ACC Venue


09-08-2005 14:12:27

Hey guys,

Is anyone else working on the custom ACC venues for Taldryan? I'd love to hear different ideas that people are working on. Right now I'm writing up some arenas for the Dark Fire Brigade training facility. The different rooms concentrate on the various styles of fighting and using the Force. Anyone else writing something?



09-08-2005 20:50:11

I'd like to create some like Taldryan Ceremonial Weapons like staffs and sacred swords and stuff like that. But they'd need to be approved. I'd also like to create some arena's but they'd need to be approved also.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

12-08-2005 20:28:47

Yup, I'm working on the venues too and no, you can't have my ideas :P (mainly cause they aren't anywhere near finished yet...)