09-03-2006 05:28:14

Okay, here's the thing....I have a sig that i did in Paint(pretty good for a first try with no photoshop!). The problem is I have no idea how to get it from my computer to the "Edit Signature" space. Please any help would be appreciated, Thnx ;)

Darth Pravus

09-03-2006 07:43:08

Do you have Photobucket?

Kaine Mandaala

09-03-2006 09:53:06

Throw the file up on a webspace, then reference the image in that "Edit Signature" section with "img" tags. When you reference the file, you'll need to include everything as a direct link. In other words, don't forget the http:// and other stuff.

I think that images need to be JPG, GIF or PNG in order to be used as sigs.

Places you can throw pics up for free include the following, though there are hundreds:


09-03-2006 15:56:20

k thnx!

Tarax Kor

09-03-2006 16:07:09

All the signatures I make are uploaded to my Photobucket account.