Tal Caption Comp

freshjive taldrya

10-04-2006 01:12:09

Thanks to Duga for hosting the pics and Chaos for finding some good ones. Standard rules: Post a caption for each one, fourth level crescents up for grabs! Comp runs until the 16th.


10-04-2006 04:12:03

1: The P.C. movement has finally taken its toll on the Empire's Stormtrooper Legions.

2:"Ah!!!!! That's not right!"

3:"TK-421...why aren't you at your post?.....TK-421, do you copy?"
*whistling *

Werdna Elbee

10-04-2006 09:29:15

1. There was something different about TK-2674 that no one could put their finger on ...in more ways than one

2. "Tow Cable on that?!?!? You want me to add bondage to the mix???"

3. Porcelain on porcelain ...which is dumping into which?


10-04-2006 10:18:00

1. the female trooper: that makes the enemy dead with her boots

2.Tk-101 what are you doing??" Just making some fun with my friend here!

3.'where is the force when you need it' this thing won't come out!!

hahaha :: tyfarius


10-04-2006 13:09:52

1. "T.K. what? Just call me Pamela..."
2. "I canna do it captain. I'm givven 'r all she's got!!!"
3. Death Star may explode but, hay... "If ya gotta go, ya gotta go..."

Aegor Raas

10-04-2006 13:14:58

1) Janine's resolution and the push of angry liberals finally paid off.... Although severe changes were needed.
2) "Good new sir! The Empire is resorting to...desperate...measures to keep their numbers up!"
3) "At least no one can see what face I am making. "


10-04-2006 13:59:52

Vardar (4542)


1 - No you can't touch them, it's still me you idiot...I'm going to *kill* the laundry guy.

2 - Either they're just having fun, or they're transferring personell from one mech to the other. Over.

3 - Our uniforms are easily taken apart and easily re-assemblied. They're practical for *every* situation, join the Galactic Empire now. Uncle Palpatine wants YOU.


10-04-2006 17:43:59

1: Bewbs...


3: "Syphilis...it's a bitch!"


10-04-2006 19:19:13

1. "The image adds new meaning to the phrase "Roger, Roger"! (Roger in the British context)

2. "Donít forget to spay and neuter your pets, that includes your AT-AT's."

3. "The New Emperor on his porcelain throne."


11-04-2006 02:10:45

1. DT-3902 didn't find out until later that day why she was getting more attention than usual.

The E-11 blaster may be a formidable weapon, however, this trooper prefers the Empire's ballistics.

2. "And here we see the AT-AT in it's natural habitat... This particular female is in heat... The male is mounting her... What... a... sight. Gorgeous creatures!"


Baron Zarco

11-04-2006 08:51:41

Baron Zarco says:

1. "There can be only two."

2. "Passion is the way of the Sith."

3. "You have no idea of the power of the 'dark' side."

[Edit was to correct punctuation around the word 'dark.' :P]


12-04-2006 17:40:06

1. I'm fine with the dont ask dont tell policy but now issuing sex changes to personel is going overboard.
2. Yes, I'll take the new issues of "Twileks Like it Hot," "Barely Legal Walkers," and a nude Hutt Calander.
3. Sometimes I wish I was somewhere exciting like Dawson's Creek. Oh that Dawson


13-04-2006 00:18:04

1. Then Tk-233 had to ask the obvious question about his squad mate. Short story even shorter, Tk-233 was hurting the next morning.

2. "Aww! The Imperials have all the fun!"

3. Unbeknownst to the rebels, the Death Star was equiped with fully operational restrooms (freshers) complete with Imperial Reading Material, User Friendly interface, and a shower-tub for those overly stressful days, especially after putting a cellblock riot down.


13-04-2006 03:18:04

Bob couldnt help feeling that he'd got one piece of the armour plating in the wrong place and was sure he now looked an arse.

The AT-AT was almost ready to release his little white soldiers into the frontline on hoth.

Now we all know where the monster in the trash compactor came from.

Betja Jun


16-04-2006 02:41:37

1. I'd love to get a hold of those guns!

2. Skywalker to Rebel Base. Skywalker to Rebel Base. The stick has become hard to control!

3. The Dark Side is powerful in many ways.

I don't know if I can get the awards since I'm not in Tal...but I'll post anyways :P


16-04-2006 04:46:34

1. Fine, fine... she can stay but the weezing guy in the black armor has to go...

2. *news flash* Mad cow dissease strikes Empire. Can Empire strike back?

3. "This is TK-147 with the six-o'clock news.

freshjive taldrya

18-04-2006 23:48:30

Its over! Winners!

1st: Betja for picture #3:
"Now we know where the monster in the trash compactor came from."

2nd: Aegor Raas for picture #1:
"Janine's resolution and the push of angry liberals finally paid off.... Although severe changes were needed."

3rd: Vardar for picture #2:
"Either they're just having fun, or they're transferring personnel from one mech to the other. Over."

Congrats everyone, medals requests have been sent, and thanks to all who participated!