Writing our History


03-07-2005 16:50:56

All i know is that we can write a history for ourselves. <_< Is there anything NEEDED in this history thing? Or is there a page i can go to for requirements? :ermm:

Thanks ;)


03-07-2005 17:32:09

(I'll assume you mean the dossier history thing mentioned in the promotion guide)

All that's needed to write the history is to fill in all the boxes, preferably with something roughly believable. If you're looking for the page to do that, http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/a-history.asp is what you're looking for (You need to log in to the DB site with your dossier number and password to see that). If you want some examples, most people above apprentice have something in their history. Kir's for example is really long (I think he was compensating for something when he wrote that). Just have "fun" with whatever you do and it'll turn out fine.


04-07-2005 21:00:22

awesome! Thanks... now I just have to think of what to put down :ermm:

Aidan Kincaid

04-07-2005 21:40:14

You could check out a few other peoples histories to get an idea of whats popular (or if you want to have something unique) Might help you out a bit when deciding on some things.

Kaine Mandaala

04-07-2005 22:08:47

A popular theme is that the writer is an orphan (parents abandoned them or parents died/killed). I notice that almost everyone has their parents are dead/missing/unknown.

Read up on a few people's histories to see what they're like. Some people like to write a novel-sized story (I'm no exception) and others like to just throw a few words in each box.

Try to shape yourself into something original, but use whichever method you feel more comfortable with. I wrote mine in MS Word and pondered over a lot of things for a week before I finally submitted it.


06-07-2005 19:22:41

Wow, these are great tips. Yeah i want something original and yet a little long because i LOVE writing and im just a creative nut as my friends say. I might do something a little different about the whole parents thing. I want to make it close to as my real life as possible yet make it more tragic and dark. I think that would be fun. Like think about it, what would be more sad: never having parents, or having great parents and then take them for granted and just betray them all together? I find it kinda tragic, knowing they lose their child to the dark side and make them suffer. Thats my idea.

Another thing thats been puzzling me.. What is the "Quote" inquiry asking for? I already did my quote thing earlier in my Dossier. Is this something different or can we just leave it blank if its nothing important?

Aidan Kincaid

06-07-2005 20:58:05

Its not important, it could be your personal quote (something you've said) while the other is just your favorite quote. You can leave it blank though.


07-07-2005 01:09:50

i jsut posted a whole lotove..interesting stuff lol.

read mine if u want though its not great, dossier no. 5885


07-07-2005 18:26:43

thats interesting stuff, i enjoy reading some others for ideas. I should be working on it "write" away then.


07-07-2005 21:57:27

nice karrel, let us know when youre all done!


08-07-2005 09:17:37

Yere good luck


09-07-2005 16:46:51

Yeah... wow. Its turning out to be like a novel. Well ok, so not as bad as Kir's (Well its a good character history indeed, but the length is long). I'm trying to put enough detail in my character's history, but not too much. Man, i sure hope it will be accepted the first time. I've been working hard.

Not quite done yet...


09-07-2005 18:50:28

It sounds like you'll be fine :)


23-07-2005 10:40:56

Long doesn't always mean good. A paragraph of description could paint a better scene then 50 pages of mono-tone "He did this then did that" Description is the key.

"Jaymz hit the cement with a dull thud eminating from the impact. The pain that recided in his head was enough to cloud even the most concentrated Sith's mind. Gathering his thoughts slowly, he managed to pull himself to his feet"


10-02-2006 10:40:40

A popular theme is that the writer is an orphan (parents abandoned them or parents died/killed). I notice that almost everyone has their parents are dead/missing/unknown.

Kinda like how you abondoned me and mother!