Meditations on a crimson shadow.


28-03-2006 13:56:23

The Force...
This wretched concept is where it all began, so long ago. Before my time with the Lazarus Concordence.

My name is Lokasena. It is a word from an ancient language, long dead, and means 'to serve'.
My life style centered around a simple rule;
"Those who fight against rebellion, must not them selves rebell."
But this is not my story. It is a story about the Force...

Read it or not, believe it or not. As you will.
Your perceptions will not alter reality. They'll merely collour it.


Baron Zarco

28-03-2006 14:12:15

To quote Cartman, "Who'sajiggawhat?"

Seriously, I am interested but what are you talking about?

Andan Taldrya Marshall

28-03-2006 14:58:15

He's a new member, that's his intro post =P

It's just a bit more interesting then the standard "I'm new, don't hit me" posts.

Anyway, welcome to Taldryan and Ektrosis. I'd normally tell you who to talk to if you have any questions, but you seem to have a good grasp of it already.

Baron Zarco

28-03-2006 15:02:14

Boy don't I feel stupid!!! :S

I did not even know to do an intro-post. :ermm:

As usual, last to know, first to go. :w00t:


29-03-2006 05:03:52

WOW :w00t: ...I'm impressed...

LOOK OUT've got a serious writer about to take the house by storm

*Odium is thankful he's in Dinaari...this could get ugly...esp. in the ACC*

Well...I shall, in fact, take the opportunity to welcome you to

Welcome to Taldryan :P

Andan Taldrya Marshall

29-03-2006 08:42:43

Humm...we're gonna have to put on some cool writing comps now. Watch out, we're gonna put those cool writing skills to work ;)

[edit: evil MB trying to post my message before I finish typing it...]


29-03-2006 10:35:25

Yay, new member. Yay, new post! I got mail, Yay!
Welcome aboard. I might have to stop acting like a fifth grader if we have competitive people around.
And since I'm posting under Crix's cool pic, TROGDOR!!!!!

Andan Taldrya Marshall

29-03-2006 12:36:57

Don't make me smack you with this beefy arm or burninate you =P

[Edit: w00t 200 posts]


30-03-2006 05:06:57


[Edit: wow..only four posts behind Crix....interesting]


04-04-2006 06:09:42

now, now.
Play nice...!!!

Or I'll get my gingerfication gun.
I got a great deal on it from my second cousin twice removed on my mothers side, Murray.
He was very nice to me...


08-04-2006 12:21:44

Welcome. :D