Non-SW gameing


31-08-2005 07:37:11

Just wondering if anyone from round here still plays a bit of Diablo 2 or starcraft or redalert 2 around here anymore.

i know there was talk of a D2 guild a while ago but i dont think it happened and the other games are the only other ones i can find so if ya bored pull em out and give me a yell.

Mordin "Apo" Ma

31-08-2005 08:53:24

The D2 Guild worked Kinda... Shad, Shar, Mav and I played a lot for like... 2 weeks. But that's about it, I myself don't have the other guys, but... I'm sure some of these other losers do. Included myself in the loser thing... that's why I said other... don't get butthurt SwipeR, you fag. :P


31-08-2005 09:14:09

Yeah...the D2 guild was quite fun, but that was almost 2 years ago, heh.

Not sure if there is any game out there that a large number of people play consistently

Kaine Mandaala

31-08-2005 11:09:55

Seems the hot non-Star Wars game that most people in the DJB play is Guild Wars. Most of them say they don't want to play with other DJBers, though.

As for me, what I play tends to change every now and then. Currently (MP) I'm playing Battlefield 2, Guild Wars and every once in a great while Neverwinter Nights. NWN used to be a huge piece of what I did with my spare time, but since GW I haven't felt like playing it. A friend of mine uses the events and interaction of our characters in NWN to help him write his book.

(SP) I'm playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I feel like I've been playing it for weeks, but according to the stats page you can genertae in-game I've only completed 13%. I'm also playing Battle For Middle Earth every now and then. It has a MP aspect I think but I'm kind of sick of RTS MP's after playing Red Alert all through college.


31-08-2005 16:51:26

If anyone wants to start playing D2, I've actually thought about starting it up again.

Aidan Kincaid

31-08-2005 19:57:22

As long as it doesn't take away from your RoS time :P


31-08-2005 22:41:00

Obviously I meant after the RoS

Kaine Mandaala

01-09-2005 01:09:55

I played the hell out of D2 when it came out, which I think was like June of 2000. Playing it now? Well I feel it's severely outdated. I mean, it doesn't even support higher display modes.

Dunno - kind of the same reason I'm not too hot for NWN anymore. It was great when it came out, but now it seems a little old.

Aidan Kincaid

01-09-2005 19:38:00

NWN 2 is in the works... looks/sounds pretty good.


02-09-2005 06:23:00

yeah, i played the hell out of D2 as well and threw it in the corner, pulled it out the other day and now i wanna start playin a gain.