POETRY "RUNON": The ballad of Selen


16-05-2006 14:26:00

If like me you are a little bored awaiting the next great events... how about an activity (with no medals) for fun....

We've had one word run-ons... how about a run-on poem and what beter subject than how we beat Arcona in the feud? Enter your couplet and try to weave a story that we can pridely keep in our history



The Ballad of Selen
by Clan Taldryan

As Dawn rose beaten on that day,
we gathered hushed to hear them say,


17-05-2006 05:34:43

Our cock's bigger than theirs we yell,
gather the forces and send them to hell,

My first attempt at poetry is dedicated to Shadow and his thrusty thrustworthiness...... and cause he likes the wang.


17-05-2006 17:31:56

so the clan meeting broke,
with the words that were spoke,

Andan Taldrya Marshall

20-05-2006 02:40:10

lies, lies again,
they have taken our men.


20-05-2006 07:06:42

So Duga yelled "God Damn it,
lets to the Dark Prophet"

Andan Taldrya Marshall

20-05-2006 12:50:17

To Selen we go,
where we're sure to put on a good show.


20-05-2006 18:30:40

And the engines ignite,
as we set off to fight,

Andan Taldrya Marshall

21-05-2006 03:23:51

the war to return,
what they did not earn.


21-05-2006 06:02:23

Vengant hyperspace fades
as we drop out to their aids

Andan Taldrya Marshall

21-05-2006 21:29:36

from the crew rose a cry
Arconan ships filled the sky.


24-05-2006 03:28:10

And battle begun
"all hands everyone"


26-05-2006 13:02:46

Some hands went where they did not belong
Others thinking of Santa's small thong


29-06-2006 05:30:51

And as the ice-cream was eaten,
They slowly were beaten


16-10-2006 09:23:12

cookies must never be forgotten
or must neither this post


17-10-2006 15:03:51

and is just
we ground them to dust.


23-10-2006 04:54:32

so that betja sees
how nice this is


24-10-2006 18:58:10

So them the power,
for we will tower


26-10-2006 06:35:23

in what seemingly is,
a dead run on


28-10-2006 21:23:55

Which bears a saber
Can pierce an armed man
It hurls its barbed syllables
And is mute again
But where it fell
The saved will tell
On Glorious day,
Some epauletted brother
Gave his breath away.


Wherever runs the breathless sun
Wherever roams the day
There is its noiseless onset
There is victory
Behold the keenest Krath
The most accomplished shot
Time's sublimest target
Is a soul "Forgot"


29-10-2006 08:19:46

hmm, it was supposed
to be 2-lines only


29-10-2006 11:50:28

Ah, Ignore it.. Sorry.