hello all!


12-07-2006 22:30:55

I just started a week ago so im kind of new to the forums.I t didnt let me start a new topic for a will I never found out why though. any way I just wanted to introduce myself to the clan.If you have any advice please contact me

Aidan Kincaid

12-07-2006 23:29:29

Welcome to the Clan and the forums, Badona.

Baron Zarco

12-07-2006 23:36:43

Greetings, I am glad to see you here.

As for advice, feel free to ask. There are a lot of cool people here.


13-07-2006 00:43:45

How do you gain Novic quikly?


13-07-2006 01:28:37

I thought we had a promo guide on the Tally website, but I'm unable to find anything resembling one. Anyone else with more knowledge about this subject, please speak up, we have an inquiring mind wishing to know.

Aidan Kincaid

13-07-2006 01:44:46

The promo guides are on the House websites:

http://dinaari.taldryan.org/promo.php and http://ektrosis.taldryan.org/promos.php


13-07-2006 05:44:53

Nice to see everyone found your post so quickly, Badona. Don't worry 'bout the NOV thing....it'll come soon :-p. I'm glad you got the MB's to work!

As always if you have any questions, just ask.


13-07-2006 08:05:34

B) Welcome to the clan, Badona.


13-07-2006 14:46:17

Welcome to tally and Dinaari man. If you need anyhelp i'm always available.


13-07-2006 17:57:54

In what is the order of the ranks? :huh:


13-07-2006 20:35:39

Like most questions this can be solved with a few links, hopefully you will be able to gain all relevant knowledge from them:-

1) Well regarding rank and positions with in the DB: One can locate all relevant info in the Codex


2) If you want to know more about the Clan: The Taldryan Website is accessible.


Individual house links are also located on the Taldryan website.

If you want to get active I suggest subscribing to the ACC, which is an option in you administration link. Here is the link to the ACC itself: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/acc/halls.asp

And since you already know about the MB its pointless expanding upon it. What you need to know is that if you have any questions feel free to contact the house envoy, Alanna, or your house Aedile or Quaestor, along with either your proconsul or consul. And donít worry about bothering them, thatís what they get paid for. : P And if you just like to chat you can contact me, I promise I donít bite. : P

Oh yes the IRC is another aspect you should get involved in: All relevant info can be found at this link.


Well I think that should answer some of your initial question. Welcome to the clan may you have a long and fruitful stay.


13-07-2006 22:09:05

Odium why dont you answer my emails? :huh:

And why does the grand master have 2 dossiers? :huh:


14-07-2006 06:25:54

sry....a lot of [Expletive Deleted] is happenin....haven't had much time(an MB post takes a little less time for me anyways...) I'll read through the emails and get back to you...

Aidan Kincaid

14-07-2006 18:02:16

There are currently two Grand Master's because it is a part of the plotline of the current Great Jedi War (big competition involving all the Clans)


14-07-2006 22:00:13

That exaplanes alot :lukevader:

Does anyone know where Odium is he hasnt answered my emails?

Kaine Mandaala

15-07-2006 02:33:13

Try giving him more than 4 hours. Some people have other things to do than read forums and answer e-mail.


15-07-2006 07:00:36

Thanx Kaine, but its okay.....

I sent you an email....my guess is that you've probably already read it...but yeah....read it...


16-07-2006 14:12:35

how come my dossier says im a apprentice bit the box next to my posts says im a novice?


16-07-2006 16:39:16

Different ranks.. dossier is ur ranks, and Message board is about number of posts you make... the more you make, higher you message board "rank" but it actually means nothing... so yea only post when you need to.


17-07-2006 05:18:59

What he said.....damnit guys...stop doing my job! :P


19-07-2006 19:13:47

Welcome to clan Taldryan. :D


20-07-2006 20:11:11

thnx :D .


20-07-2006 23:09:19



15-10-2006 01:53:37

:D new friends!!