Sorry! (Trivia)

Aegor Raas

04-04-2006 13:12:54

I would just like to apologize for emailing the Trivia answers to everyone. (Yes, I am the culprit)

I was quick and didn't make sure I was only sending it to one person. I will try to make sure I don't make the huge mistake again.

Please forgive me.

Werdna Elbee

04-04-2006 15:05:12

It's a regular mistake. It's like getting your bits caught in your trousers fly inevitably do it, but you'll only do it once!!!

Andan Taldrya Marshall

04-04-2006 18:41:34

Ya, don't worry about it. It happens to just about everyone.


11-04-2006 12:23:17

it is not a crime so ! :D