02-04-2006 07:56:51

Modern psychology ofers only so much.
Some say that they are nothing more than the meanderings of a brain, setteling into a restfull sleep.
Others believe that dreams represent the upwelling of the archetypes, hidden deep within the collective unconsious.
Still others envoke a higher meaning...
I don't really have an answer. All I know is that, after a brush with the Dark Side, our dreams will never be the same..!

They laughed and jeered. Thinking me mad with dellerium.
But I knew. I knew their devices.
The fools cast away all their hopes for salvation.
"May the rats eat their eyes. The Darkness comes. It will consume us all...!!!"

Andan Taldrya Marshall

02-04-2006 13:00:45

Psychology doesn't really know what to do with dreams, there are a few theories that are seen as credible at the moment. One theory is that your brain is randomly firing nurons and that is being interprated as what we call 'dreams', there is Freud's theory that dreams are symbolic of events in a person's life and specifically traumatic events in the childhood.

As a Psychology major I'm very interested in dreams and I can't wait till the Sleep and Dreaming class is offered.


02-04-2006 13:27:20

Crix, I'm gonna need a shrink later in life and your it. Just don't charge me an arm and a leg and I wont have to eat your spleen >:)

Muz Ashen

02-04-2006 15:14:09

I'm on my third shrink. The first one Couldn't help me, the second one got scared by me, and the current one hasn't figured it out yet.

Baron Zarco

02-04-2006 21:01:47

I was married to Baroness Zarco (before she died of cancer three years ago) for almost twenty years. She was a psychiatrist. She always said that she was "fascinated" by me.

One of the things that fascinated her most was that I have always "forced" my dreams (make myself dream about certain things) in order to gain further understanding. I am an attorney and often use my dreams to address an issue. I arise and have a solution that would never have occurred to me while "awake." I will not tell whether I bill for that and, if so, at what rate -- ha ha.

When I was in school (college and law school) and had both a full time job and a part time job I would use the "waking" hours to study to a point and then force a dream on a subject or subjects in order to extrapolate to a further point. I graduated first in my class in college and second in law school. I am not trying to brag but I am leading to the point --- dreams are just another take on "reality." If one makes the effort one can use them to be more productive and gain understanding that one could never find in real life.

I met my deceased wife (Baroness Zarco) twenty years ago in my dreams and then consciously sought her out over three thousand miles away. I found my fiancee the same way. She was only one hundred thirty miles away. I knew both of their names and some things about them. I sought them out by clues I had received from the dreams and, of course, knew them on sight. Also, of course, I did not reveal this to them until later although my fiancee was less well known than my wife was and she really wondered how I knew her name because her name had been "made up" by her mother. It is not one I had ever seen before or since.

Another oddity...they both were really already into Star Wars before I met them.

I often consult with my deceased wife like Luke did with Obi-Wan. That is ironic because Obi-Wan was always her favorite character and I could not (at the time) stand him. She always referred to me as her "Dark Side Luke" and it pissed me off a little because I always thought Luke was a *****. My fiancee thinks I am Luke too and has named her Lexus "The Jade Saber."

Anyway, dreams are there to pursued. In some ways they are more important than "reality" if one submits to a "reality" that could be positively augmented by dreams.

So now that you know you have a real psycho in your midst.......


03-04-2006 04:37:11

I am curious what you mean by reality?
In my dreams I can smell, feel, see and taste as well as I can whan I'm 'awake'.
Reality is a play, performed in a stage. Most people forget that behind the curtain is a diffrent play all together.
I challenge every-one to pull back the veil of our reality, and see those who dwell behind it.

When a connection is strong enough, it is always possible to converse with the ones you love.
Such a bond is stronger than a trivial thing such as death.
It trancends death, easily..!
Don't fear it. Don't let anyone tell you your crazy.
The people that do so, diserve our pitty, not our wrath.
They will never know... unless they losen their bond with so-called reality.

Dreams tell me much.
About past, present and future. If you steer your dreams, you never know where they might take you next.
Have fun with them...!!!

Baron Zarco

03-04-2006 08:53:27

I am responding to your question about what I meant by "reality."

When I put that word in quotation marks in my post I meant to indicate that I am not sure what "reality" means except as my sensors, whether those used in one forum or another (so-called awake or so-called dreaming) allow me to perceive.

I am not arrogant enough to think that my sensors or, for that matter, my ability to process information, is competent enough to define reality for others. It is, however, all that I have. That does not mean that I am not constantly growing to sense more and make better use of what I have sensed, it just means that, at any given moment, "reality" for me is the best I am able to do at that time.

A story is told of four blind men who touched an elephant and related their experience. One, who had touched the ears, said that an elephant was like a sail. The one who touched the tail said it was like a rope. The one who touched a leg said it was like a tree. The last, who touched the nose, said it reminded him of a snake. All lacked the big picture but accurately reported what they had experienced.

I know at any given moment that I may not have the big picture. I am determined, however, to train my senses and adopt a methodology that yields the most information and sifts information gained to a useable form. I will never achieve a total grasp on "reality" but will try to enjoy what I have and keep working to get better.


04-04-2006 04:40:08

It wasn't meant to attack you. I was merely wondering.
You seem to have a good grasp on 'reality'.
Becoming a thing is understanding a thing. To assume its shape is to understand its existence.

You go, man...!!!

Baron Zarco

04-04-2006 08:14:46

I did not feel attacked at all. I enjoy attempting to explain myself. I wish there was more exchange of this sort.


04-04-2006 08:27:56

your right. more active discussion.
it's good for our development

freshjive taldrya

08-06-2006 02:19:32

Hate to revive a thread....

DMT...killer substance that your pineal gland produces, makes you dream, basically, if you don't dream, you'd go crazy and DMT is what makes you dream

It can be taken as a drug, where its much more concentrated than the dosages you get while sleeping, its been described as:

"Load universe into cannon, aim at brain, fire"

Baron Zarco

08-06-2006 18:51:28

So you are saying that I have a DMT level that matches my testosterone level?

Better living through chemistry!!!

Yee Haa


11-06-2006 06:55:16

I never remember my dreams it gets really frustrating, everyone always says I dreamt such and such last nite and im like errrm.... yeh ok. Do any of you know why this is HELP! :huh:

Baron Zarco

11-06-2006 08:51:15

If I do not make a conscious effort by making a mental note before I go to sleep then I do not remember mine either. I have often had that same feeling. As helpful as my dreams have been, I most often have to make a "conscious" effort beforerhand for me to be able to recall them later.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

11-06-2006 11:30:51

The short answer is that when you go into REM sleep (the stage that lets you dream) the ability to remember things beyond a few moments shuts off. Sleep works in cycles that last about 90 min each, with REM being the last stage in the cycle. Typically, people go through 4-5 cycles per night, which means that you're really having 4-5 different dreams every night. But you don't remember these because your memory storage isn't turned on. You can remember the last dream you had when you wake up because the short term memory (which only holds things for 30 seconds tops) is still active during REM sleep. That's also why as the day goes on you usually forget your dream unless you either write it down or make an effort to put it into your long term memory.


15-06-2006 11:00:27

I never remember my dreams it gets really frustrating, everyone always says I dreamt such and such last nite and im like errrm.... yeh ok. Do any of you know why this is HELP! :huh:

maybe your dreams are so boring you block them out...

try going on a wild adventure...it helps, it really helps...!!!


11-10-2006 20:28:52

Dreams eh? Well usually i try not to get into converstaions about dreams but its a hot day today and i feel like sharing:

I dont know squat about psych (and btw this is all OOC) or chemistry, but for the last three years i have experienced the worst kinds of nightmares you could possible imagine. cold sweats, screaming, thrashing, waking up nearly mad with terror... every night bar the odd one or two. i take party drugs fairly regularly (speed and ecs and [Expletive Deleted] like that) so maybe thats why...

trust me when i say im not overexagerating, so if any of you psych or chem ppl have a solution for me, i would be most grateful :)


15-10-2006 01:51:54

some dreams are best forgotten ;)