Tally Avatars?


03-02-2005 20:16:42

Are there avatars for Ektrosis too? (cool purple thingie)

if not, why not?! :P

freshjive taldrya

03-02-2005 20:55:20

Shads is just taken from the Tal logo....you can rip it off of Kir's sig image and modify it if you want, im also sure that the tal website has images of it. the ektrosis part is the sun image of it

Aidan Kincaid

03-02-2005 21:11:12

I have .psds (phostoshop) images of each indivisual tal symbol and the combined. Ekky has a purple Crescent "Ekky Crescent" Dinaari has the blue "Dinaari Claw" and Archanis had a red "Archanis star" which I'm sure anyone can still choose to use. I'll make the rest of them up like my claw for ppl to use. Later though :P

Aidan Kincaid

04-02-2005 02:27:15

And I sent out each houses avatars in a zip a little bit ago. You can upload the ekky one if you want, Belz.


04-02-2005 10:48:52

Yeah check all the recent mailing list attachments for a wide variety of Taldryan avatars :)