Taldryan FDG


06-03-2006 01:33:47

Like Duga said, Im workin on organizing the information set forth in the Fictional Developement forum. Sorry about it not being done already(yes it should've/could've been done by now). RL's been pretty busy lately and im only now getting the ability to sit and go through this stuff again.

So....yeah, it'll be out soon(within the week) and sorry again about the delay. :$


Andan Taldrya Marshall

06-03-2006 15:31:09

Don't worry about it, Sith happens :P

The stuff is going to be worth the wait though.


08-03-2006 05:51:07

Okay...the Military summary is on its way to Duga...

Be watchin for his email(I cant wait! :w00t: )

Andan Taldrya Marshall

08-03-2006 11:25:07

Ooh, that's the fun stuff. Me likie the stuff that makes things go boom!