illian swore, sending his armoured fist into a nearby wall, startling several passers-by and taking a chunk out of the stone. Xerxes stayed silent, still scanning the area for any sign of hostility.

As Illian stood brooding on this latest lesson in futility, a familiar presence made its way into his mind. He looked up sharply to see a vehicle in the distance speeding down the road towards his and Xerxes' position.

"Ah great. Thats all i needed. Another encounter with that pair of pretentious fools." He said as The Baron and his fiance got closer. Adjusting his gauntlets he waited for the transport to arrive at the corner, wondering if this whole trip could possibly get any worse. "Sometimes, Xerx, i really wish i was still insane." Seeing the blank look his companion gave him, he shook his head and siged. "Never-mind. Perhaps the Zarco's have some news to help us find this blasted agent."


30-10-2006 11:52:35

Xerxes sighed wondering if Illian would be able to hold back his anger during the encounter with the Zarcos. One thing was for sure though if there was a fight he wasn't just gonna sit back. If Illian would stand up to a Templar surely he could stand up to a Dark Jedi especially a Krath one. The ship descended and landed a few feet from the duo.

The boarding ramp hissed and screeched open and down came the Zarcos smiling all the way.

"Do you moisture farmers need a ride?" Al'Meda asked as she and Baron strode towards them.

Illians eyes started to glow and Xerxes felt the dark energy surrounding his companion.

"We would be most grateful if you could give us a lift." Xerxes chirped as he moved in front of Illian.

"Fire-Knight has us searching for a rather sleuthy character." Xerxes said leaving out the part about how they lost him.

"Illian concluded that he must've headed back to the old Archanis HQ. So if you are heading in that direction we would be most obliged for the ride. Wouldn't we Illian?" Xerxes said turning his head to look at his rather tempermental partner.

Illian just gave the two Zarcos a look that would've given the Dark Lords the creeps.

"Very well if I didn't think it would benefit the mission I would leave you two here, however I might have use of two fools like you." Baron said coldly and turned around and began to board the ship.

Al'Meda turned and followed him. Xerxes grinned at Illian and said "Well this'll be fun." Then he and Illian both joined the Zarcos on board and took off towards the Old Archanis HQ.


30-10-2006 13:34:03

Rannik got back up to his feet and regained his balance, he quickly snapped his head back in the direction Amiz was running. He noticed a tall, large-built man in a dark red suit with some black markings on it standing with his arms crossed in a cocky manner. The Gen`Dai's eyes widened as he quickly drew his Blade. Rannk seen this person some where before, but he couldn't remember where exactly. All he could remember is this guy was really strong and was immune to the Force because of his armours protection.

"Amiz, wait!" Rannik yelled as he tried to catch up with him, "Don't do anything!"

DA stopped in his tracks maybe about one hundred feet away from their attacker. "What, why!?"

As soon as he turned around and said that, he was hurrled into the air by a massive fist to the ribs. Rannik didn't remember this guy being that fast, or stealthly. Warhammer growled and gripped his blade and started to run towards him.

"Well, if it isn't the Warhammer. I thought you had died back in the Mandalorian Wars!" the mysterious guy said, "Haha, guess I was wrong..."

Rannik stopped and cocked his head, "What, wait, who are you? And what do you know about me?!"

"Well, I'm suprised you don't even remember your own younger brother. I guess that old age is starting to catch up with ya, eh?"

"I don't have any brothers! I don't even have a family! Now, answer my question!" Rannik exclaimed with a hasty voice.

"Fine, fine, no need to yell. I am Rokuun 'Omega' Narius! I am the youngest of the Narius clan and I will be the last after I'm done with you!"

Rannik roared and ran towards his so called "Younger Brother.

"You attacked us, I will not allow that!" Rannik exclaimed.

As he approached this new Gen`Dai, he was met with a blade the same length as his. Rannik's eyes widened; he didn't know what to think. They both pressed the attack, they both seemed just as strong as the other, but Rannik had an advantage, he was bigger and was stronger. He was seeing how strong this new comer was, then he would unleash his true strenght.

"Amiz, get up! Get up!!!" Rannik yelled at the fallen Omwati...

Baron Zarco

30-10-2006 19:59:56

Al'Meda Zarco got back into the pilot's seat and the other three, Baron Zarco, Illian and Xerxes gathered in a semi-circle in the area behind the pilot's seat.

"I had just begun to interrogate these two," said Baron Zarco, gesturing towards the two bound and hooded individuals lying on the deck.

Zarco flipped on the camera and tugged the two so that they sat upright. "Can you keep it together until I am done Illian?"

Illian's only response was to glare menacingly.

"You know Illian, you have taken our first interaction all wrong. I was informing you of an edict of the Jedi master who started the Lounge and established its rules of operation. Out here there are no rules."

Illian tensed, wondering what Baron Zarco meant.

"Have you given him his present yet? Al'Meda's voice rang from the front.

Illian clenched his fists and prepared for battle.

"Illian, dude, you need to switch to decaf," laughed Baron Zarco. Before Illain could react baron Zarco snatched the hood from one of the two bound prisoners to reveal a Rodian beneath.

Illian smiled.

"Now, you can't kill him yet but you can help me find out what he knows. Then, once Fire Knight or Crix says we are finished with him, he's all yours. Consider him a gift from your two 'pals' Baron and Al'Meda Zarco."

Illain looked at the otehr hooded figure.

Zarco replied, "no, It is not a Rodian, just a human." With that, Zarco snatched the hood from the other figure.


31-10-2006 19:54:15

The strange truce the Baron seemed to be calling was an unexpected development, and Illian was loathe to spoil it by telling the Baron that it was in fact his wife with whom he had issue, after the great insult she had paid him earlier. He did not forgive, but for the moment he could try and forget. So, gritting his teeth, he accepted the peace offering with a vicious smile.

"Baron," he bowed his head slightly, "this is a most pleasant gift... Thanks." Smiling still, he turned to the happless rodian. "And as for you, insect, i think you and i should become properly aquainted. My name is Illian Syn, no boubt a familiar name to you since its on whatever list you're superiors gave you to find us. Here's something you don't know: I spent a good many years being tortured at the hands of one of you're pitiful species and when i finally got free that individual died a slow painful death over the course of many many days. Unfortunately i don't have days, but i'm sure we will have enough time to get to know one another." Illian's eyes began to glow again as he siphoned some energy through his gauntlets. Reaching out with the force, he found pressure points and nerve endings throughout the Rodian's body and ever so gently began to twist.

"Illian what in the dark lords are you...?" Xerxes trailed off as the Rodian suddenly emitted a scream, convulsing in it's bonds, eyes wide with terror.

"Ah yes, i think we are going to get on extremely well. Such fragile nerves, such a blossoming pain center in you're brain," Illian sighed as he twisted causing the Rodian to scream even more. "Now, what kind of interrogation would this be without questions eh?" he smiled, ceasing his torment for the time being. Leaning in close to the alien he stroked its brow soothingly. "There there, tell us everything and it will all be over soon. How many of you are there, what are tjhe fortifications like, you know the drill." As he spoke Illian unbraided his hair, allowing it to fall down his shoulders. His eyes had settled to a sparkling green, like summer grass and his smile was disarming. He was quite beautiful when he allowed for it, and the Baron chuckled quietly, seeing where Illian was going.

"Al' Meda, you might want to take a quick look. See what our hot-head guardian looks like when his not trying to be a hard ass." She looked back briefly, her eyes widening slightly.

"Come now, you do want the pain to end don't you? Just tell us what you know and we can be done with all this," the young human said again, still with the alluring smile and gentle eyes. for a moment the Rodian looked like he would speak, but at the last minute he turned away eyes shut. Illian's beautiful visage suddenly twisted into rage and the alien began to scream again as his eye was liquified in its sockett and it's nerves were set alight once more. "Now shall we try that again?"


31-10-2006 22:41:28

Blood dripped from Fire-Knights muzzle as he threw the final corpse to the ground. After meeting breifly with Illian and Xerxes the Templar had borrowed a speeder from one of the locals, after flashing the card Crix had given him, and made his way towards the Archanis HQ. After only making it a few minutes out of the city Fire-Knight spotted a small squad about a kilometer ahead and had launched out of the vehicle to take cover. When the group arrived at the speeder they were engaged in inspecting it and were caught by suprise when the giant Nelvaanian fell on them ripping two into small pieces in a matter of moments, and tearing out the lasts throat with his teeth.

'Great... Patrols' Fire-Knight thought as he looked up from the corpses. Jumping back into the speeder the Templar steered towards the secret entrance.


About half an hour later, Fire-Knight had hidden the speeder and was approaching the base on foot when he spotted two guards standing around a small tunnel.

'Crix, found a tunnel, two guards. Im going to leave the hanger alone for now, so as not to draw attention. I figure me and you can use it later to sneak in... as for this tunnel, the journeymen may be able to stand their own in taking back some of the base. Especially if we can convince Werdna to help the out a little. I'll meet you in the Cantina in an hour.' Fire-Knight drew several breaths after the effort of talking such a distance.

'Now the rest of them.'

Reaching out through the Force, Fire-Knight connected to the higher ranking member of each pair he had sent out. 'Rannik, Illian, Baron, Odium, and Werdna. I just finished a quick reccie and will be meeting with Crix within the hour. Everyone make sure you arrive to the cantina on time. To be clear, an hour and a half from now.' Once again the Templar had to draw several breaths after making such a large contact.

'God I hate and love Telepathy'

Leaving his view point, the Templar made his way back to the hidden speeder, and took off towards the city with the idea of a cold ale in mind.


AlMeda Zarco

01-11-2006 09:38:09

Al'Meda was ready to top the next ridge which would, according to the datapad taken from their captives, place them within sight of the base. Before they could reach the top, Baron zarco spoke aloud to Al'Meda. "Turn around. Fire Knight wants us at teh cantina." With no question or hesitation Al'Meda banked the vehicle and returned in the same direction as before.

While Illian had been administering the Rodian, Baron Zarco had been sitting beside the human, speaking softly to him, warning him of what would come if he did not cooperate. The human seemed to have no fear of his captors but, more importantly, semmed to have no fear of his employers. To some that may have seemed an intractable situation but to Baron Zarco it meant simply that his lack of fear for his superiors would make him more likely to betray his chain of command.

The screams and anguish of the Rodian continued above the calm discussion of Baron Zarco and the human captive. Zarco asked the human th same questions again and again, but interspersed and times between other conversation so as to test the answers repeatedly in a fashion that most would consider tedious but which Baron Zarco visualized as a spider building its web. No strand was singularly important, it would be the synergy of the strands that was the mettle of the web.

Using the information gleaned from teh datapad as a control, and assisted by the Force, Baron Zarco maintaine the conversation with the human until he had drawn some basic conclusions about the operation seemingly bent upon taking the planet, or at least the base, from Taldryan. Baron Zarco thanked the man and then placed the hood back over him.

On his way to the front to sit with Al'Meda, Baron Zarco stopped to whisper to Xerxes, not wanting to interrupt Illian. "At the appropriate moment tell Illian that we should further distill our information by comparing what we learned. Within all of this, the datapad, Illian's efforts and my efforts, the truth will emerge." Baron Zarco then went to the front to sit with Al'Meda.

"What happened?" Al'Meda asked.

"Fire Knight sent a telepathic message to us to meet at the cantina."

"I know that, I'm in your head too...remember?" She laughed. "I am talking about with the interrogation.

"Well, you know what I heard. Illian surely has perceptions from the Rodian beyond that which the Rodian mamaged to verbalize. I suggested to Xerxes that we discuss the common elelments of our findings just before we meet at the cantina. What's your opinion upon whether we should take this vehicle into town considering how we came upon it?"

Al'Meda said, "I doubt the owner has even been missed as yet. Even if he has been missed, it is doubtful that anyone, much less the authorities has done an inventory of his lot to see what was missing. That, and he may not have even kept written records. If not, the key and the vehicle is missing. They would have to really dig to have put this vehicle on a list."

"What about the witnesses?"

"Eyewitnesses seldom remember what they saw. Not only that, all eyes werefocused on you and your attack on the other vehicle, not this one."

"I am satisfied that we should use this vehicle to proceed directly to the cantina," said Baron Zarco.

"That's where I am heading."

The two locked eyes and smiled.

Baron Zarco

05-11-2006 11:59:24

Al'Meda piloted the vehicle to sit just outside the cantina. As the craft settled Baron Zarco turned to speak to Illian and Xerxes.

"Hey guys, I think there are too many bad actors lurking around this damn town for us to leave this vehicle and these prisoners out here. Just as soon as we walked off from this vehicle I am guessing someone would liberate the vehicle and the prisoners from us."

"I suggest you two go in and see Fire Knight. I will stand guard over the prisoners and provide covering fire in the event you guys wind up needing a hot exfiltration. Just call ahead if you can. I will keep an eye and ear out but if you run into trouble, let me know."

Baron Zarco pushed up from the seat and unslung the E-11 carbine from his shoulder.

Al'Meda called out to everyone involved, "I will keep the engine running just in case. Be sure and tell them we have enough room for everyone if needed, even though it may be crowded."


06-11-2006 11:53:41

Xerxes had no problem with going into the cantina while the Zarcos stayed in the ship. Apparently neither did Illian for they both made a hasty departure from the ship. They found the Templar and Crix in a dark corner of the bar and sat down. A server came by and they ordered their drinks.

Slowly one by one all the members came to the bar and found their way to the booth.

"Where are the Zarcos?" Fire Knight asked.

"They are in a ship not to far from the bar keeping the engines warm for us. Just in case we need a quick departure." Illian informed him.

"Alright everyone pay attention because I'm only gonna say this once." Fire Knight said as the booth became silent.

"I did a quick recon of the HQ. They have squads regularly patroling the area around the base. I plan to have you enter the HQ from the tunnel they dug to get in. There are a couple guards protecting the entrance but that shouldn't be a problem. Avoid the patrols, take out the guards, and use the tunnel to enter the base. After that split up into your pairs and take back the base. Any questions?"

"What do you want us to do if we find the leader of this group?" Amiz asked.

FK turned to Amiz and said, "Contact Crix or I right away. Someone has a lot of explaining to do. Now get out there and take back that base!"


06-11-2006 12:47:23

DarkAmiz wakes up feeling dizzy. He wondered if the whole thing he went through was all just a weird dream. Suddenly, hearing a known voice, he knew this was no dream. What was Rannik yelling about then he asked himself. Then he remembered, something about a new Gen Dai, something about stopping, something about, DANGER!

DarkAmiz stands back up and grabs his unsheathed katana right beside him. Readying himself, he noticed Rannik and the other Gen Dai locking blades. Both were of huge built and both were obviously strong. Thinking about safety, DarkAmiz wanted to just stay clear and only interfere if Rannik was losing, but the evil side of him that controlled him since his fall decided to do something fanatic, to avenge himself.

"Rannik, who is this huge beast? Is he as weak as he seems?" DarkAmiz smiles as he says this, nothing like old-fashioned insults. "Maybe he needs his huge ugly self cut open, yea?" DarkAmiz uses the force [TE] to throw a nearby stone at the newcomer, to distract the other Gen Dai, giving Rannik a chance to mount an attack.

After that he charged into the midst of battle, laughing loudly as if possessed, and plunging his katana into what seemed to be deadly combat.

"HERE I COME!!!" He shouted to gain spirit strength as he collected the feeling of the force near him amidst the heated battle.


whats with this thing about me being at the cantina? o_O i did not even finish off the Rannik brother yet

AlMeda Zarco

07-11-2006 12:41:36

The group left the cantina and went outside to the waiting ship. As they approached, they saw Baron Zarco scanning the streets with his E-11 carbine in both hands, ready to provide covering fire for his approaching allies. He stood beside the craft until all had enetered and then, without taking his eyes from the streets, backed into the vehicle himself. With a quick thought to alert Al'Meda Zarco that all were aboard, he felt the craft begin to move.

Al'Meda took the vehcile out of town and towards the base. Baron Zarco went to sit beside her. She set for the same coordinates as before. The craft hugged the ground on its way to the tunnel. The party held on to compensate for the minute but crisp turns and maneuvers required to negotiate the langscape but stay close, very close, to the ground.

The trip, though tension-filled, was uneventful. The craft arrived at the last crest before the tunnels outside the massive volcanoe. She banked the craft and looked at Baron Zarco as if to ask for any last-minute suggestions before revealing themselves to anyone who may be at the dig site where the interlopers had tunnelled into the base.

Baron Zarco hollered into the hold. "Get ready, we are upon the site." He then looked at Al'Meda and nodded.

The vehicle topped the crest and descended towards the dig site. There was a hole two and one half meters wide leading into the base of the outer cone of the volcanoe. Equipment and machinery, apparently abandoned or dormant, at least for the moment, lay centered at various distances around the hole. A shack sat some fifteen meters from the entrance.

Baron Zarco asked Al'Meda, "keep your eye on that shack," and turned to walk into the rear. He stood by the cargo door while the ship settled and averyone rose in preparation of an exit. The ship settled and Zarco jumped from the just opening door. Al'Meda had set the ship down so that the shack hid the ship from direct view of the tunnel entrance.

Everyone, including Al'Meda exited the vessel and Zarco produced a thermal detonator. As Al'Meda covered him with her E-11 carbine, he activated it and set it on proximity fuse. He then used the few second before the proximity fuse activated to shut the door to the ship and wedge the thermal detonator so that it would activate and fall out if someone opened the door. All then rushed from the ship to stand beside the shack.

Baron Zarco

07-11-2006 15:45:37

The parties' senses were assailed by the sound of a craft approaching. All rushed into the door of the shack. Once inside, they saw a myriad of evidence of hasty dwelling made by the diggers. All prepared themselves for conflict as they heard the ship settle and power down its engines. Voices could be heard, though not loud of plain enough to discern the language.

Footfalls were heard as two or more passed the shack, presumably heaing to investigate the ship in which the Taldryanites had arrived. Zarco smiled at the others as he heard the vehicles door being accessed. A Trandoshian cursed was heard and then the whine of a thermal detonator deleting from existence all that once stood in the radius of the fury of oent up Baradium suddenly unleashed.

Rushed footstepos were heard as a secondary explosion rocked the shack as the remains of the ship not disintegrated by the detonator consumed themselves. The door of the shack burst open to reveal three figures peering in to face the Taldryanites. An insectoid, a Duros and a Wookie leered outside.

Al'Meda fired the disruptor over Baron Zarco's shoulder, slightly singing his hair, passing between the heads of the ZDuros and the bug, but hitting the Wookie's towering face dead center. His head disappeared leaving a smoking stump of a hairy neck.

Baron Zarco cut off three of the bugs six arms in one upward stroke of his viridian blade suddenly sprung to life and split his head in half on the return, downward stroke. The bug hit the ground just after the Wookie. Illian and Xerxes spring forward and tackled the Duros, easily restraining him.

"I trust you will know what the Duros knows in a matter of minutes Illian," said Zarco.

Illian just smiled and flexed the fingers of his gloves.


07-11-2006 22:50:52

Once the Younger members had left Fire-Knight turned to Crix to finish the conversation they had been having. "I'll meet you at the landing pad in 20 minutes, once the Journeymen begin their distraction, we can sneak into the back door and unleash hell. In the mean time, Rannik and DA didn't show up, im going to make sure their not dead. See you soon."

Bolting from his seat Fire-Knight began to run towards where he felts Ranniks Influence on the force. As he pulled within 100 meters, the Templar stopped a moment to call upon the force to Bolster has strength and speed.

'What ever is holding those two up is about to die' Fire-Knight thought as he whipped around the corner blocking his view.

The scene before FK was one of brute force as two Gen'dai fought for dominanance.

'Hmm Rannik has him distracted'

It was then the Templar noticed the Screaming DA begin his charge at the two Gen'dai, screaming something Incoherent. Stepping forward, the FK grabbed the Smaller Taldryanite and pushed him aside as he Launched onto the Un-familiar Gen'Dai's back. Wrapping his Bicep aroudn his Opponents throat Fire-Knight squeezed tightly and cut off the Gen'Dai's airsupply and knocking him unconscious in seconds.

"He'll be out for about 10 minutes... either kill him or get moving. You both missed my meeting and their is NO reason for that. when we return to HQ we will deal with this... In the mean time, finish up with this and get to the Archanis HQ, here are the coordinates for the tunnel entrance, the rest of the team will already be going in, catch up and help them out." With that Fire-Knight turned on the ball of his heel and ran towards the Landing pad.

AlMeda Zarco

10-11-2006 20:57:13

The group entered the tunnel and followed the directions extracted by Illian from the Duros. The Duros had not survived but neither would any of the group’s foes. The group was excited about entering the base, much less getting to finally vent their frustrations on the foes that waited inside. From the information gathered, those at the base were not prepared for an incursion through the tunnel except by placing the defense systems at certain junctures.

The sentry droids were defeated by the use of the Force to affect matter. The droids were, in essence, deactivated by changing the substance of their key components. The information on the datapad made that handy since the datapad taken by the Zarcos detailed the design of the droids used by the interlopers. Once the party was through the tunnel, the last door, again according to the datapad, would place the party inside the what was the mess hall level.

“We have to neutralize the individuals crewing the anti-aircraft emplacements,” directed Baron Zarco.

“Why can’t we enter the power generator level and shut down the power?” One of the team members queried.

“That would be inadvisable because the base is shielded from the volcano’s extreme heat by projected shields. Interrupting the power would drop those shield and exposure the base and us, to heat and radiation.” Al’Meda Zarco chimed in to voice her response.

“Also, the landing platform extends with the use of power. We are going to neutralize the anti-aircraft batteries so that Crix and Fire Knight can land once we have secured the base. Interrupting the power could also adversely affect that plan.”

Baron Zarco spoke again. “So, we disperse to the locations indicated on the map, teams of two. Use the internal communications ports to communicate your success. Al’Meda and I will make or way to the command and control center. Once we have captured or killed the leaders, we will form up on the landing pad and welcome Crix and Fire Knight.”

The door was raised and the halls to the base were quiet. Each party of two went to their assigned targets. Al’Meda and Baron Zarco made their way to the command center.

Baron Zarco

10-11-2006 22:45:50

The Zarcos entered the hall leading to the command and control center of the base. As they entered the large room filled with viewscreens and control panels they saw two armored humanoids, a Twi-Lek, a human and a Falleen. They Fallen rushed further behind the four as they each engaged the Zarcos.

The Zarcos were loathe to harm the equipment and dispensed with ranged weaponry, instead ducking down beneath a bank of instrumentation. The interlopers were not hesitant to harm the equipment and began firing. The glass adjacent to the door shattered first, spraying shards of glass about the place.

The Zarcos were of one mind as they harnessed the glass the send it flying towards the others, cutting into the flesh of the unarmored trio. They disappeared under a table while the armored pair came around the bank of instrumentation searching for the Jedi Hunter and the Dark Knight.

Baron Zarco ignited his lightsaber as the pair showed themselves, arms at the ready. He cut through one of their weapons and into the other’s chest. The second one fell as the first went for a pistol. Al’Meda struck him flush with the extended skeletal buttstock of the E-11 carbine, knocking him off balance. Al’Meda pressed forward and fired into the falling armored foe, killing him with three shots to the center of his chest. His armor would not stop the E-11’s fury.

The pair then began searching for the remaining three. The Twi’Lek showed his head to orient himself for a thrown grenade. Baron Zarco caught the grenade in an invisible hand and launched it out the door. Its explosion back-blasted into the room, but not enough to damage the circuitry therein. In the explosion, the Falleen ran from his hiding place towards the door. Al’Meda turned to fire at him but missed, the shots departing the place where the glass wall stood moments before.

The human raised and fired at Al’Meda’s back but Baron Zarco intercepted the [Expletive Deleted]s with his lightsaber. Al’Meda ran from the room after the Falleen, leaving Baron Zarco to deal with the human and Twi’Lek. The human ignited a lightsaber of his own and ran towards Baron Zarco. Se3izing the opportunity, the Twi’Lek ran past the pair after Al’Meda and the Fallen, his pistol gyrating in his hand as he ran.

Al’Meda sensed the Twi’Lek emerging from the room into the hall and turned to fire as he was beginning to fire himself she was hit but the Twi’Lek dropped under the hail of fire from the carbine unleashed by the Huntress as she was not concerned with collateral damage in the hall.

Baron Zarco and human dueled within the room until Al’Meda emerged from the hall with her E-11 set for stun. The human dropped in a flash of blue light. Al’Meda informed Baron Zarco, “the Falleen got away. The Twi’Lek is dead in the hall.”

“He’s heading for the hangar bay,” gasped Zarco. “Tie him up. I am going after the Falleen.” Zarco rose and ran towards the hangar. Al’Meda stayed and secured the human prisoner. Zarco ran, skipped over the dead Twi’Lek and make all haste to the hangar bay and platform. As Al’Meda tied the prisoner she heard the other teams report through the intercom system of the base that they had neutralized their targets and were converging on the hangar bay.

Baron Zarco ran cross the bridge over the seething lava below just in time to see a ship rise from the metal platform and shoot skyward, out of the volcano. The Falleen had left the base, abandoning his comrades. The teams arrived just in time to see the ship blast away. Baron Zarco ran to the communications console serving the hangar and called to Crix and Fire Knight, informing them of the escape and requesting their estimated time of arrival at the now-secured base. Baron Zarco was unsure whether the communication would transmit or be received given the very conditions on the planet that made communication impossible before.

Al’Meda arrived, dragging the human prisoner. His lightsaber had disappeared. She walked up and joined the party standing in the hangar bay. All awaited the arrival or further communication from Crix and Fire Knight.


11-11-2006 07:49:50

Alright, Times up, Good job everyone, ill post the results once ive had a chance to add up all your points. Overall, you all did great, many of you grew much more comfortable as the posting went on. I hope to see this much turn out in the future. :D


13-11-2006 23:50:57


Third Place: XERXES!!!11!11!!!!11!! Great job Xerxes, I saw alot of improvment as the posts went on, and am greatly impressed with your work.

Second Place: Al'meda !!!!! Although late coming to the Competion, your posts were quite helpful in advancing the story line appropriatly.

FIRST PLACE!: ILLIAN SYN!!1!11!!one!!!11!1!!111!!!1!!

Great job Illian, from the beginning you were incredibly active with the RO. All of your posts helped to advance the story line, and showed several developments within your character. Keep up the good work.

As to everyone else, Thank you very much for Participating, and i hope to see you all turn out next time.