PCON Position Open


28-01-2005 22:06:34

With the resignation of Proconsul Sharad Taldrya Hett, Clan Taldryan is in need of a new Proconsul. I have decided to open applications to the entire Brotherhood. Keep in mind that Taldryan is at the forefront of Brotherhood activity and therefore requires leaders able to match that activity. However also remember that I consider the position of Proconsul very flexible to the needs of the Clan so anyone could have a good chance. Here are some criteria for your applications:

-Three months as member of Brotherhood
-Rank of DJK or above
-Good activity level
-Use of IRC
-At most 48 hour email response time
-Ability to think creatively

-Leadership experience
-Website creation knowledge/skills (especially PHP)
-Use of AIM
-Knowledge of DJB-sanctioned games
-Writing abilities

All of these criteria should serve merely as a guideline for your applications. If you don’t meet all of the points in the “required” section but still think you would be a good Proconsul, just include an explanation. In your application please include as much information as you can, including Personal DB History, Leadership Experience, Skills, Ideas for Taldryan, and at least 3 DB references. Again these categories serve merely as a guide, include all of them but also include as much other information as you would like, I promise I will read it all.

So if you think you can make a positive impact on Clan Taldryan as Proconsul, send your applications with all the above information to Kir@taldryan.org. There is no deadline for applications; I will continue to take them until I choose a Proconsul. However this means that if I really like the first application I get then the position will go to him/her, so it pays to send them in now and not wait.


22-03-2005 00:05:55

Yay for Shad!

If you haven't guessed Shadow got PCON and there by making this topic useless =P. Everyone congratulate Shadow. Congratulate Ben while you're at it for getting QUA of Dinaari.


22-03-2005 08:49:33

Oh Crap not Shadow :P

Joking aside, congratulations to your both on your new positions. I am confident that Kir' choice will prove to be a disasterious one..err..I mean a good one :P


22-03-2005 15:34:31

Great Job Shad and Ben, and Shad all i have to say is I TOLD YOU SO!


27-03-2005 16:32:20

In case y'all didn't know...Shadow is PCON now, muahhaha!

Aidan Kincaid

28-03-2005 02:26:58

and Kir's a dork.