Duga Taldrya Arkarso

02-03-2006 01:21:13

For reference I will keep a list of current competitions open to Taldryan on the message boards in addition to the what's already up on the Tal website, DB website, and in all the various reports. It will be updated when needed of course.

DB-wide Events
~April MT - The Ties that Bind - 05/08 (Writing/Story)
~April MT - Silence - 05/08 (Writing/Poem)
~April MT - Artifact Hunt - 05/08 (Graphics)

Clan-wide Events
~The Journey - 04/14 (Writing)
~Tal Caption Comp - 04/16 (Caption Comp)
~Return of Tal Trivia - 12/31 (Trivia - IRC and Email)

House Dinaari Events

House Ektrosis Events
~IRC madness (BT: Hex) - 04/20 (IRC)
~Potent Potables (BT: Hex) - 05/20 (IRC)
~Mission: Concealed Phoenix (BT: Phoenix) - 06/07 (Writing)


Leaders-Only Events (PCON down to BTL)
-Reporting is Fun!


Weekly Gaming Events
~Tuesday Gaming
~Thursday Gaming
~Inter-Club Training Event (ICTE)
~Sunday Invitational Tournament (SIT)


Past Events

DB-wide Events
~ACCLive! February Mayhem - 03/31 (ACC)
~The Seven Day War - 04/02 (Gaming - EaW)
~March MT: Poem - 04/11 (Writing)
~March MT: Story - 04/11 (Writing)

Clan-wide Events
~Tal Landmarks Competition - 03/31 (Graphics)
~Obscure Gaming Ladders - 04/01 (Gaming - BF2/RC/XWA/XvT)

House Dinaari Events

House Ektrosis Events
~One Hard Night - 03/20 (Run-on)
~[Ektrosis] On The Hunt - 03/22 (Writing)

Tarax Kor

02-03-2006 01:32:53

I'd like to point out two things:
    • Sir Capturelot ends next Monday. Thursday (March 2nd) and Saturday (4th) I think are the last days to get CFs as well before the competition deadline. Make the most of it.
    • I made Duga's sig. I'm so cool. B)


02-03-2006 02:49:23

Right Tarax......right...... :P

Werdna Elbee

02-03-2006 03:50:57

The Obscure Gaming Ladders are for all of Taldryan, not just Dinaari. You'll all have something in your inbox about it...I'm still working on doing a mini-website for it.

For BF2, as well as submitting your scores on the website for the ladder you are also allowed to take a screenshot for Tarax's competition that finishes on the 6th.