Meditations on a crimson shadow.2.


30-03-2006 10:32:29

To think that once I could not feel the inner workings of the Force.
Sense those who dwell behind.
I was once a fool.

Years have past. And I have learned much.
All at-once I understood...
With my new found power I could tear entire cities assunder.
Or make one raving mad with a mere suggestion.
Under the transcending power of the Dark Side, no mountain to high, no city to far.

The Universe is a yawning chasm filled with much fear and hate.
The purile meanderings of scentience.
Why should anyone disserve special consideration within it, above all else?
I am but a servant.
That and nothing more...!

You do not need me to explain this to you, my friends.
Simply notice the details. They're scatterd across this forum that we so regularly share.

Until next time...

Baron Zarco

30-03-2006 23:33:01

Cities, like those that dwell within their restless pus-filled womb, teeter on the edge of despair. To topple them or to drive them mad takes not the dark side. Nay, these gauzy constructions are spun into early decay by the merest glimmer of light to expose their false promise. Such constructs of "civilization" or, for that matter, the mind of man, cannot withstand the scantest light of day.

Many speak of serving yet, in the end, did we not serve only ourselves? Those that claim martyrdom and sacrifice did so to satisfy some part of themselves that saw fit to wear the gauzy cloak of such human mantle. They that claim loyalty to others were in fact loyal to their own perception of themselves and whatever emotional or psychological need that their service met.

The yawning chasm is the heart of those poor beings that will not own their acts and divine their will. The darkness is the self delusion that covers the only true knowledge, that is that all one has is his own will, not that hiding in the dark or claiming to bring the light, just what one has for himself and, by implication, what he does with it. The power of one, perhaps two, but never more.........


31-03-2006 10:46:21

I am the scourge af the Dark Side.
Sent down to chastise thee.
For none know the remmedy of your inniquity but I.
Thou art wicked, but I am more wicked that thou...

Who dares to follow me into the darknes of their own mind?

I can feel it, hear it almost. Behind my eyes.
Most are blind to it. Whom of you can see me truely?
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see.

Fear me, love me, do all that I ask and I will be your slave...?
Is that how it works?

I tried to tell them. But they would not listenen..
Damn them...!
A Universe in perril from unseen things... The Darkness!


01-04-2006 05:39:05

And into the Darkness the universe creeps
Never really seeing where the dangers sleeps

All of our lives are layed out for us,
Yet our choice is our choice...and choose it we must.

For if into the Darkness, we follow and go
Learn we must, to follow alone

For no one who follows can truly even see
Those whose choice is in Darkness to be

For though they travel at each other's side
Revealed to neither, is the other beside...