19-08-2005 08:44:49

Hi everyone , Just thought that I'd come here and introduce myself. Im glad to be in Taldryan and hope to stay here for a long long time.


19-08-2005 11:51:58

hey Xaviar,

It's good to have another new face around. Means I'm not the new guy anymore hehe. Hey, if you haven't done it yet you should get mIRC and come meet the guys and gals who hang out there. Great place to get to know people and start being active. Hope to see ya soon.


19-08-2005 13:00:14

hey xaviar, glad to see youve found our MBs. havent seen you on IRC in a while, hows life and all that goin? if you need help with anything dont hesitate to ask :D


19-08-2005 13:25:05

Welcome in Taldryan, Xaviar!


23-08-2005 16:01:02

Thanks Everyone. I've Been fixing my IRC because I was getting a error over and over again but I fixed it ^_^.


APP Xaviar (Sith)/Dinaari of Taldryan [ACC: INI]

{SA: U:TL - G:IRC - G:AIC}